Top 10 Best Free Online Video Chat Rooms

The world of online chat rooms is full of human beings who are involved in exchanging their thoughts and feelings with old friends and also with newly acquired pals. These rooms are normally full of people who love to talk and hence do so ignoring the physical presence of countries and borders.

This is, however, obvious as the online world is one with has no borders and human beings can contact their fellow human beings with just a subtle press on the key of the quaint little mouse. Many hands hence type out their thoughts in chatting applications and hence many brains get the feelings of pleasure and satisfaction derived from talking with a friend without the need to be sitting or standing together.

People who chat online are, therefore, have the facility of making new friends and staying in touch with old ones with the help of these chatting applications.The chat room is perhaps a wonderful invention of talented programmers as it has changed many things associated with the need to be in touch with friends.

Human beings who are therefore involved in a session of online chat are able to be aware of the whereabouts of the people whom they know and care for.This paragraph may seem a little monotonous for the casual reader but will give an interesting insight about the chat room(online speakers heaven) in terms of what actually does a chat room mean. Hence, this chat room is actually a web application which is able to handle multiple clients at a time and also handle their activities which are in this case the text messages that are typed.

The user interface of these chat rooms are quite simple with the inclusion of three different sections. The first one displays all the messages that are being typed at any moment and hence this proves the real time presence of a chat room. The second one shows the total number of people who are using this application and the final one is the space provided to the user for the task of typing text messages.

The concept of chatting has now sunk in with the public and hence the number of users of websites consisting the feature of an online chatroom, is usually very big. Technology has given many dimensions to the basic application and hence the online chat room that is being used in most of the major chatting websites have many advanced features. One of them is the tool of a video chat room where two persons involved in a chatting session are able to see each other.

This process is handled using a web camera or a ‘webcam’ as it is more commonly known. The sunny afternoons or the stillness of the mellow night now have chatters talking many things across nations and borders. Here are the 10 best free video chat rooms available online.

1. Chatablanca (closed)

Once sign-in, you can active your web cam and microphone, add some friends and send them private messages, you can whisper to someone on the public room, and you will also have your own chat room.

chatroulette for free video chat2. Chatroulette

Chatroulette lets you find and chat with strangers with text or voices, you can chat with a stranger till one of you quit the chat. The strangers are all random, and no name or registration enquired.

Go to Chatroulette

Chat for Free3. Chat for Free

You can log in as a guest by click the button CLICK HERE TO CHAT, but you can add someone to your contacts when you sign up. There are 17 chat room now, you can choose one to enter, request private chat with someone, invite someone to your room, or ignore someone.

Go to Chat for Free

custom video chat4. CustomVideoChat

CustomVideoChat is quite private, you create a chat room, and then invite your friends to join the room and have video chat with you. There will be more features when you sign up, but most of them are not free.

Go to CustomVideoChat

Goth Chat City5. Goth Chat City

For free account, you can chat on public, leave a comment on others’ profile, see someone on the web cam. And for more features, you have to pay.

Go to Goth Chat City

i web cam6. iWebcam

You can only chat in public as a guest, and when you sign up, you can create a public chat room, but you have to pay for private chat, even though, it will still nice to see some beautiful faces there. And there are some other video chat rooms which are powered by iWebcan, such as Shockrooms or YapChat.

Go to iWebcam

7. Meebo

On Meebo rooms, you can chat with someone with web cam when your request is accepted. If you are a member of Meebo, you can send a file to your chat friend. And you can also embed the chat room on your website.

Go to Meebo

tiny chat8. Tinychat

Tinychat lets you create a video chat room with a permanent URL and you can sign in with Your Twitter or Facebook account, share a YouTube video by entering the video URL, make private chat with Tinychat P2P, or talk to strangers with Tinychat Next.

Go to Tinychat

Tokbox9. Tokbox

You can add your GTalk, Yahoo, AOL or SMS accounts to Tokbox and invite your friends to join the chat, you can look for and chat with some strange Tokbox users, and you can also send a video message to Tokbox users.

Go to Tokbox

Userplane10. Userplane

The most lovely feature for Userplane is that you can add it to your website, and your readers can chat with you online instantly. You can also join the chat rooms among different categories.

Go to Userplane

Among the above 10 video chat rooms, Chatroulette is my favorite, since it is the most easy to use. Which one is your favorite? Or do you have any other similar online video chat rooms? Share with us by adding a comment.


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  • Siddhartha Sinha

    Oh Great..Online Free Video Chat…Its nice absolutely free of cost video chating. But why one should use this video when Google Chat is available where video chat is possible.

  • Larissa

    Wow great post!!! I’m not a big fan of chat rooms, I usually use facebook to chat but I heard many good things about the Meebo from a friend of mine.
    Larissa from Hair Removal Methods

  • I Tech You

    I think Chatroulette is the best one. It’s simple, easy to use and has a clean interface.

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  • American Wolf is a newer american/english webcam/voice chat that is moderated to keep the chat room respectful. it offers private messaging and video and it is free. come check it out sometime!

  • j

    i ll use only a ward …………strange

  • Cr@sh0verid3

    the only listing on this site that shouldnt really be there is the listing…that is by far the worst chatsite on the internet..their flash client is literally 10 years out of have to pay 5 dollars a month for upgrades just to view 3 cams and use colored fonts..the moderators on the site are best described as nazi’s than anything considering the fact that if it doesnt immediatly concern them they do not care and if they dont like you they will constantly kick you from your own room regardless if your the host or not..their rooms security wise are a joke they have everything from screen recorders (meaning people that sit there and record female cams and repost them back on other websites) to flooders(no timeouts no delays no consequences whatsoever on the site if you flood out one of their rooms)..and perhaps the worst part of is its overrun with turkish and east indian men who have no knowledge of the english language and will spend literally hours copying and pasting phrases like “opan you bobs”&”spread opan will tussie”…how do i know all this you ask….i spent 30 days upgraded on that site and in those 30 days by various means and methods i was able to aquire credit card information on any user…when i approached “dean” the owner of iwebcam about his huge holes in security i was literally and non metephorically laughed at..and to put the icing ontop of this fecal cake called iwebcam the sites member counter is a fraud there are less than 300 actual physical people on that site at any given time the other 2200 members are computer generated “bots” or “clone” accounts used by room owners to make their room look more popular..the only excuse anyone should have on iwebcam is the excuse that they are starting out in hacking and need someplace easy to practice on.

    • claire

      shockrooms is a disgrace,i was on here for a short time,once you get a feel for the place you find bullying, rascism and nasty people are common place.Some room hosts actively encourage these things and if you try to stand up to the bullies their cliques back them up and some moderators actually support some of these bullies.How can a site be allowed to run like this unless it comes from the top.Oh and the regular use of the word rape is common place and accepted as the norm????????.

      • claire

        Apologies, should also of added and shockrooms are one and the same.

        • claire

          Sorry again for 3rd reply but i feel so strongly against iwebcam(shockrooms)i feel it shoudnt be even advertised here,but then people wouldnt be able to hear what a nasty place it is.I digress.

  • Alin Oita

    Hello everybody,

    I want to ask you if anyone of you ever tried or heard something about AVChat…I need a video chat software for my website and I’m still researching..

    Thanks in advance !

  • h
    check it out guyz.. nice site to find new friends..