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25 Best Websites For Downloading Free Html/CSS Templates

25 Best Websites For Downloading Free Html/CSS Templates

Today is this post I am gonna share 25 Best Websites through which you can download free beautiful HTML / CSS Templates. These templates can make your life easier by providing good designs which are compatible with almost all browsers.

You will find Download links on every website with some details about the templates layout type, color schemes, table format or pure CSS etc. If you are comfortable enough in editing the simple HTML / CSS files then you can come up with your own fresh design which you can be proud of.

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Placing a div over Flash or Content over a embed object

This Post Idea was given by my good friend : Hiren Pandya

In my ongoing project, there was a problem with placing the content, div tag or a menu over a flash file. Let me make you see what was the exact problem.

In above picture you can see the red circle where the drop down menu is open and is falling behind the Flash Player with an video streaming.Continue Reading