100+ Facebook Apps For Productivity And Tools For Achieving All Your Goals

Social networking is one of the best things internet can provide you. You can connect with friends and family, get to know what they are upto lately and lots more like photo sharing, link sharing, playing games and loads and loads of other stuff.

I know some of my friends who only come online for social networking sites. It has been a great boon to mankind and cyberspace. Facebook is one the most popular and it has the most number of active members. Its been ranked number 1 on Wikipedia. So I thought it would be helpful if I can post some really nice and helpful tools that Facebook can provide us and that too free of cost. There are number of Facebook Apps that are highly useful and can make your day to day task very easy.

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Facebook Can Help you in Business

  • Blog Promotion: Networked Blogs app, Notes (Default App), Social RSS, Simplaris BlogCast all these facebook apps can integrate with your blog feeds and can also gives you a space to share your favorite blogs.
  • Self Promotion
    • Define Me: Displays a cloud of words others use to describe your business. This could be your best friend or worst enemy depending on your business and customer service.
    • GLPrint Business Cards: A flashier business card that gives you options to create your digital business card.
    • IEndorse: Testimonials are a great way to build the value of your company. This app allows Facebook denizens to endorse your company or find it via the IEndorse business database.
  • Communication
    • CalliFlower: For Free conference calls!
    • Smart Phone: Phone to phone calls and even some conference call features that are all handled from your FB profile.
    • SmartMessage Center: Smart is right. This tool allows you to send messages to groups or individuals and gives you back one single result that you can share. It’s a great tool for gathering information and then organizing it into a single page instead of wading through pages and pages of replies. You can even get the results exported as a PDF, RSS, or XLS file.
  • Collaboration
    • Huddle by WorkSpaces: Store or share documents, make plans, collaborate on projects.
    • My Office: This virtual office will help get everyone on the same page by sharing documents, tasks and more.
  • Audio/Visual
    • Facebook Video (Default App): Share videos of presentations, product demos, and even company commercials.
    • PodCast Player: Share audio interviews on your profile, or your company’s podcast.
    • SlideShare: If you‚ are already using SlideShare to share your presentations online then you can connect the account to your profile. If you aren’t already using it you should and start sharing your presentations on your profile.
  • Miscellaneous
    • Memorable Web Addresses for Profile, Page or Group: If you are unhappy with your Facebook username/URL, you can make an easy to remember and easy to find address for your business or group.
    • My Money: This online banking app isn’t very useful if you‚ are a large business, but for small or single owner businesses it’s just one more tool that can help make Facebook a more valuable business stop.
    • Page Maps: It Display a mini map (with links to larger maps) of where your business meetings are going to be or held before.

Facebook Can Help Students & Teachers

  • weRead. Students can manage the books on their reading lists, connect with others in discussions about the books, and more.
  • Flashcards. Create flashcards on any subject to help reinforce what you need to know.
  • Notely. Organize assignments, classes, notes, and more with Notely. You will need a Notely account to use this Facebook app.
  • Study Groups. If you don’t want to create your own group for a study group, use this app instead that allows for easy collaboration.
  • Hey Math! Challenge. Students can watch flash movies explaining difficult math concepts with this app.
  • CourseFeed. Find Online Classes or follow your current class when you add this app to your Facebook account.
  • CampusBuddy. This app helps you connect with classmates on your campus.
  • DoResearch4Me. Use this search engine to find online information instead of relying on Wikipedia.
  • SkoolPool. When students use this app, they can research schools, find students, and more to make sure they are embarking on the best education.
  • Notecentric. Take notes during class, then post them for other students with Notecentric.
  • Class Notes. Snap a photo of what the teacher wrote on the board or a copy of your class notes and post them here so everyone can share their visual notes.
  • Used Text Books. Students can buy and sell used text books through this group.
  • Homework Help. This group is a place for students to find and offer help with homework‚ or just to get a better understanding of difficult concepts.
  • CiteMe. Get properly formatted citations according to APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, or Turabian style with this app.
  • Calendar. Use this calendar app from 30 Boxes to keep your classes on track with upcoming assignments, tests, due dates, and more.
  • Courses. Manage your courses with this app that allows you to create an instructor page, manage assignments, and more.
  • Mathematical Formulas. This is a great way for math teachers to share formula and their solutions.
  • Webinaria. Record your class lectures and post them for the class to review on Facebook.
  • Book Tag. Tag books for a class reading list and even create quizzes with this useful app.
  • Language Exchange. If you teach a foreign language, turn students on to this app that gives them a chance to practice what they learn in class.
  • Files. Upload all the important files you want to share with students such as your class syllabus, supplemental reading material, or assignments when you use this app.
  • Make a Quiz!. Easily make quizzes to test your students, knowledge and see how they score.

Facebook games to build your brain power

  • There/Their/They‚ Are Test: Find out if you‚ are using There/Their/They‚ are properly by taking this test.
  • Capitals of the USA: This game will help you find out how well you know the US Capitals.
  • Mind Games: Play Sudoku, Bejeweled and Concentration with this app.
  • Wordscraper: Play Wordscraper to boost your word skills.
  • What French philosopher are you?: This game will help you learn more about French philosophers.
  • US Citizen Test: This test will tell you if you could pass the US citizen test.
  • Fifth Grade Test: Are you smarter than a fifth grader? This test will tell you.
  • SCRABBLE: Here you‚ can find the official Scrabble game for Facebook.
  • BrainBone: Get a smart new question every day with BrainBone.
  • Bubble Words: Play Bubble Words, and you‚ can score points for quickly forming words.
  • Mahjong: Stretch your brain with this ancient Chinese game.
  • Endless Crossword: Get your fill of brain boosting crosswords from this application.
  • Fun Trivia: Learn fun facts about the world through Fun Trivia.
  • Geo Challenge: Put your geography knowledge to the test with Geo Challenge.
  • IQ Test: This application will help you find out just how high your IQ is.
  • What are they thinking?: Play this game to learn the fine art of reading faces.

Facebook can tell you what Food to Eat & Drink

  • Beeeeeeeer: Show off the beers you like and dislike, discover new beers to try.
  • Cookbook: Share your recipes, find new ones, make up some of your own creation.
  • Diet & Calorie Counter: Trying to lose weight? Calculate your calories with this handy app.
  • Drink Recipes: Add drink recipes to your profile from classics to new mixtures.
  • Eating: Share your favorite restaurants and learn of new ones you might want to try.
  • Wine: Keep track of the wines you are storing and those you have sampled.

You can Play & Play & Play Games and Other Fun Activities

  • Chuck Norris: Add facts about Chuck Norris to your profile.
  • Countdown Calendar: Add a countdown on your profile for any event of your choice.
  • Fridge Magnets: Allow friends to rearrange the magnets on your fridge to leave a message.
  • Glitter Text: Add glitter text to your profile, several styles to choose from.
  • HOT or NOT: Rate other Facebook users, find the hottest, meet them.
  • Jack Bauer Fact Generator: It Generates fun facts about Jack Bauer, such as his tears cure cancer‚ too bad he never cries.
  • LOLcats: One of the most popular things on the Internet right now, enjoy the LOLcats in the comfort of your own profile.
  • Moods: Share your current mood with your friends using emoticons.
  • Netflix Movies: Display your current Netflix queue on your profile.
  • South Park Character Creator: Make yourself into a character from South Park, lots of options.
  • Virtual iPhone: Get your hands on an actual iPhone, play with a virtual one and explore its menus.
  • Word Magnets: Use word magnets on your wall.
  • Blackjack: Add the age old game of Blackjack to your page.
  • Chess: Play chess against your friends.
  • (fluff)Friends: Add a fuzzy little pet to your page.
  • Games: Add a mini-arcade of games to your page.
  • NES Games: Play classic Nintendo games right in your profile.
  • PacMan: Play the classic arcade game.
  • Red Bull Roshambull: Red Bull‚ version of Rock-Paper-Scissors.
  • Stick Fighter: Like Street Fighter‚ only with stick figures.
  • Texas HoldEm Poker: Play the popular card game.
  • Vampires: Turn your friends into creatures of the night!
  • VideoGames: Share with friends what games you have, set up loans between friends for swaps.
  • Warcrafter: Show off your WoW characters in your profile.
  • Web Sudoku: Daily Sudoku puzzles of different difficulty levels for your page.
  • WereWolves: Do full moons excite you? This is the game for you!
  • Xbox Live: Display your Xbox Live account in your profile.
  • Zombies: Bite your friends and turn them into Zombies.
  • Transfer and Add Friend Invites: If you‚ have used different e-mail addresses over your Facebook lifetime, you may have lost some friend requests or notifications along the way. This hack will help you out.
  • Superlatives: This is Facebook version of your high school yearbook.
  • Texas 1: View your Facebook account in a Texas theme with this hack.
  • Bathroom Wall: Post anything and everything from poems to secrets to confessions on the Bathroom Wall without revealing your identity.
  • Pieces of Flair: Make like Jennifer Aniston in Office Space and show off your pieces of flair via Facebook with these buttons.
  • Sketch Me: This neat little hack constructs a sketch version of your profile picture.
  • Make a Baby: Fill in your hair color and other traits to see what your baby would like if you had it with different friends.
  • UK Friends Plotter: Figure out where your UK friends live or work by viewing them on a map with this hack.
  • EZPoke: Start using this script to set up automatic pokes for different friends.
  • Facebook Autologin v2: Get on Facebook faster with this autologin hack.
  • Matchcookbook: If your school or office has Facebook blocked, you can get around the firewall or blocked page with this hack.

Facebook can help you in travelling

Facebook can play music videos and share them with these apps

  • BBC Radio: Choose the BBC radio stations you want to play on your profile and display what is currently playing.
  • Boombox: Add as many songs as you like to your profile, browse friends‚ music, send songs to others.
  • Deejay: Display your current top songs in a rotating fashion on your page.
  • Dizzler Media Player: Search MP3s and videos to create a playlist.
  • iLike: Add music to your profile, play the music challenge and more.
  • Lala.com Music: Use your Lala.com account to play full length tracks on your profile.
  • Last.fm Music: Turn your music into a playlist, share it with friends, check your music compatibility.
  • MediaMaster: Upload your tracks, make a playlist, start your own ‚ a radio station & on your profile.
  • Mosoto Remix: Add full length songs to your profile, send them to your friends.
  • Music Videos: Add music videos to your profile.
  • MySource: Lets you put songs from MySpace on your Facebook page.
  • myTV: Search YouTube without leaving Facebook & build a playlist of your favorite clips.
  • Uber Music Player: Music player with several customizable skins.
  • yourminis MP3 Player: Search for web based playlists, or link to your own uploaded files.
  • zuPort: YouTube: Import your videos and favorites from your YouTube account.

Facebook offers a multitude of advertising opportunities

  • ShopCreator: This ecommerce software works with Facebook Marketplace.
  • viagogo: Buy and sell tickets to events through Facebook with this tool. Artists can also advertise their gigs by maintaining a list of events to share with friends.
  • Sponsored Groups: Attract friends, put up photos and videos, and advertise special events or sales by creating your own sponsored group on Facebook.
  • Facebook Ads: Design ads just for Facebook members and target very specific niche audiences with this system.
  • Marketplace: The Facebook Marketplace lets anyone sell and search for apartments, furniture, or anything else, kind of like Craigslist or another classifieds site.
  • Events: Create an event on Facebook, and then invite all of your friends or people in your network to advertise a sale, business opening or concert.
  • Badges: With this feature, you can send Facebook friends and followers to other websites, including your company site.
  • Share Partners: This hack makes it easier to share content from other sites on Facebook. That way, you can broadcast press releases, news stories, product reviews and more.
  • Facebook Insight: Learn more about Facebook demographics, your target audience and the success of your Facebook advertising campaign with this tracking tool.
  • Gydget: Gydget is a widget that lets “bands, teams and other organizations‚ connect with fans.” You can embed one on Facebook to reach even more people.
  • Groups: Start your own Facebook group to invite people to browse pictures of your band, products or staff and start a following.
  • FunWall: Send mass announcements and greetings to all of your friends at once with this hack.

Facebook apps for web designer

  • Addicted to Photoshop: This is a neat app brought to you by the master minds behind the sites (Brusheezy, Flasheezy, etc).
  • Design Directory: Get the latest news on just about everything in the design industry right on your Facebook page. Add the Designer app to your Facebook, get latest updates, news, events, and competitions.
  • My Merch store : If you have a Zazzle store and a Facebook page, it only makes sense to have this app to help you sell more.
  • Photography: Just a simple app that lets you show off professional photography that you find creative or inspiring. You can Choose from thousands of great photographs, landscapes, portraits, historical moments, they are all there for you to show on your profile! You can show multiple images, random photos, or a slideshow!
  • Group Photo Album: With this app you and your friends can create group albums with all of your own photos.
  • Sketch Me: Just a simple app that gives your photo that computer animated sketched look.

And there is lots and lots more .. there has been some fascinating applications which are yet to be explored. Tell me which Facebook Apps do you like the most I will definitely add theme to my list.


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