How To Create Impressive Welcome Page For Your Facebook Fan Page Absolutely Free

As we all know that Facebook is presently no.1 social networking site with not less than million of users. It means there is a hell lot of possibility to generate traffic from Facebook.

That’s the reason Facebook offers Facebook fan page where you can create a fanpage for your website or blog to interact with your potential customers and generate lots of traffic by making lots of fans.

You can also search engine optimize your Facebook fan pagewhich will help your fan page rise to the top of the search results that will create more opportunities to generate othr traffic source for your website.

But your Facebook fan page should be unique to gain lots of visitors as most of the fan page look same in terms of design. And one of the simple way to distinguish your fan page from others is to create Landing page. Landing page is a tab where a new visitor is taken before he/she is a fan of that page. Static FBML application offers you to create a beautiful landing page but you should familiar with the HTML coding and everyone is not good at it. You can check this link to set up static FBML application for your Facebook fan page.

But there is a new service called Pagemodo that allows you to create a ‘About us’ or ‘Welcome’ tab without any technical knowledge of HTML coding or graphical skills. Pagemodo allows any person to create a Welcome page through a simple to use generator where you can choose from predefined layouts, add pictures, choose colors and fonts, add description etc and simply install it on your Facebook fan page with just a click.

This service is free for everyone for creating custom pages which will include their footer. They will come with paid version in the future where you can include Google Analytics, custom tab-names, limited edition layouts etc. But they will always offer a free version in the future with an option of upgrade to paid ones.

Let’s see how it works :

Firstly, sign in with your Facebook account, and choose your layout from 2 pre-defined layouts.

Now editor will open where you can add pictures, description about the website or blog, choose colors and fonts etc.

After tweaking with all options, I have created a landing page for our Facebook fan page which is shown below. I think it will be more enough to inspire you to create your own for free.

After creating your Facebook Fan page with the help of editor, click on “Install” button shown on the bottom of the page. Allow the application to to get access of your facebook fan page account. Follow a series of steps and you’re done.

You can watch this video to know more about Pagemodo.

You join our Facebook fan page by clicking here.

Direct Link : Pagemodo


How To Create Impressive Welcome Page For Your Facebook Fan Page Absolutely Free

26 Responses to How To Create Impressive Welcome Page For Your Facebook Fan Page Absolutely Free

    • It is working well for my site BelltheBull which have only 52 fans. I have just created my welcome page and its awesome.

      Thanks to Yogesh for this great struff.

    • Pagemodo can be create pages for your Facebook Page even when it isn’t published yet. So no limits 😉

  1. Yeah, that is where MySpace is still a little better than facebook. Users can customize their pages with CSS and HTML code by hand or through one of the many layout making sites.

  2. I have just created a landing page for myself – last night. It would have been easier if I had found this blog post last night. Thanks for the great tip.

  3. I just created a fan page yesterday for a new site of mine and absolutely will be using this tool, if it’s not too complicated to figure out.

    Great find as some charge for this service, in the hundreds. Thx!

  4. thank you so so so so so so much!!!!!!! I wish I’d found this post months ago–you wouldn’t believe the humiliating chaos that has been on my welcome page. Better that I didn’t have a welcome page at all. why did I even have it? I’m going to share and tweet this widely. Thank you again, you Boddhisattvas, you.

  5. This looks like a great tool! By creating a Welcome tab with pagemodo, does that only show up for visitors who have not yet ‘liked’ the page?

    Also, can someone please verify if a Facebook page is live while you are creating it or if you are able to ‘publish’ when ready for it to go live. I have gotten so many mixed answers on this!

    thank you!

  6. Facebook did actually change this announcement less than 24 hours after they send it out. They got so many complains about it.
    Pagemodo can be used by every “Fan” page on Facebook, you don’t need a specific limit to create a page or to set the page you created as “Welcome” page (The first page users see if they haven’t clicked “Like”)

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