Unless you are an alien , you probably are on Facebook just like me with hundreds and thousands of friends. Friends are like siblings that God forgot to give (atleast for me as I don’t have siblings) but sometimes you are not interested in what they are doing or their activities. And this is same in the case of Facebook , you are not interested in all of your friend’s activities nor you want to see in your news feeds. For an example, I don’t play Mafia, Farmville and lot of others games on Facebook so why the hell I’m interested in knowing how many guns a friend owns or a friend found uncommon brown mystery eggs.

I don’t want to offend anyone here, but sometimes it’s pretty annoying and makes very hard to see anything else other than games updates on news feeds. I hope most of you agree with me too. There is also one major problem which I faced is the activities of my friends like ”is now friends with”,”became a fan of”, “joined a group” etc.

So if you are facing same problems like me, Facebook Filter is your answer, an add-on from Firefox. Facebook Filter will hide all applications except those you add to the exclusion list (on the Applications tab). It helps you to choose to show or hide the following types of News Feed posts :

It also helps you to choose to show or hide the following types of News Feed posts

Some tips to use Facebook Filter

  • To disable or enable, click on Tools and click on “Enable Facebook Filter”. You can also change the settings by clicking on “Facebook Filter options” below “Enable Facebook Filter”.
  • You can also add a custom toolbar button by right-clicking the main toolbar and selecting “Customize”, then drag the Facebook Filter button onto the toolbar.
  • You can also highlight the posts instead of hiding them by clicking on “Highlight in yellow instead of hiding” in “Facebook Filter options”.

After doing all these settings, I’m in love with Facebook once again (btw,never broken). So if you want to make real sense of your Facebook News feed, then go for Facebook Filter.


  1. A plugin to filer Facebook unwanted notifications, wow sounds cool, initially at looking at the screenshot i thought its an application for Mac users. lol
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  2. Yup, this is what i was expecting .. thanks alot :)
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  3. Hey very useful addon.. Meanwhile also install related post plugin…that will help you..
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  4. hey its really helpfull post.wow i can hide all unwanted applications like mafia wars,farmville,became a fan of,joined a group.really gud.
    thnk u dear

  5. nice plugin.. This will be very useful when we have lots of friends.. Thanks for the share..
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  6. @ Rajiv : Thanks for your comment dude :)

    @ Neha : Anytime my friend..You are the most active commentator on my site.Thanks for that :)

    @ Bird Influenza : Glad you like it. Will surely try to keep up the good marks. Thanks for comment :)

    @ Geburtstagskarten : You are most welcome. Try this,I am using this too :)

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  7. Very well article! I’m simply in love with it and if you ask me to describe it in a word. Anyone can to know by it effective information on hide unwanted notifications and application from feeds in facebook. this post concerned me about it.

    • Thanks for your lovely comments, I am glad you like the post..It will surely help you to unhide the unwanted notifications from your facebook :)

  8. Sometime I’ve got notification, but it’s about somebody status, not from my friend. Now I can filter it. Thx for sharing bro !
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  9. Ahh finally, a way to have serenity on my facebook account. I agree with you sometimes its so annoying to see unwanted messages popping around my facebook pages. Thanks for sharing this wonderful add-on, all the best.

    • Thanks, glad you like it.And agreed with you most of the times my fb wall was full of these crappy messages but now I am free from all those notifications.

  10. Really wonderful piece of information and I appreciate it that you share something so useful with the readers of this blog.i never about it before and you say we can say some what a awesome way i am fully satisfied about that topic thanks for that post really by heart

    • Welcome to savedelete and thanks for the heads up dude. I am glad that you like the information and its really motivate me to know that the information help our readers.

  11. Will this work with multiple Facebook accounts? My wife uses the same computer to access Facebook, but she wants to see all the news feed, whereas I want to hide stuff from Farmville, Mafia Wars, etc.

  12. Welcome to savedelete dude. It seems to be you are also pissed off with those craps. Try this addon and you will love it for sure :)