Everything You Need To Know About Using And Customizing Your Google Chrome Web Apps


From lifestyle to education, news and communication Google Chrome Web Store has an amazing range of cool Apps for all the geeky nerds. All those who are continuously waiting for new stuff to make their nerdy experience more fun-filled and entertaining are surely surfing the net to get the complete knowledge of ways to use and customize these cool Apps. I recently came up … [Read more...]

25 Amazing But Free Google Chrome Web Apps You Should Try Out Now


All you tech savvy people out there surely know by now the latest offering by Google. You guessed it right! Google has lately launched its Chrome Web Store. It is one-stop shop for chrome web apps that are available for both free and paid. If you’re excited enough to know what will the Chrome Web Store. How is it like? What it has in store for y’all? If these kind of questions … [Read more...]

20 Best Free Sites To Send And Receive Large Files Securely


Online file sharing is a great concept in today's world where everything is turning into cloud technology be it music, Cloud OS, Chrome app store etc. It helps you to store information digitally available to everyone you want in any part of the world. Everyone is spending their most of the time sitting next to computer rather than working in the market. So, you have two … [Read more...]

How To Get The Newly Revamped Facebook Profile Page Today


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and its team of developers day before yesterday unveiled a new design for the Facebook profile page. The main fundamental thought of changing the profile page is to make it easy for Facebook users to find information of friends you really care about in a visually interesting way. According to Facebook, you new profile begins with a quick summary … [Read more...]

Top 7 Free Twitter Tools To Track People That Stopped Following You


Twitter - known for the best micro-blogging platform from quite a long time. Everyone seems to love update their status and useful links on Twitter. Personally for me, it's a platform where I share my thoughts and quality information with my friends and followers. Twitter is basically balance between your updates, gaining followers and understanding your importance on social … [Read more...]

15 Amazing Opera Extensions To Enhance Your Web Experience

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There were times when the web users had limited browser options like Internet Explorer to surf net. Today, from Mozilla Firefox to Chrome, Opera, Safari and many others there is a long list of web browsers to make a pick from. Making a choice of browser is not a difficult task if you know the cool features that make them stand apart from their pear group. Talk about one of … [Read more...]

11 Common Mistakes To Be Avoided For Successful Blogging

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Gone are the days when just the novelist, newspaper/magazine writers, authors were the blessed ones to have the platform to give shape to their ideas. Today, anyone who has the skill of writing and playing with words has the right platform. Each one of us is aware of the new craze that is sweeping around the globe. Yes, you guessed it right! I’m talking about Blogging. The … [Read more...]

A Complete Guide On How To Download Your Entire Facebook History

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Facebook - the most largest social networking website in the world. Everyone seems to have a account on Facebook these days and love to update status, upload photos, creating events, chatting with Facebook friends and much more. It seems that everyone is loving sharing the information with friends, family and others. Facebook recently introduced a new feature that allows you … [Read more...]

Top 5 Most Useful Video Channels For Learning Job Interview Skills


Finding a dream job nowadays is a daunting task due to recession period that we all faced some time before. But, time never be same and market is finding its pace slowly. Companies are again hiring fresh and experienced talents almost in every part of the world. There are chances that you are also looking for a job too and your application secured you the interview for the … [Read more...]