5 Things Google Plus Have Over Facebook – Plus One

Google Plus has grabbed attention of all the technologists, as the Plus One has something which Facebook has to think for a change. The best feature to me is the group video and the news coming in is the Google Games, which can seriously break the backbone of facebook.

With Wave and Buzz Google has not able to grow as they thought they might, but at least they are trying there best .. and i am sure google will win the war in the near future. And just to start the war Google was added some amazing features in Google Plus which Facebook doesn’t have with the same polish. Let’s see the 5 things which Google Plus have over Facebook.

1. Google already has more users than Facebook, over one billion.

People aren’t going to suddenly leave Facebook in droves, they’re just going to spend more time on all the sites in Google’s network. That big notifications box in the top right of all Google sites is the reason why.

2. Hangouts – the group video chat

Ever since Google started to roll out its Google+ project, many of its users have been particularly excited about its group video chat service Hangouts. I agree, but not just because it’s fun and easy to use. The real kicker is the technology that powers the service. Even in its infancy, Hangouts is an interesting cloud service. But in the not-so-distant future, it could evolve into a standards-based video conferencing solution that runs natively in many browsers and on a whole range of devices.

3. Google’s personal profile page has all your basic social networking features:

a picture, your job, where you went to school, a list of friends, general interests. Basically, it’s there to tell others what you’re all about. Its “about” section offers a bit more room for creativity than Facebook’s, with sections for you to enter “bragging rights” (like “have 3 kids”), a short introduction to yourself, and your nickname.

4. Google’s +1 feature lets users mark their favorite things

on the web and recommend them to friends and contacts. For example, if you’re looking for a place to eat, +1 will offer restaurants that friends have chosen. Though It’s not technically part of the Google+ integration, it is a new Google feature that is inherently social–and Google’s version of a Facebook “like” button.

5. Google’s stream is a running timeline of updates and information from friends.

Users can comment on and “+1” (like a Facebook “like”) specific updates. They can also view updates from specific groups of contacts, called “circles”: for example, rather than view a firehose of updates from all the people they “follow” on Google+, they can click a tab in the left-hand column to view the stream of updates from people in their “friends” circle or “family” circle.

Plus One

6. Google’s Circles feature allows you to categorize your friends, making it easier to control what you share with whom. For example, you can create a circle of acquaintances, colleagues, family members, or any other combination of contacts. Google+ users can then choose to view information only from that Circle, or else share information only with that Circle.

Let’s Join Google Plus and I believe now i have to add the Google plus profile to my blog as well.


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  • Mit

    wev ..

    i m really looking forward by the google to break the market of facebook which is a king for many years now as far as social networking is concerned ..

    google must step up in this race which they are finally stepping into . .

    hope google will be leader in social networking also ..

    hope for the best ..

  • Steve Thomas

    Facebook won’t be in panic mode yet, but they will have sat up and taken notice for sure. Google will get a fast start for free with all the buzz this has generated. What’s crucial is that the network gets to critical mass before the buzz dies down. If it does, then there might be sustained growth that will really compete with Facebook. If it doesn’t, then the Google+ trajectory will be ballistic: it’ll crash to earth as quickly as it rose.

    Facebook will also respond. Instant upload for Android is something they could roll together in a month. Some of the other new toys could be in the pipeline already. Facebook has smart engineers too.

    What Facebook will really struggle to compete with is Circles. Friendship relationships in Facebook are symmetric and that would be very hard to change now. If Circles starts to fly (which is a big if), then Facebook will struggle to find an answer to it. This is a tough one to call: to an extent, the Google model is simply better. On the other hand, do people care enough to switch?

  • Yesterday I got invitation from my client @Google +. I was really not sure how good I can make use of it. I got to work on it to figure out the good and bad of it. I really hope Google + would hit the heart of the people around the world.

  • Jason

    If anybody is still needing invites, check out http://www.free-google-plus.com It’s the only site I know of that is still allows invites since Google stopped giving them to the public.

  • Nicole

    I just got on Google+! Google will win me over if they develop a great mobile app and have less privacy concern than Facebook. It would be really interesting to see how Google will battle it out with Facebook. If Google is still considering buying Twitter, now would be the best time for it!

  • Ajay | symplyfyd.com

    the feature i loved is you can categorise your friends…
    and the elegant user interface..

  • Steish

    I refuse to read the remainder of this article based solely on the fact that the title and first two paragraphs are riddled with grammatical errors. Really?!?!?! In this day and age, we have spell and grammar check….

  • Nik

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  • Isn’t facebook getting video group chat with their skype deal though? Nice post by the way 🙂

  • Lauren

    I predict that “Hangouts” is going to be BIG for companies that are doing long-distance chats & sales calls. How great to have another medium to work with!



  • Gray

    Google is at rage right now. I don’t know what would be the counterpart of Facebook into this matter. But really Google+ has the plus right now and they keep the spot to theirs. I will be looking after of this fight.