20 Best And Highly Useful jQuery Tutorials For Designers And Beginners

jQuery has lots to offer for a Web Designer. With a little knowledge of copy-pasting you can now create some wow effects in mins. All you need is a good step by step tutorials that can make you feel like a professional Web Desinger.

So without wasting much time, lets see what you can create with jQuery and how powerful it can be to spice up your next project.

Jquery PhotoSlider With Small Thumbnails And Auto Play-Pause Feature

Demo | Tutorial

Jquery Slider Gallery As Featured Area on

Demo | Tutorial

Creating a Jquery Floating Menu Like on Mashable Share Buttons

Demo | Tutorial

Jquery Tutorial for Creating An Books Widget

Demo | Tutorial

Animated Drop Down Menu with jQuery

Demo | Tutorial

Creating a jQuery Fading Menu

Demo | Tutorial

Jquery Tutorial for creating a Google Maps Mashup

Demo | Tutorial

Jquery Tutorial for Making iGoogle drag-drops with Dynamic Edit Features

Demo | Tutorial

How to load Animated Content with jQuery

Demo | Tutorial

Creating OS Web Interface with jQuery

Demo | Tutorial

JQuery Tutorial for Creating a Virtual Tour

Demo | Tutorial

Clean Sliding Login Panel with jQuery

Demo | Tutorial

Jquery tutorial for creating Horizontal Accordions with click and hover mouse functions

Demo | Tutorial

Creating a Polaroid Photo Viewer with jQuery

Demo | Tutorial

Fluid Smart Columns for Any page Size with Image Dynamic Image Resizing

Demo | Tutorial

Create A Unique Gallery with jQuery

Demo | Tutorial

jQuery tutorials for Animated Curtains like in Cinema Halls

Demo | Tutorial

Simple jQuery Spy like Digg Spy for creating effect like article Roll Overs

Demo | Tutorial

Creating A  Online Keyboard with jQuery

Demo | Tutorial

jQyery Sliders and Collapsible Sidebars as seen on

Demo | Tutorial

Hope you have enjoyed the post as much as I did putting it together. We would love to see more cool effects from your collection or favorites, so do share with us your favorite jQuery tutorials in comments below.


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    Nice collection :-)

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    These tutorials are really helpful to me, thanks for these!

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