Make a Blog with PHP Script

WordPress is a blogging platform, built on PHP language, it has a database that runs with MySQL. So, you need a web hosting environment to run a script. script is free to download – and you can even modify it and sell it to others as its Open Source.

To get this WordPress script to run you need a web hosting environment, and there are thousands of options available. The most popular being – Bluehost, Hostgator and Godaddy. I recommend Bluehost from these three.

Now if you don’t want to get hosting from Bluehost which would cost your around $3.95 a month, you can get my own hosting which I provide as a service. I will be managing your domain, hosting and WordPress. Everything from setup to transfer will be free of cost and we only charge half of what is Bluehost is offering.

Right now we offer $2 per month hosting for 1 domain, you only need to contact us tell your requirement.

Unlimited hosting space, unlimited bandwidth, 3 emails and experienced support. This is the most cheapest hosting you will ever find.

We take payments via Paypal and we come with a 30-day refund if you don’t like the service. Only the domain name charge will be deducted and rest will be returned.

For those who are continuing with Bluehost we have a separate dedicated tutorial for them. Please read – How to Create a WordPress Blog with Bluehost.

In our next article we will be providing more info on the basics of WordPress and essential plugins that you should use on every WordPress blog.

In case you have any questions and comments, please leave them below in the comment section and we will be back with our support for you.

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