What’s the meaning of asl, brb, lol, wtf, pw, afa, atm, faq, tos.. etc – Collection of most used abbreviations

We have less time for things now a days and we use short and quick words to make our life easier. Its also a nice way to represent our gestures and emotions in a proper and meaningful way.

With constantly growing of these short forms we have selected few which are most popular and most used on internet & mobiles.

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List of Abbreviations or Slang Words, We Use in day to day Life

AFK – Away From Keyboard

ASAP - As Soon As Possible

ASL – Age/Sex/Location

ATM – At The Moment

A3 - Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace

BBL - Be Back Later

BBS – Be Back Soon

BBQ - Barbecue

BFN/B4N – Bye For Now

BRB means – Be Right Back

BRT – Be Right There

BTW – By The Way

B4N – Bye For Now

Blog - Also known as web log or an online journal

CU – See You

CYA – See You

CUZ  - Because

DND - Do not Disturb

EOF - End Of File

FAQ  - Frequently asked questions

FTL - For the loss

FTW – For the win

FYI - For your information

GR8 – Great!

GTG – Got to Go

G9 – Genius

GBTW – Get back to work

GF - Great/good fight/girlfriend

GFU - Good for you

Gratz - Congratulations

GM - Good Morning

GN - Good Night

HAND - Have A Nice Day

HF - Have fun

IC – I See

ICQ – I Seek you

ILU – I Love You

IM - Instant Messenger

J/K  - Just kidding

KISS - Keep it simple stupid

LDR – Long Distance Relationship

LMAO – Laugh My A Off

LOL – Laughing Out Loud

LTNS – Long Time No See

L8R – Later

M/F – Male or Female

Msg - Message

M8 - Mate

NE1 – Anyone

NP - No Problem

OIC – Oh I See

OS – Operating system

OMG – Oh my God!

PLZ – Please

PPL - People

RIP - Rest in Piece

s2pid - stupid

SD - Sweet Dreams

SEC- second

sk8 – skate

Some1 - someone

Spoz – suppose

Sry – sorry

SS – so sorry

str8 - Straight

SU – shut up

SYS - see you soon

SUP - What’s Up

SYL - See you later

THX – Thank You

TTYL - Talk To You Later

TG – That’s great

TOS - Terms of service

TC – Take Care

U - You

U4E – Yours For Eve

WB - Welcome Back

WTF - What the Fuck

W8 – Wait…

If you have any other Short forms that you use, you can share them with us in comments. And we will definitely add them to the post.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the terminologies, believe me I ve been using many of them without knowing the meaning of them I just use them according to the situations.

  2. Thanks, for sharing these slang words :) i was unaware of some of them. Nice work.
    .-= Shabnam Sultan´s last blog ..Make a wish for a Martian pic =-.

  3. You forgot… (these are common)
    IDK i dont know
    IMO in my opinion
    AFAIK as far as i know
    IRL in real life
    NSFW not safe for work
    OP original poster
    .-= Shawn K.´s last blog ..Blogging & SEO: An Old Dog’s Guide =-.

  4. its so noce.wvery body should get knowledge about these kind of shorts that are so useful in daily regular life…thaks vikas….

  5. BTW in Dutch stands for a certain type of taxes. I found this out the hard way when talking to a Dutch customer and we kind of went into miscommunication because of it :-). But than again w8 is exachtly the same in Dutch :-).

    Funny article btw ;)

  6. thanks much i donot chat often the only terms i know was lol and asl great list.
    .-= hisoom´s last blog ..maxthon 下载 =-.

  7. Thanks for this list – I thought that I was up to date with my technology lingo but I guess I’m far from it.

    You should create a quiz to test how many people know these words :) I think I’d be about 60% at the most.

    Thanks again for your post – I’ll come back to see what other interesting things you have to share.

    Thank you.
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  8. After reading this list, I seriously feel I am getting old.

    My school going cousin told the other day what is WTF :-)
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  9. cool post.. tanx
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  10. Lol great list…. Definitely need this explanation.
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  11. Cool post.. a MUST KNOW for today’s termnology.

    u should add: IDK – I don’t know
    FML – Fuck my life

    those could come in handy.. especially the 2nd one :)

  12. hey.. add these too.
    86 D – a plan getting cancelled or getting thrown out
    my bad – my mistake
    wanksta – someone trying to act tough but isn’t really pulling it off very well
    bait – danger of being caught
    crunk – cross between crazy and drunk
    chillax – relax
    yolla – a combination of yo and holla
    iced out – wearing a lot of jewellery
    weaksauce – a joke dat doesn’t make u laugh

    BTW .gud work!!

  13. tnx god ! i alomost ask my friend while we’re chatting the meaning of brb ,hehehehe…fortunately i tried to search it and found this page.

  14. by the way i’d like to ask what is xd? cuz someone has mention xd while we were talking about an online game

  15. nice informations……i was in the search for the meaning of ‘brb’. i was sad…sometimes she said…”sorry i cant to come now..because im boring brother……”