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Best Smartphones Over Rs 30000 in India

Today I am going to take you in the world of mobile phones. However, I should say smartphones that are above Rs 30k in India. Indian market has seen too many devices that have flooded the market and now companies from China are also making a mark in the Indian market.

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The Best Gadgets of 2014

Three qualities that every buyer looks for in a gadget are – affordability, usefulness and efficiency. The beginning of the year 2014 was bombarded with newly launched tech gadgets. A plethora of new gadgets were launched across various categories in the market only to feed the addiction of gadget freaks and regular consumers.

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The Hottest Technology Trends for 2014

Perhaps the most dynamic agent of change in the modern world is Technology. Positive technological innovations promise e breakthrough but due to absence of generous investment, backdated regulatory frameworks and gaps in understanding, solutions to many pressing global challenges are left unanswered. Technology and innovations mostly have a positive impact in our lives. We have expectations from these in the upcoming years.

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Top 10 IT Jobs in 2014 with Excellent Payments

IT top management positions have a list of top notch payment packages, but recent survey tells a new story that nowadays other IT jobs are paying big handsome paychecks. Mondo, collected data on its annual placements, based on 4000 job placements in a year, Mondo is a company that do these type of things.

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Anyone’s and Everyone’s Marketplace

The Internet is a fountain of knowledge that provides information in all fields of study, while also offering you the chance to play games, talk to friends and family, or simply look at funny cat pictures. But more than anything else, it is a worldwide marketplace for goods and services of all kinds. It is both a sellers’ market and a buyer’s paradise. Thanks to the Internet, a giant corporation and a guy in his garage both have the opportunity to sell whatever products they create.
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Sony’s Alpha A7S, DSLT A77II and RX100 III are coming to India

The Cyber-shot RX1000 III is selling for Rs 54,990 whereas the A7s will be available from mid-July onwards for Rs 1,54,000. The DSLT A77 II will have three configurations: A77IIM with 18-135mm lens for Rs 1,04,990, A77II body only for Rs 84,990 and A77IIQ with 16-50mm lens for Rs 1,14,990.
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Highlights of Evolution of Cell Phones : A Video

Some seventy years from now it was a prestige to see someone carrying a 25-pound portable phone on his back. The lords might have had to hire someone to carry the equipment for him. Moreover, it had a very-limited range of 5 miles. Fast forward and see what we have now in our pockets. A smart phone with a world of features associated with it.
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