How To Skip Ads On YouTube

Ads while viewing videos on Youtube is a big problem these days. We are viewing more video ads before the actual videos gets started. Some Users are getting fed up with these video ads that are forced to watch.

Some of the videos can be skipped after five seconds of play, while others cannot be skipped at all. Here are the ways to bypass these ads to improve your experience on the site.

1. Skip Ads On YouTube – Google chrome extension ‘Skip Ads On YouTube’ is a manual solution to this problem. This extension adds a blue button to the YouTube video page. Users have to click on the button every time to skip the ads on the site. This works only on YouTube site and nopt on third party sites.

A paid version of the extension is available for $4. Users can download and install this extension from the official Chrome web store.

2. YouTube Options for Google Chrome – This solution helps by hiding in-video-ads and annotations.

3. Skip YouTube Videos With F5 – You can even skip ads by pressing F5. F5 will reload the YouTube page and after refresh the ad clip is not played before the video.

4. Block YouTube video ads with TubeStop for Firefox – TubeStop, a mozilla firefox extension that stops autoplayback of Youtube videos.

Firefox users can download and install the latest version of TubeStop directly from the Mozilla Add-ons repository.


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  • Krishna Kiran

    Hey the 3rd step won’t work always.. But this is an impressive list.. thanks.. 🙂

  • Mohit

    This post is interesting and extensive research. Annoyance with you tube no where.



  • rakesh kumar

    Great collection my dear friend, Thanks for sharing with the community. Though personally i would love people see the ads as whenever we share our videos on youtube then this is a simple method to add some extra money in our pocket.
    ~rakesh kumar

  • Shalu Sharma

    Brilliant tip. There are a irritants when watching YouTube vids and one of them are the ads when you start the videos. I will check the plugin, its worth paying for it as well to skip those ads.

  • Leo

    Thanks for the tips! about to go check out the Chrome extension store!

  • Hi there. Nice post, but when it comes to FireFox I would personaly recommend Adblock Plus. It doesn’t only block the ads inside the YouTube video but also the ads that appear near the video. As every ad takes time to load this is the best solution for FireFox.

  • Saswata Nandi

    Very nice tip.Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Tech Blog

    Its a great list. BTW I’ve been using ABP in my chrome from a long time and I find it cool too.

  • Robin

    This is totally great 🙂 i been looking for this as i some times get some annoying ads which gets played again and again. 🙂 Cheers.


  • Heather Moore

    Yes. It really pretty annoying. I did found a very nice tool on Cnet that removes these audio ads. Work wonders for me –
    Try it out! Works on Firefox and Chrome.

  • Sameer

    Adblock Plus plugin for firefox works the best.

  • Anna

    Optionally, to skip the ads, you can just replace “youtube” with “youtubeskip” in the URL of any video.