Best JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries in 2015

Although this list of Best JavaScript Frameworks is for Web Designers, but Web Developers and programmers can also rely on it. JavaScript framework is a pre-written JavaScript code that helps in the easier development of applications based on JavaScript. JavaScript had its several version and is known as JavaScript libraries, and it reduces the effort to write the same code of line frequently. You need just to modify the code, according to your requirement.

To reduce your efforts, we are sharing best javascript frameworks & libraries that are available for developer world with different functionalities and scope of work. To use these JavaScript frameworks one must have good knowledge of the coding language like HTML & CSS so that you can find the best suitable script for your next web development project.

Best JavaScript Frameworks

This list contains the finest, the top and the best JavaScript frameworks that I have personally experienced while doing jobs for my cliental. I am sure, you going to find some good unknown JavaScript Frameworks here and you can explore more in time, as we will be adding more time to time, after testing.


Extract prominent colors from an image. Vibrant.js is a javascript port of the awesome Palette class in the Android support library.

Screenshot of Vibrant.js site

T3 JavaScript Framework

screenshot of t3 javascript framework

T3 has a multi-facet function, it managed modules, services and behaviors that enable ti to build a scalable JavaScript front-end. It goes with its tagline which says T3 is a minimalist JavaScript framework that provides core structure to the code.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 8.32.16 pm

D3.js is a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data. D3 helps you bring data to life using HTML, SVG, and CSS. D3’s emphasis on web standards gives you the full capabilities of modern browsers without tying yourself to a proprietary framework, combining powerful visualization components and a data-driven approach to DOM manipulation.


Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 12.12.50 pm

Do you need to query large JSON structures? Do you end up coding loops to parse the JSON and identify the data that matches your query? DefiantJS offers a better way. DefiantJS extends the global JSON object with a “search” method that enables lightning-fast searches using XPath expressions.


backbone Js

Backbone.js gives a structured approach to web applications. It provides models, collections, and views and connect to all to your existing API. Here, the Models are the data that you can create, validate, destroy, and can save to the server. Backbone attempts to find the minimal set of data structuring and user interface. As a web designer, I consider this the most useful and best JavaScript framework till now.



Angularjs is among the most popular javascript framework. It extends HTML vocabulary for the application. This help you to develop the framework most suited to your application development. Each feature can be altered or replaced to suit your needs. Plus it’s supported by Google and they use it in many of their works as well, so one can trust AngularJS as a top JavaScript Framework.



AccDC is a free development resource for organizations, international businesses, and academic institutions. “Accessible Innovation” refers to the innovation of new technologies that automate the rendering of dynamic content to ensure accessibility for keyboard and screen reader. Reliable and consistent interaction designs is provided by the AccDC Technical Style Guide



Ember’s main features are its data binding. Ember can bind different properties to each other. If the property changes then the object gets the changes as well, keeping the objects in sync. Its other ability is to define functions on an object that has considered as a property. It also has more traditional controllers. Views provide you ways of attaching individual buttons or links to Ember controller actions



Spine is a lightweight JavaScript framework. Using SpineJs developers can make excellent javascript MVC applications. Model View Controller ( MVC ), is at the heart of Spine applications. It has Asynchronous interfaces. The Components are Spine, Extension Modules, Spine Mobile,, and Hem.



Knockout simplify JavaScript UpLinks by using the MVVM pattern. The key features are declarative Bindings, Automatic Ul Refresh, Dependency Tracking, and templating.

Ample SDK

Ample SDK

Ample SDK is an open source GUI framework, and it aims to simplify cross-browser web application development. The key features are SVG in Internet Explorer 5.5-8.0, Cross-browser XUL (desktop-like UI), Extensible SDK architecture and Custom Web Components.



 Batman is written in CoffeeScript. It is advisable to use CoffeeScript as the code will look much cleaner in it. It is in typical MVC pattern.



Agility.js is MVC library for javascript. You can write reusable and maintainable browser code without any overheads. Agility supports Javascript,  style (CSS), content (HTML),  and behavior (JS) .



CanJS is easy to learn and small framework, it helps you to develop applications in fast and simple way. CanJs is a javascript library, and its modern features include custom tags and 2-way binding.


Sammy.js is simple and modular web javascript framework. API is developed keeping in mind that it should be easy to read and understand. Sammy.js encourages good application design with proper encapsulation



The MVC framework for JavaScript applications. The model contains domain data, and a view can have a child look. The controller decides the action to be taken when a user interacts. It has three core design patterns of MVC.



Snaks is a simple and small JavaScript library. This is recommended for small projects, and it is not suitable for complex, cross-browser web apps.



Atoms.js is a JavaScript library and framework, and it provides Web template system and  UI data binding. It inspires from Microsoft Silverlight and Apache Flex. It majorly uses  HTML instead of code. It has good reusability.



Stapes is well designed, simple, flexible and light javascript framework, It is ideal to use on a mobile site.



Sencha Ext JS is a remarkable app in the industry. It has a class-based architecture and rich data package. It provides solutions for desktop, tablets and touch-based devices as well. It has robust user interface library.


Epitome is built out of Events and MooTools Classes. It is a small modular open-source MVC* framework. You can create pure controllers out of MooTools Classes.



cupQ is an easy to use cross-border JavaScript framework. It allows manipulation  and querying of HTML DOM documents. Using cupQ, working with HTML DOM is now very easy.



Feathers is a light weight web application framework, one of te most popular web frames for NodeJS. Various NodeJS real-time libraries are used to create RESTful web services and real-time applications using SocketIO.



Soma.js is a simple and lightweight javascript framework. It is used to create web applications, server side applications with node.js, mobile applications and so on.

So, did you like these best JavaScript Frameworks? If you have any other framework that you feel can be in this list, please feel free to add a link in comments below.


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