HTML, Css, JavaScript are basic building blocks of a Web Page. A Web Designer needs to combine all these technologies to make a presentable site. This article is for those who wants to learn how to make a website, all the websites listed below have very accurate information and you can easily learn web designing step by step.

So sit back and enjoy most popular and step by step tutorial websites that can turn you into a web designer for sure.


W3Schools is the most popular among these, every article of there’s is almost accurate and they also provide simple examples to define the tutorial. HTML tutorials are very finely created and a definite  amount of demos are provided to understand the concept behind.


WebDevelopersNotes offers free web programming tutorials and tips on HTML, JavaScript, Flash, SQL, web graphics, web hosting, web promotion, email programs (Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail), web master resources, web development articles, internet basics and much more!



Web Design Library is committed to Provide in-depth analysis of the events most pertinent to the web design world, Giving its readers a behind-the-scenes look at the people, companies and events making headlines, Advancing the web design industry’s most comprehensive view at what’s hot, what’s not and what it all means.



Tizag was designed to teach beginner web programmers how to use HTML and CSS. They have a very helpful community and it can make your problems to solve in a snap.



Its a Network website of and as they are known for some very high quality content and genuine stuff they provide. You can find many useful tutorials in a well displayed format.



Quackit teaches beginners how to create websites. Teaching you the basics such as HTML and CSS. Advanced topics can help you add more features to your website.



Easy to understand explanations, massive examples, tips, smart workarounds and useful quick references. EchoEcho is a great resource for JavaScript tutorials.



Webmonkey is a free, public resource for web developers. Builders, designers and programmers like you — the people who know best — write the articles, tutorials, code snippets and other contributions.


Academic Tutorials

You will find over 100 programming language tutorials, lessons, and how-to’s. You can surf through the collection of free online tutorials or read postings in one of our forums. Just choose the language you are interested in learning in the left Side Bar.

Academic Tutorials

Msdn Microsoft

This is the place to learn about technologies like HTML, Cascading Style Sheets, and JavaScript. You’ll also take a feature tour of Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition, and become acquainted with Visual Basic and Visual C#. Finally, depending on your knowledge level, you may want to follow the Bits & Bytes series to learn computer basics.

Msdn Microsoft


Html lite tutorials are easy to understand and are for the common web page creator. The UI is not that great but you can see the quality of content and tutorials.



A well Designed and simple layout they provide very basic and information which is very high graded.



There goal is to provide the most helpful and complete guide to creating web pages anywhere. If you’re just beginning, start learning HTML here.



jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript.



You will find many high quality tutorials and articles dealing with some of the most popular and important issues and technologies surrounding web development. There are also tools to help you to develop your site, a huge image database, a directory of some of the best webmaster sites and ‘Ask The Webmaster’, a new feature which allows you to ask questions about web development.


I hope you have liked the selection of websites, i have made above. Do tell us your views and any website that has helped you learn the art of Web Designing.


  1. All those websites can make me a Web Designer? Can you show me the websites that can make me dinner, I’m kinda hungry.
    .-= Jason´s last blog ..Everything You Wanted To Know About DOCTYPE =-.

  2. I would say HTML dog should be in that list. It was a great help when i started learning html and css. Thanks for the other links though will have a look.

    • To say the truth I am very impressed by what you told. You share tons of interesting info, neat and excellent design you’ve got here. It’s certainly one of the most informative stuff on this topic I’ve ever read.

  3. Some old favorites I hasn’t visited in a while… may seem a little outdated…
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  4. Well…maybe and maybe not.

    I think this is an impressive list and it does point beginners in helpful and educational directions…but…will these sites make you a good web designer? I think they’ll give you a start.

    Web design is more than just technical tricks and knowing where to find the flashiest templates and plug-ins. It’s design after all. If it was something you could just pick up from online lessons and e-books we wouldn’t need design colleges and graphic design studios. Anybody could do it.

    Now I know I’m being nit-picky and all ‘grumpy old man’, but it just rubs me the wrong way when I meet some ‘designers’ who read a book once (or a website) and decide to hang out a shingle. I mean, if it’s so easy, why did I bother getting a degree?

    OK – tantrum over. Interesting list, and a good start. Don’t worry savedelete, we’re still BFF.

  5. Those listed above are great resources for web development, and I remember very fondly spending hours and hours each day on Web Monkey. However, the key to a good website is knowing your audience. Once that is firmly established, the contents, layout and design will follow instinctively.

  6. Those are some good tips. Personally I’m a BIG fan of W3Schools as well. I’d like to tip some personal websites as well, such als or These are weblogs of highly regarded webdevelopers. It can be really useful to list those as well, right?

  7. Hi

    Good list.. I’ve been developing sites for years and still refer to W3Schools for some CSS parameters that I forget.

  8. Great article! I would like to hear from individuals who have used the above applications? I am just beginning to consider do my own website just for personal thrill, but which application do I use to assist in the development?

  9. excellent resource this list in this article, weldone guys.
    yea, i would add too such a great markup reference library in comparison with w3schools for example.

  10. I’m not using A List Apart and few others, echoecho instead makes my job lot easier, same if w3school. Overall, a great list, lots of good tutorials and stuff for designers.

  11. Great list for beginners and even intermediate developers. I remember the good old days when all we had for design assistance was web monkey and a tattered copy of the latest O’reilly tome. Amazing how fast the business has changed – and expanding in some many new directions!

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  13. Nice links! I would definitely recommend jQuery as well. Love the tutorials on it, though I have to be honest: I’ve recently bought some jQuery books and I’ve learnt much more from them. Just reading and trying out some code examples at the same time: works great for me.

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  17. some awesome resources there, webmonkey has always been my personal favourite. thanks so much for sharing :)

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  20. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, are basic building blocks of a Web Page. A web designer needs to combine technologies to make to All These presentable website. If you want to learn how to make a website, check this out.

    • It is nice to find a site about my interest. My first visit to your site is been a big help. Thank you for the efforts you been putting on making your site such an interesting and informative place to browse through.

      • Web Design Library is committed to Provide in-depth analysis of the events most pertinent to the web design world,Nice information, many thanks to the author. It is incomprehensible to me now, but in general, the usefulness and significance is overwhelming. Thanks again and good luck .

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  29. I am just beginning to consider do my own website just for my company, but I don’t know which application do I use to assist in the development?It is big challenge for me.

  30. A very nice list of places to learn some webdesign. One of the things these sites don’t teach is design sense – I see a lot of sites that have poor visual design – that is something you have to learn through experience or going to design school.

  31. This is great and a very informative information you have…Thanks for sharing, many people have a less knowledge about this. I believe sharing information like this is quite good for them.

  32. Thanks a lot for providing the great info is visible in this blog that to using the great technology in this website. I am very much happy for using the great services in this blog.

  33. W3Schools is my favourite. All the tools and tutorial are simple to understand and use. I am using it since last 6 years. MSDN is also a good source.

  34. Thanks nice list of places to learn some webdesign. One of the things these sites don’t teach is design sense

  35. Learning HTML and Javascript from W3Schools is a bit like learning cooking from a poisoner. The place is full of so many mistakes and bad examples it’s worse than useless. Take a look at W3 Fools for a full list of where they let things get horribly, tragically bad.

  36. I am in the process of learning website design and development. I have come across W3 Schools a lot, however, I haven’t heard or come across most of the others that you mention. The W3 tutorials are very good. I’d go as far as saying they are probably the best.

  37. i used to learn how to design website at webmonkey.
    they have very user-friendly navigation and easy understanding tutorial