Top 5 Hackers in the World

Hacking refers to the re-configuring or re-programming of a system to function in ways not facilitated by the owner, administrator, or designer. The term have several related meanings in the technology and computer science fields, wherein a “hack” may refer to a clever or quick fix to a computer program problem, or to what may be perceived to be a clumsy or inelegant (but usually relatively quick) solution to a problem, such as a “kludge”. 

The terms “hack” and “hacking” are also used to refer to a modification of a program or device to give the user access to features that were otherwise unavailable, such as by circuit bending. It is from this usage that the term “hacking” is often used to refer to more nefarious criminal uses such as identity theft, credit card fraud or other actions categorized as computer crime.

Here are the list of  Top 5 hackers in the world that created thier name in history books.

Kevin Mitnick

Born in 1963, Kevin Mitnick was the most-wanted computer criminal in the US at the time of his arrest. Mitnick also known as ‘Condor’ was arrested in 1995 for countless acts of computer fraud. Quite apt in the art of social engineering, Condor, at the age of 12, bypassed the card system used in the L.A. transit system. Mitnick just for the sake of ‘intellectual curiosity’ hacked into Digital Equipment Corporation systems, Nokia, Motorola, Fujitsu Siemens, and many others.

Kevin Poulsen

Born in 1965, Poulsen, also known as Dark Dante, is a former black hat hacker. He is best known for his takeover of the KIIS-FM phone lines, a Los Angeles based radio station. At the time, KIIS-FM was running a contest in which the 102nd caller would possibly win a Porsche 944 S2. With the intent of getting the Porsche, Poulsen clogged all of the lines and made himself the 102nd caller. He was arrested in June 1994 and charged with wire, mail, and computer fraud, as well as money laundering.

Adrian Lamo

Best known for breaking into The New York Times, Yahoo! News, and Microsoft, Lamo surrendered to the US Marshals on September 9, 2003. He went into hiding after realizing that he was being tracked. For 15 months Lamo was investigated by the F.B.I. on complaints of many cos. He plead guilty in court and was ordered to pay $65,000. He was also sentenced to home detention and probation afterwards. He is known as a grey hat hacker; he would find security flaws in computer networks of companies and report back to them, so that they could be fixed.

Robert T. Morris, Jr

In 1988, the Morris worm was created and Robert T. Morris, Jr was the one who created it. It was a first ever computer worm. He was a student at Cornell when he set off the worm from MIT, from MIT so as to hide his tracks. According to Morris, he just wanted to know the number of computers connected to the internet. The unintentional damages caused by the worm ranged in between $20,000 to $530,000. Morris did community service for the damages and was set free. Currently, he is a teacher in the field of computer science and electrical engineering at MIT.

Eric Corley

Better known by his pseudonym Emmanuel Goldstein, Eric Corley was a well-known hacker in the 80s and 90s. He faced trial in 1999 for sharing DeCSS codes and a method to download them. The codes allowed for decrypting of encrypted DVDs. His court case was the first to test the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Today, he owns a non-profit organization called the 2600 Enterprises, Inc. and publishes a magazine called 2600: The Hacker Quarterly.

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  • Very nice info friend. Thanks for sharing. Can u post Indian Hackers also?

  • Not a fan

    Kevin Mitnick is a tool bag. I get tired of hear about how such an “awesome hacker” that people make him out to be. As a IT Security Specialist (former black hat), I find him to be a product of my generation where “hackers” felt that all data should be free, and by god how dare they imprison Kevin Mitnick! “Free Kevin Mitnick!” shirts all of us idiots used to wear.

    The only true thing he was good at, was convincing other idiots that he was someone else, and giving him access to information. Yes, he was decent at social engineering — But I’d love to see him get away with that crap today. Find himself in cuba getting waterboarded….

    More than a tool bag…. a tool shed!

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  • Adrian Lamo i think is one of the best among them as he really broke into some big companies websites.

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      I also think he was pretty clever to but know one is better than me i created the website Defacer although it took me a while it was fun and successful !!!

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    Uh, why are they the top 5? They all got caught and went to jail. Where’s the info on hackers that are siphoning off millions of dollars as you read this and getting away with it? They are the ones we need to know about!

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    Actually the first computer worm was written in Minnesota in 1979 by Steven E. Collins, who wrote a piece of code on the MECC Cyber 6600 that propagated itself over shared storage space to the MERITSS Cyber 6600.

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    not mentioning about those who did millions after being a hacker,.

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    “Top 5 hackers in the world” is an awfully heavy title to paste onto an article which doesn’t go to much effort of explaining why this particular bunch have been named as such. These are five really interesting guys, to be sure, but the world is a very large place containing thousands of people whose Wikipedia entries could be partially summarized into short paragraphs at least as gripping as these.

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    This is a list of the top 5 dumbest lets get caught by the cops hackers. The good ones you don’t even know about.

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      Precisely, a good hacker gets in and out and you never even know they were there. This list is more like the 5 Most Well Known hackers, aka the Ones That Got Caught.

      It’s a lot harder to be a hacker now than it was say, 20 years ago. A whole security industry has sprung up since then

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    Maybe you can add “Ayasweet” there….

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    The greatest hackers in the world are the ones who DON’T get caught. Sorry, guys.

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    I’m interested to know who the top five hackers are currently as most of these where hacking over 7 years ago.

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    Though the title speaks of heavy weight people , those that have been caught but what we don’t realise is that hackers that virtually work for CIA and FBI are also professionally best hackers of the world and no matter what there is always a guy who will caught you no matter what tycoon you are.

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    I don’t believe that you did not put any Ukrainian hackers in this list. We are the best country by top hackers in the world.

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    Why it sucks most is that those gray hat hackers like Adrian La mo should be arrested yet helping organizations. Those kids should be taken to a kind of academy for further development of their talent…………They might hack the systems of supposedly alien systems ……………

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    GeoHot might be popular right now, but he hasn’t atleast yet deserved a top spot with the likes of Kevin Mitnick.

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