18+ Services That Allow You to Send Large Files For Free

Sending large files to someone has become easy now, as big organisations that provide e-mail services have launched services like cloud storage. Gmail, Dropbox, Skydrive all have made it possible to send large files easily, and the account has enough free space to use them without spending a dime.

But, if you are looking for more and more options, we have collected the whole bunch of services which make it possible to send large files for free.

Do share your experience, which service did you like the most? And what was the problem faced.

send large filesSend Large Files

Whether it’s a music file, a movie flick, or everything else, these methods will certainly assist you finish the job swiftly.

1. Google Drive – Our Pick for Sending Large Files

Upload images, video clips, files, and various other files that are essential to you to Google Drive. Start with around 15GB of storage. With Drive, your things goes where you go. You could arrange, modify and share it from any sort of pc at drive.google.com, or on the move with the Drive mobile application. Drive comes with developed in applications to aid you acquire things done. Every little thing you make is instantly conserved in Drive.

2. Dropbox

Dropbox is a free solution that allows you deliver your docs, pictures, and video clips anywhere and share them quickly. Dropbox was established in 2007 by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi, 2 MIT pupils exhausted of emailing files to themselves to function from greater than one pc. Today, greater than 100 thousand individuals around every continent usage Dropbox to constantly have their things available, share with friends and family, and work with group tasks.

3. Mega

Mega is a file hosting solution and successor to Megaupload. The web site was introduced on 19 January 2013, to correspond with the 1 year anniversary of the seizure of Megaupload. After Gabon refuted the brand-new business the domain label me.

4. Mediafire

Mediafire supplies 50GB 10GB of free storage and flaunts exceptionally easy sharing devices, yet it controls file uploads to 200MB so it’s not well matched for video clips.

5. Minus

Most favoured with the groups, Minus is very easy to use file-sharing area as a result of its adaptability and user-friendliness, plus the benefits it needs to provide. Allow me count the means: drag-and-drop to share records and photos, songs and video clips; 10 GB of free storage after join; references are capped at 50GB each account; and you could take care of, arrange and share your uploaded files (around 1GB each file) to social-media sharing sites like Youtube, Digg, Reddit as well as your very own blog site.

6. GE.TT

If you’re in to sharing an ‘cd’ quantity of images, you will certainly adore this service. Once more, it’s a drag-and-drop device (we’ve set up that it’s now a demand for file-sharing simpleness) however you reach share entire picture cds with it. Share the link to the web page by means of e-mail or to your Facebook, Twitter and G+ account and your pals will certainly have accessibility to your pictures and could download them.

7. Droplr

Mac individuals, if you’re trying to find a efficient yet short device to share files, Droplr may be exactly what you are searching for. With a visitor account, you currently obtain 1GB; register and you could keep the files you keep in there for longer compared to a week. If you’re not a supporter of advertisements, they likewise have a professional variation (just recently launched) that chooses just $3/mth with which you stand up to 100GB storage, ad-free.

8. Ypix.Me

Even with restricting the kinds of files you could share on Ypix. me to merely pictures and screenshots (maximum: 3MB/file), this extremely simple device offers brand-new definition to real-time sharing, and we’re not describing easy upload and download times. For beginners, the Ypix. me primary web page is so disrobed that the getting web page, the directions and the device itself are all on the primary web page, with great explanation.

9. DropCanvas

Conveniently the most lately established device on this listing, DropCanvas is astonishingly simple to utilize. Simply drag and drop your files from your desktop computer in to the vacant room in the center of the web page and as anticipated, you obtain an associated with share with your buddies. On the various other end, your good friends with accessibility to your files could download and install whatever you come by. The device instantly presses the files picked for download to lower the file bunch– a really mindful method viewing as how file-sharing is now done by the album-load.

10. WeTransfer

It’s as easy as including files (approximately 2GB), enter your e-mail address, after that your recipient’s, which’s it. WeTransfer is free and calls for no registration, making delivering huge files as pain-free as feasible. Once the recipient has actually effectively downloaded and install the file, they’ll also send you an invoice.

11. Adobe SendNow

For $20 a year, send several files at one time, around 2GB, and the solution offers a verification that the file was gotten, so you’re not worrying from your side of the Internet. An optional desktop computer application is offered to conveniently drag and go down files to share. Plus, rise to 20GB of storage with an account also.

12. Box

Subscribe for a personal free account to outlet 5GB of information online and send files approximately 100MB. Multiple-user company accounts begin at $15 each many month and deal greater information sending out alternatives.

13. DropSend

A free strategy provides 5 transmissions each many month around 2GB while superior choices selection from $5 a many month for 15 shares and internet storage to $99 a many month for a business-friendly strategy for infinite shares and greater safety.

14. SendThisFile

SendThisFile is ideal for moving large files. It has no file dimension limitation and you could effortlessly transfer the file through e-mail. If you choose the paid strategy, after that you could also protect your files with file encryption, make tailored e-mails, and a lot more. 2 points you need to understand: SendThisFile does not check for infections and if you are utilising the free variation the download rate is controlled.

15. Shared

Share Media is another new kid on the blocks, providing 100GB of free storage and 2GB file size limit. You can download files without seeing the ads which is pretty good. The makers have been into hosting business and have made flixya.com plus some other storage systems.

16. SugarSync

Another service which you will find very similar to Dropbox, but also has some great new and unique features, for example backing up folders to the cloud, instead of only limited to individual files. You can send a file as big as your account size, right now 60GB space is worth $7.49 per month. Also it has group collaboration option which can help business personnel.

17. HighTail

If you have heard about YouSendIt service before then you must know HighTail as well, HighTail is the current renamed version of YouSendIt. It has been one of the first companies that started sending huge files across internet and its growth has been tremendous. Apart from premium plan it also has a free ‘Lite’ providing 50MB transfers with 2GB storage.

18. Egnyte

Egnyte is aimed only on enterprise providing security, backup, granular permissions and speed. This service starts at $8 per employee per month for between five & 24 other employee. The max file size right now from Egnyte is about 2.5GB and the plan includes 1TB storage.

More Services to Send large files

And there are more, like : Send6TransferBigFilesMailBigFile. Let us know if there are any which are good enough to be on this list.

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  1. I think Megaupload is a wrong selection. It has been shut down by US federal agencies. What is the use posting about it when it can not be accessed.
    Most of these websites are used for uploading and distributing illegal content like pirated movies and software.
    Anyways you have compiled a nice list of free file hosting sites.

  2. Nice subject, and cool resources. Until now i’ve used megaupload, but i think the other bunch deserve a chance too.

  3. For collaboration with other people in a team / clients dropbox (www.dropbox.com) is worth a look. They allow up to 8Gb of free space – 2Gb as standard then extra space when you invite new people to join).

    Syncs directly with your hard drive and can be accessed through iPhone/iPad app

  4. Rapidshare is a good option in my opinion. Another website which could have been included here is Dropbox which is quite a lot popular these days.

  5. Binfer is a great option to send large files directly from person to person, without uploading to a server. You can send hundreds of files of any size with a simple drag and drop. Binfer will manage the transfers with auto resumes, encryption, notifications etc. Check it out: http://www.binfer.com

  6. Thank you for the quality information furnished here.
    But are these really trusted to download files from them?
    I mean the files we upload can be infected by virus, isn’t it?

    Please share your personal experience.

    Thank you once again and keep smiling.

  7. Most of these sites are not practical and are not good for storing more than 500MB. The best one is file-post.net (1GB/file) max. and Deposit Files (10GB/file). Deposit is really slow for downloading the file you stored, but file-post.net would be perfect if it could store at least 2GB instead of just 1GB.

  8. There are very few websites to share large files nowadays.I personally share files over box & occasionally also use google drive.Few websites mentioned above have been closed by owners or by FBI

    • oh man, now ziddu frustrate me. I come to know that ziddu has upload limites. it will not work for me. I switched to google drive. The 5 gb is sufficient to me and security perspective is also high in google

  9. I have used some of them like dropbox, fileshared for my business. It was amazing experience with dropbox in which i can give access to anyone.

    Nice Share, thanks

    • Rapidshare is the best if you have premium membership of it otherwise its not good due to limits on uploads.

  10. thank for sharing this sites list before reading this article i did not know about this site before it i send files by my email

  11. This blog is really remarkable. Thanks for sharing this great stuff. Keep sharing more useful and conspicuous stuff like this. Thank you so much.

  12. Glad that I found this. Needed some alternatives to send video production files sometimes Dropbox just is too slow to upload.

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