Best SEO Tools 2013

Best SEO Tools 2013

In order to find the best SEO tools in 2013, we have made this article for you which probably can save your time, money and get happiness. Hopefully after going through this awesome list of SEO tools you will be able to achieve higher search engine rankings by applying some very simple techniques these tools will help you understand and work on, we have categorized the tools below with researching keywords, optimizing your site, link building tactics, social media usage, various analytics tools and management.

These tools for SEO comes up with both free and paid subscriptions, almost every tool in this list has trial periods over 2 weeks, which means you can test it thoroughly before taking any decisions. SEO is that part of a website, which is easily overlooked and with making some small efforts from the first day can make this SEO task really easy going, so be ready to do minor changes here and there.

best seo tools 2013

Each and every tool is well prepared with several demos and videos, to help people like us. Its recommended to see few videos on youtube for a SEO tool and then probably start using it, by doing that you will have the accurate SEO sense and what other do acually when using any tool.

Research with Research Tools

Research tools will help you choose the correct keyword, before getting started on building links. These tools help you find how much traffic does a keyword can possibly generate and also related competition keywords. Just remember the key to success is always building traffic and the leads plus conversion will follow accordingly.

google adwords keyword toolGoogle AdWords Keyword Tool

Google Keyword tool is one of the most popular and the best as it gives an exact search data for a month with local and global volumes.

The features like exporting to excel for any manipulation and using it on later stages makes this tool the most favorite. This tool is absolutely free. Every SEO Pro start with this keyword tool and then go ahead with more. Also it has a big upper hand, as its from our very own Google.

keyword spyKeywordSpy

To get the best results in any SEO campaign its necessary to see what are your competitors keywords, Keyword Sky is one of the best ways to discover that. You can set a spy on your competitors and see closely how they have been optimizing their sites and also if they are bidding for a PPC campaigns. Other tools which can do the same work are WordTracker and SEMrush.

market samuraiMarket Samurai

This tool help you find niche and long-tail keyword opportunities. You can also Research articles, and find content to republish immediately.

similar sitesSimilarSites

SimilarSites as the name of the website suggest, it allows you to look and find websites with same or similar competition in keywords, with this tool you can easily find lots of competitors and research the keywords.

google adwords keyword toolGoogle AdWords

To make a website receive traffic, be a new one or a old Google Adwords can always make your money spend in a decent way. The conversion is quick and effective if the keyword research is solid.

Optimize Website

After researching keywords the next step is to optimize your site’s content and the coding. Structuring a website and placing content make search engine like Google determine the niche, topic your website contains. From Google crawlers to right keyword targets, in optimization of content there are number of things.

xenu broken link checkerXenu Link Sleuth

The best way to find broken links and any other problems, it’s a tool to be used on every website which has large database, so that every page is checked properly for any links which can be broken.

Webmaster-Tools-LogoGoogle Webmaster Tools

Another gem of a tool from google for webmasters, it gives feedbacks about your site. It diagnose your website for crawl errors, broken links, submitting Site maps and giving HTML suggestions, what more can you ask from Google.

google pagespeed toolGoogle PageSpeed Tool

Speeding up a website can be a big factor in improving search results, Google PageSpeed tools gives you a perfect and simple interface to understand where all can you improve your load time. The little tweaks can make a big difference in your site speed.

SEO Powersuite- Website AuditorSEO Powersuite- Website Auditor

This one is a paid tool, its similar to Xenu but more comprehensive and have great report formations to allow your site’s SEO to improve. Internal linking can be a great asset and with this tool you can do internal linkings more efficiently.


One of the best SEO site and toolset, which can make your website do wonders. SEOmoz is not only for tool but for great articles and SEO knowledge, with many how to tutorials this site has it all. Q&A system has been most popular with professional SEO guys as you can ask anything you like.

Webinars for pro members can also make your optimization techniques a jump start. You can also watch previous webinars at any time. With SEOmoz community you can have a thorough research of interesting topics and can find a good social thing going on.

Building Links

LinkBuilding is another important element of good SEO. You don’t have to spend cash to do it, just make your own link building and get quality links from age old trusted websites. Yes, its hard and sweaty but its precious and absolutely worth it.

Building links can be hard but its not impossible, you have to reach out, build relationship with a goal of securing a link.

Majestic SEOMajesticSEO

MajesticSEO has the ability to crawl pages just like Google Spider does, they also save the data in the database, hence having a huge and useful data for us.

With getting information about your competitors dirty tricks like do-follow links and all the links submission in link directories, you can make sure what can be done to get the top position which your competitors are enjoying right now.


To check for quality link prospects, you can use Ontolo and it has a great keyword research standard, which finds you the targeted words or phrases with lots of prospective that too with categorisation. For guest posting, this tool provide us with where to post your article and which site can be more suitable to posting your article as guest.


This tool helps you to manage your customers or while outreaching certain social media sites like Twitter. It give freedom to keep all the data online with one solution and at one place. You can categorize by campaign or website you want to approach and build relationship with.

Sending emails from this tool and collecting replies with automatic categorisation is a very unique task. Plus it can find you websites that you may connect with every now and then. Project management and handling can also be done with this very nice and helpful tool.

Social media optimization

Link building is a necessary task but now a days social campaigns for Twitter, Facebook is very common it boosts traffic as well as direct customer connection to your site or brand.


At SproutSocial you can manage your social profiles like Twitter, Facebook, Google plus. They can promote your social offering and help in more engagement of online communities.

Track your Performance

To monitor results and analyse what have you done before while doing SEO, you can always track everything. Time to time these analysis is important and can shape your next SEO campaign, what works and what doesn’t.

google analyticsGoogle analytics

Again Google has this wonderful tool which is free and extremely useful, to track your steps, to see rankings, to see how much you earn from a keyword etc. So to get enough out of Google analytics you can track every keyword, e-commerce tracking and online payments.

Managing SEO Campaigns

To manage a SEO campaign, with controlling over all the work together is pretty darn difficult, but we have some tools which can perform very well here as well.


Create SEO tasks and assigning project manager. Another effective and easy tool at our disposal, this tool enables you to assign tasks with different team members which can individually report on them. Ranking changes can also be tracked from within the tool.

Backlink analysis tool can tell you how much backlinks your competitors have and how much are your lagging from. With great analytics features and keyword ranking checker, you can rely on this tool for a long SEO campaign. It also enables you to export and use data in excel for client usage etc.

raventoolsRaven tools

With keyword manager, contact managers, research tools and AdWords campaign this tool does it all. They also provide you there  iOS app which is free to download.

I hope you must have enjoyed the post, as i have done writing it. Let us know what are your takes, on these Best SEO tools.

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  1. These tips are not only useful to newbie but also to experts.I have been looking this kind of informative post.Thanks alot for post.

  2. I love Google AdWords Keyword Tool.
    That tools not only gave me best thing for keywords research. It also helped me to win SEO in some keyword.

    thanks for writing this killer post. 😀

  3. Thanks, very helpful list of tools. If it’s ok, I’d like to recommend one more position – Colibritool.
    It has GA integration, competition monitoring, detailed backlink
    checker, traffic statistics, conversion measurements and more. It works
    really good and we didn’t have problem with it. Also their support works
    quick which is very important thing.

  4. I started reading a book of Search Engine Optimization by SEOMOZ and at that time i did not know that seomoz is one of the best in world, and after reading few pages i just got excited. and then used the tool which was way more helpful. But i will try now other tools as well mentioned here

  5. Thank you for the great information and for information on these tools.

    Just recently started messing around with SEO Power Suite and I like what I see so far.

  6. Thank you for sharing these valuable tools to improve the SEO and top rank the site on Search Engines. Google Keywords Tools is the best to get keywords ideas.

  7. wonderful share, i think Google AdWords and Google Webmaster tools still the best seo tools. I am already use this tools too. Thanks a lot for share..^^

  8. YOu forgot to include one simple yet very effective seo tools from google, Google suggestion, that is most of the time people feels that it irritate but as a seo enthusiast we should take this opportunity. Otherwise a very good list of seo tools.

  9. This is an amazing list of SEO tools! All in one place – definitely sharing and bookmarking this post. Excellent!

  10. Thanks Jaspal, this is a really comprehensive overview!

    I’ve been glad to find WebSite Auditor by SEO PowerSuite here, because I’m really picky about on-page optimization and the tool saves a lot of my time on that.

    By the way, other SEO PowerSuite tools are also very powerful solutions. I use RankTracker to check keyword positions in Google and other search engines. Tried out many tools before (some of them are on your list too), and per my experience RankTracker delivers the most accurate results.

  11. Thanks for the article. Have to try out some of them I didn’t hear of, although I use seo powersuite most of the time.

  12. SEO tool are very useful and it make the task much more easy. Tools helps us to know the work perform. All the tools listen above are very important as for every SEO..

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