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Watching videos online is one of the most popular activity now a days. Everybody has a specific type of website on which he or she watch videos often. The most common websites being YouTube, MetaCafe, Dailymotion, Veoh, Vimeo, Break, Collegehumor, Facebook etc. But watching videos online can be a little harder, if your internet connection speed is not up to the mark.

How about downloading the video and then watching it without any interruptions. YouTube is by far the most popular website where people like to watch videos. So, in this article we have collected several methods by which you can download YouTube videos. These so-called YouTube downloaders are available on different browsers, operating systems and web-apps, so you have plenty of options. Choosing the proper one according to your need and it will serve your purpose.

If we have left, any good downloader which provides good option to download your favorite video, do let us know via comment section below. We will surely add it to our list.

Download via Website Solutions

best youtube downloader

Exactly ought to run a short download? Attempt these couple of internet downloaders where all you ought to carry out is actually placing the video clip LINK in search box and you will get download links.

KeepVid (Best Youtube Downloader)

Simply get the video clip LINK (online video’s web page address / URL) as well as click on the Download tab. You will certainly at that point be asked different layouts the online video that you can download, with all their download web links. Go to on the proper web link as well as the online video will certainly have that downloaded.

Learn how to download YouTube videos from KeepVid step by step


SaveVid is actually an internet downloader which sustains downloading video clips through many other online video streaming websites. The procedure of downloading is actually straightforward: the video recording’s web page LINK in the comments field and press Download button. You’ll see the download choices– go on to your preference style and download the videos.


The procedure of installing video clips through ClipNabber is actually exact same as others : enter the video URL web page in the input area and press the button Nab! You’ll observe the several styles the video clip could be actually downloaded in. Pick your beloved style and it begins installing the video file.


Only like KeepVid, you require to insert the online video’s webpage URL with in the input (LINK) area on the internet site and also press a download button. You will be able to likewise produce a simple download links simply by placing in face of any kind of LINK to download the online video of the webpage.

download youtube videos via internet browserDownload via Internet browser Extensions / Plugins:

There are actually lots of internet browser resources that can easily assist you install your video clips really quick. There is actually no need change your web browsers to make use of these since we have all major browsers covered.

SaveFrom.Net Associate is actually an internet tool and also a web browser extension which aids individuals download video recordings through a variety of websites. Having this extension mounted in your web browser, you simply should start the video recording’s webpage and also select the expansion tab (existing near top-right of the web browser).

This will definitely start a brand-new webpage about the online video’s download web links in different formats. This is actually readily available online and also when it comes to:


FastestTube places a Download tab below the online video. A menu selection shows up when selecting this, which presents various formats. You can select the video recording format and also download will definitely begin!

This is actually obtainable in different browsers:


(Safari) YouTube5 is actually a downloader when it comes to the Safari web browser which alters the default YouTube player, and also improves the online video encounter simply by giving some cold things like quantity command button, potential to shift resolutions within the user, downloading online videos, and many more.

You will be able to download video clips simply by clicking the online video resolution received the participant.

Video DownloadHelper

(Firefox) DownloadHelper is actually a Firefox addon which enables you to download online videos as well as photos through a lot of websites incorporating YouTube, The search engine Videos, DailyMotion, and many more. This extension enable to likewise transform downloaded video recordings to your favourite layout.

When DownloadHelper senses that a website possesses information that could be installed, its image animates as well as you may hit the image and also opt for the proper alternative through the menu selection.

Easy YouTube Video Downloader

(Firefox) Easy YouTube Online video Downloader is actually one more Firefox addon about far fewer however essential characteristics to download YouTube videos. Its image comes under the YouTube video file which presents a list of accessible (downloadable) video clip formats. Opt for the one you require and download is going to begin.

FVD Rooms

(Internet Explorer) A great YouTube video downloader when it comes to IE, FVD Collection includes a tab to the toolbar of the web browser.

Download videos is actually very simple: open up the video clip web page and hit the tab. Decide on the format and also savor checking out the downloaded online video.

Video clip Download

(Internet Explorer) Video Download, an additional downloader beneficial to Internet Explorer, includes an alternative direct inside the (right-click) context menu.

Grabbing videos clips is actually just a simple right-click upon whatever online video link. After that, all in all one must perform is decide on the alternative to grab that online video.

download youtube videos via desktopDownload From Desktop

Are you a hefty downloader of videos through YouTube or perhaps through other video web sites on the market? Go to the desktop downloaders that will certainly have the ability to satisfy the majority of, otherwise all, of your video installing necessities.

Download YouTube Pro

download youtube pro screenshot

This stylish youtube viewer lets you browse the most popular videos, explore categories and search for content. And finally you can also download videos for offline viewing.

YouTube Downloader

YouTube Downloader is a Windows app to download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and hundreds of other video sites, including 1080p, 720p HD and HQ videos. YouTube Downloader accelerates downloads by up to 5 times. YouTube Downloader also allows you to convert downloaded videos to MP4, WMV, AVI, MPG, 3GP, MP3 and more various formats, so you can play them on your desktop, iPad, iPhone, iPod, PSP, cell phone or any other mobile device.

YouTube Downloader is easy to use. It integrates with Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox, adds download command to the context menu of your browser, so you can download any video with just one click!

YTD Video Downloader

(Win) This video downloader is actually a device when it comes to downloading and install videos through much more than 60 video internet sites featuring YouTube. You exactly must insert the video’s URL in the input profession and decide on the download superior (or perhaps layout) as well as click the Download button.

This able to even switch the downloaded videos into different video styles. This is actually offered when it comes to Windows.

Fastest YouTube Downloader

One of faster YouTube Downloader by name and by function as well. You can clearly feel the difference in time taken

download youtube videos via mobile devicesBest Youtube Downloader for Mobile Devices

Downloads are actually not just when it comes to netbooks or perhaps personal computers. You can easily additionally download videos to see on your mobile phones and also tablet computers.


(iOS) TubeBox is actually a total attribute iOS client when it comes to YouTube and DailyMotion. You’ll come to be a follower of TubeBox also if you savor checking out videos on these 2 websites.

TubeBox allows you download YouTube videos straight in to your phone or perhaps iPad. Additional over, this holds overview playback, HD layouts, as well as offline video having fun.


(Android) TubeMate is actually another top YouTube downloader when it comes to the Android program. Making use of TubeMate, you am able to effortlessly explore and download YouTube videos precisely your Android equipment without the necessity of a COMPUTER. This application is actually very easy as well as basic to use.


(Android) WonTube may be made use to download YouTube videos on your Android phone or perhaps tablet computer. WonTube possesses an in-app web browser where you may surf YouTube videos and hunt videos. To download a video, open up the video’s web page in WonTube and click the download button.

Did we miss any of your best YouTube downloaders, let us know and post a link from the comment section below.


    • Our daughter just told us about TubeMate as she uses it all the time and loves it! I didn’t realize there were so many others so will have to start using them on and off and find the one that is best for me! Thanks for the great list!! I agree Habibies it is the best!

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  2. Clip Nabber is excellent to download from most of the video sites, Even we can download youku videos from this site i think..I tried a couple of times and it always worked with clip nabber.


  3. Nice one Jaspal! Thanks

    I used to download from KeepVid but they became more corporate-minded . . . they require payments now. It used to be free.

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  5. Sadly a lot of these sites aren’t working very well anymore. I used to use ClipNabber a lot, but it started changing a lot and now you need a special link to get to the ‘classic’ ClipNabber (browser based instead of download). Now I use KeepVid more often.

  6. Thanks for this list. I’m now using the soft for dowloading videos, but website will be far more convenient, as it doesn’t need to be installed and can be used from any computer

  7. Straight up excellent run down of all the options. I’ve used KeepVid for a long time but I have not really investigated the mobile side. Since that is sort of what I do for a hobby maybe its about time. Thank you for the excellent article!!!

  8. You know, it’s possible to download directly from a web browser… I started using the torch browser just for that, and so far it’s been far more reliable than most of the other methods I tried in the past.

  9. well nice post..i would always prefer download via website like savenet rather than having multiple installations..

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  11. It’s worthy to mention here the RealPlayer. Start RealPlayer>File>Open (Paste copied URL link of the video)>Play (Inside RealPlayer Browser)>click Download This Video (after choosing the video quality)>The video is stored in your PC.
    For me this is the simplest way to download a video, cause every PC user has already a desktop copy of RealPlayer

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