PC Shortcuts that are Heavily Useful

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Do you know with shortcut keys on your keyboard, every PC owner can save a lot of time? Like Printing can be done with simply going to your file menu and hitting the Print option from there, but if you use a shortcut like CTRL button and the letter P (CTRL+P) it can get you the same result. … [Read more...]

Earn Money Online by Using the Web Services at Swagbucks

Earn Money Online with Swagbucks

Before we start, I must tell you this article has no affiliate links or paid links, so it means I am not getting any money out of them. This article will give you popular options that can pay you by directly using the service or surfing the web. People in US will have a treat today as most of the services are made for them, but not all. … [Read more...]

Best Youtube Downloaders – Free Ways to Download Videos

best youtube downloader

Watching videos online is one of the most popular activity now a days. Everybody has a specific type of website on which he or she watch videos frequently. The most common websites being YouTube, MetaCafe, Dailymotion, Veoh, Vimeo, Break, Collegehumor, Facebook etc. But watching videos online can be a little harder, if your internet connection speed is not up to the mark. … [Read more...]

How to Speed Up Smartphones like Galaxy S5 Considerably

Galaxy S5, Nexus 5 and HTC One M8

There is major performance improvements that can be applied in Google's latest Android KitKat software. There are many best androids apps that to claim increase in speed, but this is something else. The success of this performance is well seen through a number of Android powered smartphones such as HTC One M8, LG G3,  Galaxy S5, Nexus 5, and Galaxy Note 3. … [Read more...]

Use VLC to get more from YouTube Even Skip Ads

youtube videos through VLC

Watching YouTube videos using VLC Media Player gives lots of options to you. You can skip adverts on youtube, keep videos on top, control playback speed, solve syncing problems, and loop your favourites. Its good if you already have VLC Media Player, but if you don't have just download and Follow the following points to find out how. … [Read more...]

10 Places for Powerpoint Template Free Downloads

powerpoint template

A PowerPoint template doesn't simply provide the slide background designs for our presentations. In addition, a template file can contain other presentation style aspects, including specifications for the type and size of bullets and fonts, placeholder sizes and positions, and color schemes. To keep you updated with making presentations for your business and personal work, we … [Read more...]