The New Accessories to lookout for

The New Accessories to lookout for
Harsh   October 15, 2016 Design

Around 65% of adults in the UK now possess a smartphone as per the report made by Ofcom and there is an increasing number of useful and necessary accessories available for them.

Here in this article, we present you a new collection of next-gen accessories which makes smartphone experience way to good.

1. Fitbit

Price: $193

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When it comes to active users, it has 9.5 million users, and its penetrating the market way too fast. Fitbit is a quite handy activity monitor which you can strap on your wrist.

This device allows you to keep information of your workout and also track your training along with necessary stats related to performance and heart rate.

Its recent update comes with colour touchscreen LCD display.


2. Rebecca Minkoff Wristlet Wallet

Price: £29.99

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Now you don’t have to buy a purse and case for your phone, all you have to do is by this wristlet wallet. It comes in various color such as watermelon or chic black along with a durable and secure place for your smartphone. It also has slots for cards and cash. It comes with a wrist attachment which means you don’t have to put it into your pocket every now and then.


3. Virtual Reality Viewer

Price: $69.95

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We all know that virtual reality is in the future and there is quite a selection of various Pocket VR viewers available in the market.

The Speck Pocket VR viewer has created a lot of buzz. This device is made up of durable plastic which also makes it ultra-thin. This device is foldable and even smaller than iPhone. One of the most salient feature is its case which offers great content at a very reasonable price when compared to other similar devices present in the market.


4. Bragi The Dash – Go wireless

Price: £249

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Even if its price may cause some worry, one should keep in mind that Bragi The Dash comes with a pair of wireless earbuds which also comes with three important features. It can not only work as a smartphone accessory, but it also allows answering calls with one single tap and muting the rest of the world. It is also a music player which streams audio from your smartphone or store up at most 1000 songs all by itself.

It also consists of in-built fitness tracker which monitors your heart rate, duration, calories and many other stats. It can recharge on the go and also has an in-built microphone which assists you to keep in touch.


5. Anti-Loneliness Ramen Bowl

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Although it isn’t hi-tech, it’s a great solution to current problems such as eating in front of your TV with your phone in one hand. This innovative invention comes from award-winning designers placing an in-built phone dock present at the front along with place to put any kind of food in this bowl.


6. Pocket Selfie Stick

Price: £7.99

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The Kitvision‘s Wired Pocket Selfie Stick is quite reasonably priced, has lightweight and comes with extendable stick, which is easy to store. It is perfect for shows and other gigs.


7. Bluetooth Speakers

Price: £169.99

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The JBL Pulse 2 Bluetooth Speaker not only provides impeccable and clear sound, but it also provides an interactive light show too. This is one heck of the accessory for amplifying your smartphone.


With this, we end our list of cool accessories for your smartphone which will provide you a great experience along with mobility and style. Just try these accessories and venture a whole new world. Don’t forget to post your views and suggestions in the comment section below.

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