5 Biggest Differences in WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

5 Biggest Differences in WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

Choosing between WordPress.com & WordPress.org can be hard for some people, but its not that of a rocket science. Before you begin to make a blog for yourself, you have to understand what the real difference are there in between the two.

For some people, like newbie and starters it may come like a surprize that there are two types of WordPress, even if you know that, but don’t understand what the real difference is, then this post will help you understand better.

We have made this post to simplify the needs and demand of this WordPress community. Make sure you spend little time to clear all your doubts, because when you begin your quest there’s no turning back.


WordPress.com vs WordPress.org

If still have problem deciding which platform you want to choose, here is another article we wrote previously on best blog sites, for more information and clarification.

First – For starters there is no need for any investment.
First – Registering your domain & hosting is prime requirement.

Second – Apart from hassle free start, you get spam protection, auto backups, updates, and free plugins that do wonders.

Second – Update it, keep backups and install and try plugins at your own risk.

Third – 200+ themes to choose from.
Third – Many options available as far as themes go, upload any, edit it as per your needs.
Fourth – Ads cannot be removed in free version, but by paying $30 yearly, you can remove them.
Fourth – No ads, instead you can add ad code from adsense and other advertising as income stream.
Fifth – Premium themes are payable, you cannot edit themes for free, give another $20 for extra storage and $60 for video blogging.
Fifth – Use of theme frameworks and better SEO management can lead to good exposure and growth.

Apart from all the difference you need to understand the need of the hour, what is your goal? Are you opening a blog for fun and entertainment purposes or for a company, business and sales.

My advice would be to open a blog on WordPress.com for starters and newbie and then convert into WordPress.org format, yes its possible and you get to learn a lot when opening on a free platform.

So my advice would be to open a blog with a platform that can make you learn about this new venture you are about to start, as blogging has tremendous potential and one can earn living out of it.

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