20+ Best Advertising Networks And Review Sites For Bloggers

Pay per click (PPC) is an Internet advertising used on websites, where advertisers pay when the ad is clicked. Here is a list of money making websites for those who are looking for how to make money online.

As we know that there is lots of scam online so trying to make money is almost an impossible task if you have no idea what you are doing. Then the first thing is that you have to understand that every money making websites are not scam. The list is beneficial for those who don’t have idea about it.

In this we manage our blog or website according to requirement we set ads, links at various places. A blog which is regularly updated with good content, which attracts clients, is definitely going to earn some money.

Here we have great list of that websites which gives you money online by placing ads when that ads are clicked by reader then your earn money. These are the major source of monetizing our blog but if we placed these ads smartly then we surely earn more.

There is a smart list of websites please check it out

1. Google Adsense

2. Chitika

3. Amazon

4. Blogads

5. Clicksor

6. Inclick

7. Epic

8. Infolinks

9. Bidvertiser

10. Kontera

11. tradepub

12. Textlinkads

13. Maxbounty

14. Linkworth

15. Directcpv

16. clixgalore

17. Clickbooth

18. Adfish

19. Payperpost

20. reviewme

21. Sponsoredreviews


Recommended Business Tools

  • Adsense is king but it’s owned by google and after the recent Algo update people have given up on Google products. Chikita certainly is very very good and I can recommend them!

  • Mohit Mathur

    Definite bookmarked you just made a fantastic post on your awesome site. But before stepping ahead of moving ahead with other paying sites (other than Adsense) the blogger should have a clear understanding of the credibility of this new venture. So my advice to novice blogger is to continue with the adsense for sometimes. Understand the business and then make such impacting moves. Because in the early days of your blog you cannot afford to concentrate on anything other than good content. While you start getting 100-500 visitors a day you can probably take punt in changing your ad publisher. But again I advice to settle with one or the other once your visitors count reaches 2k-3k a day after all this is the time you start getting the taste of success of day night lamp burnt for the blog post. So experiment with these all ad publishers as per my above advice.


  • Rafi

    I think infolink, chitika are poor and adsense is best to me

  • Bing

    Thank you for listing the inClick Ad Server. With the inClick Ad Server, you can create your own Advertising Network of blogging sites as our product puts you in the position of the ad network. Simply put, you can connect advertisers to blogger sites that are publishers in your network.

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  • Haven’t tried some of them, it is always to have alternatives though.. Nice lists.

  • Bharat Chowdary

    Google adsense rocks, but its always good to have alternatives too.

  • My priority goes to Google adsense as it is most useful and powerful tool.

  • Shree

    Well presented list of substitute to Google Adsense. Thanks for sharing!

  • For http://wordunscrambler.com I use Adsense.
    They are hard to beat. If they have banned you then you can try ValueClick , Casale, and a bunch of others.

  • abdurrazaq

    how if I use adsense with other programs?

  • So many great sites in this post. Iuse several of these already and most of my monthly income comes from them.

  • krishnakumar

    The list was really useful.
    I am interested in blogging and actually wish to blog about computer technology including recent trends, emerging technologies, technews, how to guides etc. I want to write unique and quality content and don’t want to steal someone’s effort. But I don’t know from where to get content for my blog. Actually i want topics and some ideas related to them so that I can write a post about it. so can you please suggest from where to get content for my blog.

    • Raj

      Check out AdMagma, it is based in India.

  • Ajit

    Thanks for this post Jaspal…btw, any particular reason why I can’t see adsense ads on SaveDelete? Just curious…

  • jaiganesh

    the adnetwork given are presented in fantastic manner. But more information about how to earn from them is also required to be given

  • Ralf Thug

    Use cpcGalaxy.com few days and am very pleased. Gain between $ 0.5 and $ 1.5 per click and I already received payment.

  • Neeraj

    Thanks for the wonderful info. I mostly relied on Google Adsense but would definitely give a try to others as well. Yahoo has also come up with their ad network Media.net which equally wonderful. Give it a try.

  • sam

    Check out AdMagma, i just started using it, its pretty good

  • Except for adsense and infolinks, nothing really worked..

  • Jao

    The best ad network to popup with the highest cpm is: adsonpop.com

  • Sharon

    Hi Guys,
    Some of the networks that were mentioned above are good but i recently spent some time looking for a site with offers that converts for real. I.e. sites that filters the offers and provide us with quality and not crap.
    Let me recommend an advertising network where you will find that they also have good payouts and account managers that seems to care about keeping you happy.