The Best Tech Gadgets of the Year 2014

While buying a gadget I look for three qualities. They are – affordability, efficiency and usefulness. The year 2014 saw many new gadgets getting launched in the market. The buyers were bombarded with a plethora of new gadgets. Variants among different categories only to satiate the addition of gadget freaks and regular consumers.

We bring you a list of some of the newly launched gadgets selling like hot cakes. Be it laptop or a smart phone, such items have been shortlisted and narrowed down to list the best ones.

LG Flex

lg flex

LG launched a curved screen smart phone with a price tag of $1000 (approx). It is the most expensive smart phones to be available in many markets around the world.

In this, if a bit of pressure is applied the screens bends a bit. It is also a self-healing phone. That is the phone is equipped with a self-healing back panel which repairs and heals itself even if there are some tiny scratches or cuts on the back side of the device. The display screen is of 6 inches with 720p resolution and it forms a vertical curve when bended slightly by applying some force.

LG G Flex runs on Jellybean version of Android and with other specifications like a processor of 2.2 GHz Quad-core Snapdragon 800. The camera is 13 megapixel as the device is powered by a battery of 3500mAh.

Polaroid Socialmatic Camera

Polaroid Socialmatic Camera

The concept was floated back in the year of 2012; this android based gadget had the ability to revive the good old beloved Polaroid. This is a type of tech gadget which allows users to take printouts of their sepia-tinted snaps from their olden days and customize it with the help of a 4.5 inch touch screen. This one is supposed to release by the end of this year. In seems to be a pretty cool gadget.

LG Lifeband Touch

LG Lifeband Touch

With all kinds of wearable flooding the market the difference between a smart watch and a fitness tracker is beginning to decrease. However this gadget from LG, named LG Lifeband Touch bridges the gap between the two. It helps in closely monitoring your daily activities while giving you the options to make calls and send text notifications from your android device. This gadget can be paired with Heart Rate earphone of LG itself which has the ability of measure the heart rate from the insides of your ear. This wearable tech gadget is just perfect for you if you fancy something around your wrist. Also see Apple’s iWatch

HOY Fiorenzuola Track Bike

HOY Fiorenzuola Track Bike

Approval for this bike came from Sir Chris Hoy himself, who is the first senior to win the World Cup medal. So the Fiorenzuola came from his name itself. This is a track bike suitable for any athlete at a reasonable price and a perfect gear for road championship riders.



An amazing and so interesting device for capturing images. The mechanism is that when you throw the Panano up in the air, it captures impressive images from up there and that too at 350 degree. By the time it makes its way back in your hands the images all clicked. An awesome feature is its ability to take the most fascinating panoramic images. This comes with a price tag of 549 Euro at Panano.

Sony Short Throw 4K projector

Sony Short Throw 4K projector

This gadget can actually be mistaken as a piece of furniture and be disguised like the same. The projector has the ability of deliver the most impressive quality of images – both crisp and glorious. It is capable of projecting even images of size 147 inches. Sony Short Throw 4K projector is the next big thing to make its way into your living rooms.

Philips Surround Base

Philips Surround Base

Some of us are continuously thriving in the quest to transform our living rooms into home cinema like theaters. This gadget from Philips promises to deliver the best and make your viewing experience wonderful with good audio quality too. It can also be used as a music speaker which pumps out the best tunes. It comes with NFC Bluetooth pairing and is equipped with a sub woofer.

Monster DNA Pro Wireless

Monster DNA Pro Wireless

Pricey over the ear headsets but with Bluetooth capability and options for active noise cancellation and button less touch. It also has automatic switch off option so that you do not have to worry about draining the battery. Look wise they appear decent.

JBL Flip 2

JBL Flip 2

A Bluetooth speaker with more charging point for micro USB is a welcoming sight than its earlier version. Though there are cheaper sets out there this one is the best of its kind.

 Swatch Sistem 51

 Swatch Sistem 51

Celebrating thirty years since the time it was born this watch has 51 components – the same one like the first watch of this brand. It has a very beautiful look with a power reserve of 90 hours. Sistem51 is the best example and a reminder of the fact that Swiss manufactures still continues to rule the markets.

Denon Ceol

Denon Ceol

This one is one the best for next-gen with super sound system and Airplay standards. Integrated with an amplifier, web radio and streamer, CD, iPod dock and a tuner for FM this has options for wi-fi, DLNA, AirPlay and Flac support which is all in-built. Perfect for the pricing.

What do you think about these gadgets above? Have you come across any other device this year, which is worth a mention? Do send in your valuable comments.


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