The Best Laptop for College Students


Every year millions of students are enrolled at thousands of universities around the world. Every student now needs a computer, but there are hundreds of options, and choosing the one that matches your pocket and expectations is a terrible daunting task.

You probably see manufacturers giving massive discounts on computers, but are those laptops right fo you? We have reviewed the best laptop for college and have come up with this list. Before buying its also recommended to ask your college the minimum requirements a laptop should have for their courses and studies.

Moreover, don’t forget to spend a little extra on a comfortable mouse and a backpack for moving smoothly. Last but not the least install a good antivirus before heading to your campus.

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Best Laptop for College

Toshiba Chromebook 2

Screenshot of Toshiba Chromebook 2

This laptop is affordable starting at $249 and has a battery life of nearly 8 hours. 13 inch in size and less than 3 pounds makes it pleasingly portable to carry. Running on the lightweight Chrome OS that has specific keys for handy tasks and super audio quality will give you pleasure while listening to music or lectures.

Lenovo Flex 2 15


Lenovo Flex 2 15 has a full 10-key pad, and your fingers will be flying filling the charts and spreadsheets. With Intel Core i5 processor plus 6GB RAM, the performance is fast and superb. You can also switch the laptop mode to a stand mode and all of that in a box of less than $500. Isn’t it great. I love it.

Dell XPS 13 (2015)

Screenshot of Dell XPS 13 (2015)

Whether you are a science geek or doing a major in anthropology, you will be amazed to see Dell XPS 13 (2015) just because it is a reliable machine. This laptop runs on Windows 8.1 and a processor of 5th generation Core i5 with 4GB RAM and an SSD drive of 128GB. The display is borderless, and whole 13-inch gives a resolution of 3200×1800-pixels that gives an actual color feel. Also, it gives an illusion that makes the screen look bigger due to the borderless display. XPS costs around $899 and a touch version that comes with 8GB RAM pricing at $1299. The battery lasts about 12 hours that is sufficient.

Lenovo ThinkPad X250


ThinkPad from a long time is considered as an excellent tool for business learning. All this because of the lightweight chassis, smaller feel and it fits comfortably on your lap. Combined with a full-HD screens with a snappy keyboard this tiny little wonder can create superb presentations and crunching spreadsheets. ThinkPad X250 has a battery life of about 15-hours which means you do not need to carry a charger or adapter to your college.

Apple MacBook Air 13-inch


With just 3 pounds in weight Apple Macbook Air 13-inch has some exceptional features like Core i5 processor, 128GB SSD and an easy to type keyboard and trackpad that is the smoothest. Pricing at $999, Apple Macbook Air has a battery life of about 14 hours. No question about its fantastic sleek aluminum design that is ultraportable and sturdy and a great laptop for any college going personnel.

HP ZBook 15u G2


HP’s ZBook has great military standards, and it is a lightweight miracle that has Intel Core i7 processor with 256GB SSD and 16GB or RAM. Standing with a 15.6 inch display and 1920×1080 resolution will provide you with all necessary icing on the cake. Its a bit pricy and can be bought at value of $1700 (approx)

Asus ZenBook NX500


Asus ZenBook NX500 has 4k Ultra-HD screen that is also a touch interface. The screen is so good that you can see all the living colors inside. A graphic card of Nvidia GeForce GTX 850 makes this Intel machine a rockstar. It has the i7 processor and 512GB SSD drive; the aluminum design is eye-catchy, and it will grab eyeball from every corner of your campus.


  1. Hi Jaspal,

    My choice would be Asus ZenBook NX500 because of its Ultra-HD screen. Usually I like to see movies most of my time so screen plays it part. Thank you for familiarizing me to these collection.

  2. Hi Jaspal

    Great compilation. I will choose lenovo and Dell Over others and they are more sturdy and better service can be obtained in the country. I was trying to figure out why not you have linked it to your amazon or flipkart affiliate link while recommending. I mean an additional advantage can be reaped. Anyways its personal preference.

    Great Compilation .