15+ Free Torrent Download Sites That You Should Bookmark Now

There are many free torrent search engines around web and many of these torrent sites are very popular. But before diving in let’s see what torrent files are.

A torrent file contains the URLs of multiple trackers and integrity metadata about all the pieces. It can also contain additional metadata defined in extensions to the BitTorrent specification. These are known as “BitTorrent Enhancement Proposals”. Examples of such proposals include metadata for stating who created the torrent, and when. from Wikipedia

In simple form .torrent files contains path to hundreds and thousands of locations where a file of data ( movies, music, games, application, ebooks etc.) are stored. This means you can download such type data with the help of .torrent files.

Now we know that .torrent files can provide us such wonderful things ( movies, music, games, application, ebooks etc. ) absolutely free, now our task is to find the correct .torrent file. For this there are many torrent search engines, where people like us share there files and this sharing can also be called peer-to-peer.

So today, we are presenting best and the most valuable torrent search engines sites around the web.


Alexa – 101 , PR – 7


Alexa – 1296 , PR – 7


Alexa – 6896 , PR – 7


Alexa – 171 , PR – 6


Alexa – 207 , PR – 6


Alexa – 383 , PR – 6


Alexa-564, PR-6


(Alexa-799, PR-6)


(Alexa-821, PR-6)


(Alexa-1069, PR-5)


(Alexa-1648, PR-5)


(Alexa-2815, PR-5)


Alexa – 4137, PR – 5


(Alexa-4365, PR-5)


(Alexa-6451, PR-5)


(Alexa-8240, PR-5)


(Alexa-15033, PR-5)


(Alexa-1074, PR-4)


(Alexa-4470, PR-3)

Let us know if you use any other torrent site other than our list. Happy peering!

35 Responses to 15+ Free Torrent Download Sites That You Should Bookmark Now

  1. These sites are becoming well known through the internet both because of their controversy and questions the pose about the free flow of media online. They are sure to be at the front of where we determine the future of content heads in one direction or the other.

  2. No torrenthound either, this list actually was pretty disappointing, not even a writeup on any of the trackers. Just looks like someone did a google search for torrent and took the first 18 logos they could find.

  3. I basically love torrent because it’s a symbol of socialism. You will get if you give. Thanks for this nice compilation Jaspal.
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..View member only restricted Facebook pages with Unhide Me =-.

    • Basically I agree with you, but there is a big problem with security. When you share as example some nice pictures of the eiffel tower as a torrent, you give out your IP adress to everyone that is downloading the pictures – including hackers, who might start some attacks (DDoS & Co).
      .-= PlayZone´s last blog ..Dragonball Z: Burst Limit =-.

      • So what if some random people have your IP address? It’s an IP address with virtually no real information tied to it.

        You can find infinite IP addresses randomly online, or just make them up. They don’t really do you any good.

  4. I appreciate you to take your time to provide a nice list. But as everybody knows that torrent downloading is slow and it doesn’t supported by any download managers, so please publish some tips to increase torrent downloading speed.

    • Tomin
      May 9, 2010 at 2:44 pm

      I appreciate you to take your time to provide a nice list. But as everybody knows that torrent downloading is slow and it doesn’t supported by any download managers, so please publish some tips to increase torrent downloading speed.

      “everybody knows Torrent downloading speed is slow” Really??? You obviously don’t know what the hell your doing or have a really unrealistic idea of what a “fast download rate” should be. Torrent downloading is totally variable. A Torrent is not some kind of unique file that downloads in a way that is different from any other file you download from the internet. They don’t have some kind of characteristic that causes their downloads to be really slow or something.

      basically, it all comes down to how many people are “seeding” and how many ppl are “leeching” a particular torrent, the seed:peer(leach) ratio. The more seeders there are usually = faster downloads. My ave. download speed is 200kb/s. But I’ve even had downloads consistently stay between 1000kb/s-1200kb/s! That’s plenty fast for me!

      Like someone said above, Torrent downloading is really all about sharing..give back to the torrent community what you take(download). So when your torrent finishes downloading don’t just delete it and go enjoy your new movie, let it seed for awhile so you don’t slow everyone else’s downloads down. Without seeders torrents would become “extinct”!

  5. Brilliant update!!! I liked the way you have presented various things together in a beautiful manner.

  6. I think you should have included nerrot.com in the list because I’ve been a regular visitor of them and trust me their torrents have good speed.

    • I HAVE to disagree!!!! I had never heard of nerrot before so I gave it a try and was seriously disappointed. Not only is their ‘home’ page ridiculously designed {the only two things appearing on an entire black screen were what ultimately turned out to be the search bar and a link for ‘helpful tips”}, but what was even worse, you are never given a list of torrents you can pick from! WTF? I typed in Adobe Creative Suite 3 and instead of being provided with a listing of several torrents that fit that search phrase, “it” chooses for you and you have no way of even seeing the torrent details/contents. This is, without a doubt, the worst torrent site/search engine I’ve ever seen. Unless they’re planning on making serious design and content changes I will NEVER go back. They’re plenty of really good sites out there that are designed with users in mind.

  7. mininova these days have applied copyrighted policy so it has aweak search database and demonoid you should have registration to access it you should modefiy it jadpel
    but in all it is so nice list

  8. I appreciate with your post. I completely agree with you. If we talk about current scenario then it is must be update. I enjoyed reading. I would like to visit more for more queries.

  9. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Bittorrent isn’t a search engine or torrent site. It’s the torrent client {clients are the ‘software’ used to download torrents}, but the site doesn’t have torrents or a search engine for torrents – unless someone knows something I don’t or there is a problem with the link in this article. I used the link, but it just took me to the site where I could download the Bittorrent client. Just my 2 cents worth. Thanks for the other great sites, though. I actually found several I’d never heard of before and was able to add them to my on-going list of free torrent sites.

  10. I really appreciate having a list of many of the toorent sites I use. It’s areal drag when You can’t remember the site, torrent, that may have the application thatyou need. Not all sites arecreated equal. As far as this being just a googled list, so what…….????? Big F’in deal its easier than trying to remember ofusing a metasearch engine.

    Thanks Much,


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