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45 Creative Handwritten Fonts For Free Download

The creative juices of web designers never stop flowing and it’s their creative bent of mind that forces them to come up with something new and unique. Logo and web designing are the creative areas that give the utmost importance to the fonts. In shaping up the entire vision of the web designer, fonts play the major role

We have to admit that there are infinite fonts floating over the net. Digital, cool, gothic, abstract; you name it and you have plenty of choices in front of you. Put the keyword in the search engine and you find the whole lot of different type of fonts. In-fact, there is a big ‘font pool’ to pick and choose from. Problem arises when you have to choose one for yourself.

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15 Must Have Firefox Add-ons For CSS Developers

Mozilla Firefox is always been no.1 choice for web developers because on the compelling reason, i.e., it has a large collection of add-ons that are free to use, easy to install and work right inside the browsers. These awesome Firefox add-ons makes your browser more efficient and also helps you to do your designing and developing projects easier.

It is also very popular among the CSS developers. CSS helps developers to create beautiful and attractive webpages. There are loads of add-ons that CSS developers use to save their time and make developing much easier. Continue Reading →

7 Collaborative Online Diagramming Tools to Draw any Diagram

A few days ago a one of my friend asked me to recommend some online diagramming tools if I know. But only tool I new about is the diagramming options available on Microsoft Office. But it has limited features and can access by only one person to my knowledge. Based on my research I found diagram drawing tools that are collaborative and access from any where.

Though these tools you can draw, edit, save and share your diagrams like flowchart, network diagram, wireframe, Organizational charts etc. Most of them have free basic option or free trail that you could use and experience these tools.

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27 High Quality And Creative Fonts For Free Download

Every month or two, we look around for fresh fonts and present them to our readers. A month back, we compiled list of free high-quality fonts which are appreciated by our readers.This time we are again to provide you an incredible selection of fresh fonts that are absolutely free to use and will save lot of your time.

The fonts listed below are beautiful, creative and some are experimental fonts that are designed by various professionals. These designers really love to share their work and it will be great that you show some love to the designers by commenting below. And if you have designed any free font which you want to showcased in our future posts, feel free to link us in the comments section below.

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9 Badly Designed Websites To See What Not To Do As A Designer

Designing a website may be easy for some, but its a tough ask if you are rookie. On internet we always come across tons of websites which are pretty bad in shape, color and overall content.

Today we have gathered some of the most badly designed websites which can be avoidable while surfing. Some of these websites are worst in color schemes and others are having horrible typography. Continue Reading →


15 Fresh And Awesome Adobe Photoshop Tutorials of July 2010

Adobe Photoshop tutorials – best companion for designers and professionals to learn new effects and brush up their skills. Every professional use Adobe Photoshop to create various cool effects and I believe it is one of the best graphic design software available in the market at presently.

I think that most of the designers use Adobe Photoshop that helps them to complete the work before deadline and also helps to achieve astonishing level of designing. But achieving the best from Photoshop is not an easy task for designers. Thanks to loads of Photoshop tutorials available on the internet to create stunning effects for various design projects related to print media, web designing and multimedia.

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40+ Most Artistic Examples Of iPad Finger Painting

Apple iPad is currently one of the most hottest device in latest trend which succeeded in grabbing a decent amount of attention from technology sites, users, reviewers etc. Apple iPad is discussed, debated and reviewed all around the globe. Some says that it is revolutionary product in the history of tablets while some don’t think like them.

But, we are not here to debate the success of Apple iPad so far. Let’s agree on a fact that there are a large community who loves Apple iPad while there are also many people.

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Five Tips for Creating Print Designs

Many freelance graphic designers will accept jobs for both print and web design. Naturally, there are many areas where education, software, and skill sets will overlap.

However there are also some fundamental differences that can help your print designs for materials such as color business cards, tickets, and related items prosper. Here are Five Tips for Creating Print Designs. Continue Reading →


20 Highly Useful Photoshop Text Effect Tutorials For Designers

Adobe Photoshop is the one of the best graphic design software available in the market and I believe that mostly every designer use Photoshop to create awesome effects. Photoshop allows designers to convert their imagination or concept into self explanatory graphic.

Well, there is no limit when it comes to designing in Photoshop. For example, Photoshop text effects are very useful technique to create mind-blowing design effects. But designing mind-blowing Photoshop text effects is really very difficult task for designers. That’s the reason, designers always look online to find online tutorials to take help and inspiration.

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