8 iPhone Problems Solved

1. What precautions can I take in case I lose my iPhone?

Go into Settings>General>Passcode Lock and switch on the passcode. Select the option to erase the phone after ten failed attempts if you think your phone may get lost or stolen. Also, sign up for Apple’s free Find My Phone service, which allows you to locate your phone using GPS from a computer using your Apple ID, and send messages to its screen or remote wipe it.

2. Am I able to use my own ringtones on my iPhone?


Go too rogueamoeba.com/freebies and download an app called MakeiPhoneRingtone. This lets you turn any short audio file into an iPhone-compatible ringtone. You can then sync it to your phone and should be able to select it in the ringtones menu. Or, get Ringtonium from the iOS store and use any audio including stuff you record onto the phone as a ringtone or other alert sound.

3. How can I quickly get into my iPhone for a photo opportunity?

In iOS 5, you can access the camera from the Lock screen. To the right of the unlock slider, tap and swipe upwards. This reveals the Camera app from where you can take stills and videos. However, it does not allow access to any other part of your phone, so only pictures you have just snapped are visible. To access the phone as normal, swipe to unlock it.

4. My contacts are not organized in the way I want them to be

Go into Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calendars and scroll down to the Contacts section. Here you can change things like sort and display order, meaning whether your contacts list is sorted alphabetically by first or last name. In an individual contact entry you can click Edit and add more info like assigning a specialized ringtone or text tone, embedding a URL and adding extra fields.

5. I accidentally deleted music I bought from iTunes

Go into iTunes on your phone then click the Purchased tab. Go to the Music section and you will see a list of all the music you have ever bought with your Apple ID. Any of this can be re-downloaded to your phone for free, as many times as you like. The same applies to movies and TV series. This isn’t the case with music you sync from iTunes, so you have to be more diligent about backing that up.

6. My phone won’t let me text a long video clip to someone

There is a time limit on video clips that can be sent by MMS. If a video is too long, the phone should give you the option of selecting a portion of it use to send in the message. If you really have to, you could split the video over several texts using this method. A better way if you can is to email the video from the phone, since this allows a larger file size and a longer length.

7. Am I able to check email while I am on a phone call?

iPhones don’t allow voice signal and data to be used at the same time over a cellular connection. If you’re on a Wi-Fi network however, it can be done. During the call use a headset or the speakerphone and press the Home button to put the Phone app into the background. Check email while speaking and then tap the green bar at the top to return the Phone app to the foreground.

8. My kids keep buying stuff on iTunes without permission

Go into Settings>General>Restrictions and choose to Enable Restrictions. Here you can choose to allow or disallow access to apps and ability to install or delete apps. You can also disable Siri, changes to important settings, restrict downloaded content by rating, and lock down Game Centre. This helps make your phone less vulnerable to unauthorized activity.


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  • Steve

    There are several other apps in iTunes Store which can help protect the iPhone and give its location if it is stolen or lost.

  • translation

    i had a problem of photo quality in my phone but thanks for telling us about IOS5 …when i used it then my problem is solved and i have no problem related to photo quality

  • Hadley

    I feel as though I don’t really deserve my iPhone, all the great stuff it can do and I hardly have any apps on it or anything like that.

  • Oleg

    Recently i bought a white iPhone 4S 16GB with iOS 5.0.1 preinstalled.

    The phone was running fine for the first week, untill on the 10th day it started giving battery problems. I had turned on siri, puch notifications, locations services, icloud, 3 email accounts, brightness at 50 %. I used to get battery backup of only 12-14 hours with moderate use. 16 though on lite use. heavy use would kill the phone by 8 hours.

    Then i browsed the web for sollution, and i got my problem solved. What i did was :

    1. Restored the phone to factory settings by selecting ” Reset All Content and Settings ”
    2. After the restore i set it up as a new phone in iTunes.
    3. Then i calibrated the battery by fully charging it to 100% and completely draining it untill the phone shut down due to low battery, then i did full recharge again for around 4 hours( my phone showed full charge at 2 hours, but still I charged it for 4 hours).
    4. After that i transfered my music, apps, videos, etc
    5. I turned off location services ( Main thing responsible for iPhone4S battery drain)
    6. Turnned off siri (Siri eats a huge amount of battery while your are using it. And when you are not, it increases the cpu processing to an extent enough to decrease battery life fast)
    7. Brightness set to 50% ( Auto-Brightness disabled )
    8. Disabled automatic sending of Diagnostics & Usage to Apple in settings.
    9. Turned off iCloud. (in my case iCloud eats a lot of battery, even crashed 2 times before)
    10. Now the email setup. try to setup as least email accounts as possible, disasble the push notifications, and set update interval to ‘manual’. setting up more email accounts sometimes leads to problems in mail app, failing it to properly sync and donwload emails in your phone, causing a bug in background. and the mail app will constantly trigger the process to sync email even though it is not really synchronize. this constantly triggering of mail process eats battery life.
    11. While setting up email, after singing in, select only to sync ’emails’, do not select calender, notes, contacts, etc. Its better you sync your contacts, calender, notes, etc with your PC/MAC via iTunes.
    12. WiFi and Bluetooth turned off. Only turning on when using them.
    13. If you use Facebook app, disable push notifications (optional, your choice)

    And finally my battery life is awesome now, around 1.5 days of moderate use, heavy use last full 1 day.
    Hope this helps.


  • Iphone has so may problems had but now these problem is solved .. and your article is very helpful to us for solving our problem to related with Iphone … thank you so much


  • Suzie

    Thanks for the nice tips! Actually i noticed the strange contacts sorting from the beginning, but never checked it, now i know!
    One question: does anyone know if it’s possible to restore deleted photo’s. One of my kids sometimes grab my phone and sometimes deletes photo’s 🙁

  • Snorfietsverzekering vergelijken

    I always had an samsung phone. And there were problems all the time. Now i bought an iPhone. With the iPhone all my problems are gone. And for most ‘problems’ with the iPhone you can find easy help like in here. Thanks for the information!

  • Adam | New Body

    How can I send music from my ihone? my girlfriend wants some of my songs on her samsung. Can I somehow e-mail it to her? thanks

  • Sometimes i face problem with iphone such as photo, apps, email etc. All solution are here! Thanks for the valuable information.

  • sargana

    Iphon has a number of issues, i think i need your blog, thanks, its really useful and helpful

  • Thanks for the great tips. Here’s another: if you want to protect your personal data, you can change a setting in the password menu so that the phone will automatically wipe its contents after 10 failed PIN tries.

  • Shane

    Hey Monika, great article! These iPhone problems do become troublesome for some users. Thank you for finding a way to blog about this. This was really helpful.

  • Sending Pictures via bluetooth to other phones has been a concern for me from beginning. Wonder when will iphone will solve this problem for me 🙁

  • These are some great tips Monika. I’ve only recently been playing with security apps and didn’t even know that there are apps for finding your phone after it gets lost or stolen!

  • Abai

    I think that these issues have been and will be on the iPhone. no ideal smartphone, because if they create such, how will they Sell Now what else?
    and even iPhone in my opinion is a well advertised product, and therefore it is being bought. Well this is my personal opinion

  • Tarn | iPhone 5s Jailbreak

    Hello Jaspal Singh ji
    you’re a great author.I will ensure that I bookmark your blog and definitely will come back later in life. I want to encourage that you continue your great posts

  • Van

    Your article has been included in the Jan 2013 issue of MacLife. You stated in item 7. Am I able to check email while I am on a phone call?
    the first part of your response was “iPhones don’t allow voice signal and data to be used at the same time over a cellular connection.” This is not a true statement. On the AT&T network, you an make a voice call and surf the web at the same time/send data at the same time whether on cellular or wifi.

  • Great idea. How about how to turn off siri?