12 Of Best Cloud Storage Services (Free & Paid)

With many cloud storage services in the market, various companies offer free cloud storage with an account. All that is required is to create an account with them, and you will get free storage.

In the list below you will be presented with ten public cloud storage options and it will give you more than 100Gb free cloud storage. With different features, many pro and cons you will find all the services to be entirely separate but useful. Key features that will differ in all are – the size of uploaded files, additional space as per pricing, OS it supports, mobile apps it has and the security features that are equally needed.

Here are the best free cloud storage services, that one should use for ease of file sharing:

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Amazon Cloud Drive


Amazon Cloud drive is an online storage place that is simple to access. It has 5GB of free storage space. The Amazon Cloud Drive stores automatically the music purchased and downloaded from Amazon for free. It has Kindle-branded tablets.

Available on:Windows, Mac, Web, Android, iOS, Kindle

Apple’s iCloud


Most Apple users have iCloud in their iPhones. It can synchronize your data like  photos, videos, various files and even Web browsing tabs across Apple devices. It offers you 5GB for free storage. Apps such as Pages, Keynote, and Numbers are used for document management/synchronization.

Available on:Mac, Web, iOS

Pricing: Starts from $0.99/month for 50 GB storage

Free storage: 5 GB 



Dropbox is one of the well-known free cloud storage system. It is designed for major Operating systems, so it suits for all your devices. Dropbox is a cloud based, file-syncronized, and well implemented services that’s aim is to access and share data from nearly anywhere. It offers you 2GB free to start.

Google Drive


Google drive is free cloud storage, when it is linked to a Google account, it offers 15GB of free space. It has real-time online file collaboration through web apps. Now, it offers a downloadable app for local file-syncing. Another interesting feature of Google Drive is that the files created in Google Drive are not considered in the already-generous, free 15GB storage allotment.

Available on: Windows, Mac, Web, Chrome, Android, iOS

Microsoft OneDrive


Microsoft’s OneDrive ( formerly called SkyDrive ) is  a trusted name that has been safely hosting people’s documents and photos for years. It has a special feature of file sharing between colleagues across platforms and devices. It also directly integrates with Office 2013. It gives 7GB of space  when you signup, plus more space earned for your referrals and actions. It is not affected by Heartbleed.

Available on: Windows, Mac, Web, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows Tablet, Xbox



MiMedia offers  an automated backup, the ability to play media files online, hands-off, and a cloud-based disk drive. It provides 7GB of free space. It has a reasonable price for 100GB for $49 per year and well-designed MiMedia.

Available on: Windows, Mac, Web, Android, iOS



SpiderOak is the secure public cloud storage option. It follows a ” zero-knowledge.” It does not store passwords of customers; all customer data is encrypted during storage and also during transmission. During storage it uses a combination of 2048-bit RSA, 256-bit AES encryption and salted hashes. It offers  partner/reseller,  personal, and business versions of its cloud service. It gives 2GB of free space.



Symform offers a huge amount of free storage, but there is a trick. It uses cloud uses storage space donated by users it means when you contribute to the Symform cloud other customer’s encrypted data will be stored on your system. The amount of free storage depends upon the amount of space you contribute from your side, for example if you contribute 6GB of space then you will get 3GB free storage space. There is one more option that is to pay for free space. It encrypts files using 256-bit AES. It is nearly impossible to get access to a customer’s complete set of encrypted data. Free space available is Up to 10GB.



The Box free cloud storage is older than Dropbox, since 2005. The Box focuses on enterprise-level solutions for larger businesses, but there are small scale and personal use free cloud storage is available. It has wide range of productivity-enhancing applications that support of the company’s corporate accounts.


This is a France based company that provides extra privacy of their data and hence an excellent storage service with 25GB free storage. And if you give them referrals they will make your plan to 50GB storage.


It has some great features and pretty interface, also containing multi-data synchronization. You can use their unique data backup feature that allow you to archive important files constantly. And they are in beta stages for Linux client, what more can you ask.

Available on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android , Windows Phone and premium paid plan is €1 per month for 100 GB storage.


pCloud is a very secure cloud storage service that upload your data to three different locations and its secured over SSL/TLS protocol. They are so confident about their storage service that they are giving away $100k US if anyone can break their encryption. With features of unlimited file upload, automatic backups and sharing they provide 10GB free space and 20GB as a referral. Their 500GB plan will cost you $3.99 per month.

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