SEO Tips : 10 Tips to Search Engine Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page

Among other social media websites, Facebook is becoming popular these days with the online marketers. The competition is increasing day by day as Facebook fanpage is becoming second home page for online businesses.

While Facebook’s viral features like News Feed, invitations, Events and Messages plays an important role in spreading the contents through Facebook, working on SEO tactics effectively within your Facebook fanpage can help you get more and more Facebook Fans. Search Engine Optimization helps you to reach your Facebook fanpage to entire Facebook userbase.

But to gain the maximum benefits from your fanpage, you need to be a expert in Facebook SEO. So in this article, I am discussing about some of the most important optimization techniques for your Facebook fanpages.

So, without wasting too much time, here are 10 SEO tips and strategies every Facebook owner should know which will help your fanpage rise to the top of the search results.

1) Use your Brandname as your Facebook fanpage name : When you create a Facebook fanpage for your brand, the first important thing is too choose the best name. Choose a page name that resembles your business. I would suggest you to go with your brand name rather than name that contains lot of generic keywords and looks spammy.

One more thing to remember, when you pick your Fanpage name, try not to change it. Facebook uses your page name in the title of the Page, and since Google dings pages when their titles change, modifying your Facebook Page’s name will cost you SEO points.

2) Select the best Facebook Username for your Fanpage : Facebook user name or vanity URL is like website domain name. Therefore, it is very important to register your fan page URL in the starting. To register your own vanity URL, click here and register for the desired username.

In the URL, you can choose your brand name with some other generic keywords but you need to play caution as Facebook already blacklisted some usernames that appears to spammy. I would again suggest to choose the URL same as your brand name or business name.

3) Installing Static FBML application and creating additional tabs, boxes : We all know that default tabs of Facebook Fan pages offers limited options like wall, info, links, photos, info etc. But by installing static FBML application, you will be able to create additional tabs and boxes to place additional optimized content.

So, now you can place more text, images, links, videos on your fan page by setting up additional boxes and this will in turn increase the overall content score. This practice will help to create more chances of your fan page picked up by Google search.

You can check this link to set up static FBML application for your Facebook fan page.

4) Use “About” text box for optimization of your fan page :

The “About” text box area is just below the profile picture. You can use this text box for placing your important keywords which is related to your business. The “About” text box actually has the highest place in the CSS structure of the fan page.

The only thing to remember, there in 250 characters limit, so choose your words wisely and let the Google search do the rest.

5) Use the “Info” tab for placing high-density keywords, text and high-priority links : Facebook fan page provides you “Info” tab on your page. You can use this tab for your SEO benefits by placing  important descriptive metadata about the page.

It’s good to fill out these fields, as this will help you to insert important keywords, links of your other websites or social sites which will in turn enhance the chances of getting your fan page ranked high in search engines.

6) Create fresh content regularly : Status updates, Wall posts, events and other posts are now displayed in Facebook Search. By updating fresh contents on your Wall stream significantly increase your chances of being shown high in the Facebook search. Posting Content with generic keywords or brief events description will give you extra visibility in the real time Facebook Search.

7) Attaching You Tube Videos : We all know that You Tube is acquired by Google, so its search algorithm has also integrated videos as one of highest factor for search rankings. So attaching You tube videos on a fan page wall stream will surely effect Google search result in a positive way.

8 ) Posting direct links or other relevant sites in your Fan Page’s stream : Update your status with direct links to your websites or other related websites which will in turn help you to increase the link score of your Facebook Fan page. This will also help Google to boost your fan page. Also keep in mind that you should not overdo it.

9) Include photos with captions and events with descriptions : You can post photos with keyword-rich descriptions to make good SEO benefits and make your Facebook fan page account more interesting. You can post branded events with appropriate descriptions and also can add a discussion forum to your page. As this is really great that whatever you share on Facebook is being indexed my Google.

10) Get more inbound links to your Facebook Fan page : As we all know that lots of inbound links boost PageRank for websites. This is same in the case of Facebook Fanpage, i.e., more inbound links  to your Facebook fan page means more chances of getting higher PageRank. You can increase this my posting direct links in your websites or also include “Find us on Facebook” badge on your website. The new Fan Box widget for Facebook Pages also includes links back to your Facebook Page.

So, these are some tips which I believe help your fan page visibility in search engines and help you to take your fan page to new heights!


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    • Yogesh Mankani

      Thanks for the comment mate. Actually you have to keep a balance while posting the direct links in your wall stream. You have to choose the best articles to promote on your fan pages rather than spamming all with your articles links. As over-promotion will be annoying for your readers.

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      With the new Facebook Page Feature Implementations Facebook has now provided for that feature where you can change your Facebook Page name.

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