totallee makes super thin and sleek iPhone cases

totallee makes super thin and sleek iPhone cases
Jaspal Singh   August 12, 2016 Design

If you have an iPhone, you probably want to protect it, which means investing in a case. You look around but everyone seems to be making oversized, overpriced products that take away from the aesthetic of your device.

California based totallee has taken a different approach by exclusively offering thin, simple, and branding-free iPhone cases. They currently have 3 different models, priced at $19, that range in degrees of “thinness” to meet your specific protection needs:

totallee thin iPhone case collection

The Doberman

  • .06” thin
  • Smooth matte black TPU material that adds grip
  • Raised front lip to protect your screen

The Spy

  • .04” thin
  • Transparent TPU with grippy, gummy texture
  • Thin profile and invisible material shows off your iPhone’s design

The Scarf

  • .02” thin
  • Semi-translucent polypropylene material with a brushed finish for added grip
  • Super thin profile
  • Available in black, white, grey and navy blue

In addition to thin iPhone cases, totallee offers an excellent 90-day warranty policy and excellent customer service. They really care about detail: each case they ship out includes a card, signed by the individual who inspected and hand-packed the shipment. They also offer free shipping to customers in the United States!

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