10 Effective Ways To Become A Successful Writer

Writing is an art! Whether you’re writing for your blog or for your personal interest, creativity does the trick. Your writing is insignificant if nobody is reading it. Writing asks for true devotion and lots of practice. In fact at times it seems to be really nerve-wracking. Does that mean you have to be born gifted? No you don’t have to! Just do it!

When you go about writing you should know how to communicate your message effectively. Engaging the interest of the reader is of utmost importance. Creative writing can be really a challenging job, definitely not impossible. There are innumerable key elements that go into creating a successful writing. Much importance is laid to the content. Before you finally sit to write down, you should know well as to what can help make your readers enjoy your write up and stick around.

Shake off your need to write flawlessly, don’t compare yourself to other writers and follow the steps pinned below. Taste your writing! As a writer, you grow with every piece you write. Here are 10 effective ways to become a successful writer. No matter what level of writer you are, these suggestions will help you become a good writer.

1. Put your heart: One of the greatest skills you as a writer can develop is, write from the heart or I must say put your heart in. Write for yourself, write for your readers. Enjoy writing! If you write just for the heck of it, you’re sure to come up with a dull piece of write up. Write in a way that comes naturally.

2. Reading is the fuel: If you want to be a good writer, you have to be a good reader. Learn from the great writers and there is no harm in emulating them. It’s the only way you can find your voice. You can’t be a good writer if you don’t read. Try to read as much as you can. Pick up books that you feel fascinated with, even those you don’t like! Why read what you don’t like. I suggest this, for you never know what you might get out of them. Just read as much you can!

3. Write daily: Write, write and write! Writing is just like everything else. The more you write, the better you turn out to be. If you’ve a blank screen in front of you why not write. Just give it a start! Let your fingers just go about typing. Write anything you want to! Choose any topic and flow with it.  You’ll keep wondering how your creative juices just let you move on and stuff keeps pouring out of you.

4. Simplicity is the key: Keep it simple. Pretend you’re having conversation with your friend and write just like that. Simple language, easy words, short crispy sentences do the trick. Write in any format but keep it simple.

5. Planning: Yes, I agree that you should just go about writing in a flow but when it comes to writing for your blog, you gotta go about with certain planning. You should choose your topic well in advance and plan you schedule. If you go about writing a blog post without planning, it might not turn out to be a good write up. While writing for your blog, you should know what your readers want. Planning or thinking before you finally sit down to write is actually helpful. Bit of brainstorming can help you come up with a great blog post.

6. Avoid distractions: If you’re writing with multi-tasking or in the place where there is a noise, you’re sure to be distracted. Some say, even music distracts but I love writing with some mellow music playing softly. When you start writing, turn off emails, IM notifications, cellphone, your phone or anything you think would distract you. Hey, don’t waste much time on removing these distractions for it’s your writing time and devote as much time you can just to writing!

7. Research as much as you can: Excellent writing is rooted deeply in good research. Surf as much net you can before you start to prepare the final draft. You gotta have good knowledge of the topic you’re writing on. If you don’t research well, or you’re not well versed with the topic, your writing is waste. Your readers won’t get the clear ideas as to what you want to convey through your writing. Use net effectively and efficiently. Well researched write-up is sure to be loved by the readers.

8. Play with words: Lemme be clear with what I mean to say. You will end up with a great piece of writing if you know how to use the words effectively. Good vocabulary is always welcome, in case you come up with words that you don’t know; don’t feel shy of looking it up in the dictionary. Use the thesaurus! Right click on a word to use the thesaurus. Do it time and again on the new word and make the best use of your vocabulary.

Seeking out vocabulary building exercises and doing whatever else you can think of can help you increase the number of words you have at your disposal. Rest is your skill of playing with them! This doesn’t mean your article should be full of unnecessary words. Avoid wordiness and use just the words that you think would be apt for leaving an impact on the readers.

9. Proof read & Edit: Laurell K. Hamilton, the author of the wildly popular Anita Blake series once rightly said that “70% of a first draft is garbage and 30% is gold’” So, so true! Editing is the part of writing. You’ll just end up fooling yourself if you think that you can write a piece once and you’re done. Proof read your article, edit it and then compare it with the first draft; you’ll notice the difference yourself.

We tend to make careless mistakes and this definitely can cost you a job by ruining a good piece of writing. Many people hate revising but a good writer should develop the habit of revising. Go back over everything! Look for grammar and spelling mistakes, remove unnecessary words check if your write up is in flow. In short, publishing a post without rechecking is not ideally correct.

10. Readability : Talk to your readers! They enjoy writing that’s conversational, not wordy, simple, original and easily scannable.  If you use tricky words in quest to make your write up extraordinary, it will be a total failure. Write in simple, readable and a manner that makes the readers feel as if you’re talking to them. Write naturally, write creatively.

To conclude, there are no hard and fast rules to successful writing, but applying the helpful hints listed above will ensure you develop the art of writing.


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  • To summarize your entire article the best tips to become a successful writer is to: research the topic you are writing about, learn from the best, practice your writing skills daily and keep it simple. I would like to add the most important factor – be original.

  • Dan

    I have to admit that practice can help a lot, but also i find very important to read as much as possible in order to gain a vocabulary and a personal style…or at least this is what my teacher told me.

  • Kevin M.

    Great tips. The one that resonates the most with me is “reading is the fuel,” I get a lot of my post ideas from things that I am reading.

  • Bittu

    Not only a good writer, but a good creative writer too. Eg – Think,If you are writing an article about Windows 7, this is good writing option and if you write about How to take ownership of Windows 7 and How to install Windows dreamscene in Windows 7 etc. This is called creative writing. Here creative is “Taking Ownership and Windows dreamscene”. There are many ways to write an article in another way of creativity writing is, ask them a question like What is X3 Player?,second, answer the question and and third explain that in a brief. That’s it you are now a good and creative writer and followers are on your way. Thank you!

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    good tips for content writers

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    I always have trouble selling content writing services to clients. They say things like, how much effort could it possibly take to write a page.
    I explain to them it takes an educated writer, he has to research the subject, write for the search engines, write in a persuasive to humans fashion and someone else has to proofread his or her work.
    They often answer with things like, well, don’t do all that, just write some stuff. Very frustrating!

    Maybe I’ll point them to this article now.

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    I suppose I would have gotten more out of this article if it had been better written. Talk about stating the obvious!

    “When you go about writing you should know how to communicate your message effectively. Engaging the interest of the reader is of utmost importance.”

    Geez, what a bunch of lightweight crap.

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      try to appreciate a piece of work. you ll become a successful writer. if you think its a crap, y dont u write abt the same subject. lets see how gud you are.

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    “Look or grammar and spelling mistakes, remove unnecessary words check if your write up is in flow. ”

    Oh, the irony… Look for grammar and spelling mistakes… and you put or… too funny

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