How To Increase Page Rank in a Proper Way

A website can now be created at a very low cost, new companies and established ones have a high competition in selling product or services.

With that Google having several paid results on top, will only make your listings in search harder than ever. Moreover, without paying Google for ads, I do not think you can be seen on the first page.

Below you will find some of best ways to improve your rankings and search engine traffic, by this article you will learn how to increase page rank on search engines in a proper way.

Content Relevancy

“Search engine rankings will always be affected by the quality content, if you write better, you will get up in the search engine.” Good content made for the intended user will help improve your site’s authority and importance.

Writing about a keyword is not that hard, you need to research on the topic, think how users need the info, use keywords 2-4 times in a page and using bold, italics, heading tags to highlight keyword in phrases. However, never overdo it. SEO should never be overly done, and content has to be user-friendly not made for Search engines only.

Regular updation of content

Search engine always prefers sites that are regularly updated and so the content of the page. Site’s relevancy will always be calculated with content’s freshness. So make it a habit to update your content.

Properly fill in Metadata

Title, Description plus Keywords in the <head> tag of any website will provide enough for search engine to consider adding you to the search. Nowadays CMS sites like WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Drupal, etc. has everything inbuilt you just need to fill in the details for each page of your website.

Proper link names

Click here and the link to it will not work and for a good search engine value you need write appropriate phrases and then point that to a proper destination.

Alt tags

They are used for both Images and Videos and can allow the search engine to locate the page you have added pictures and videos to.

Some resources that help you improve your search rankings in time.

How To Increase Page Rank in a Proper Way

73 Responses to How To Increase Page Rank in a Proper Way

  1. hello Jassi…..what ever u provided in “How to Get a Page Rank 3 in less than 1 Month”.is really not useful for anyone…you must need to share some trikes to make any blog popular. noone will come again if you continue to making fool to your website surfer…..!!!!

    • Hello Arvind

      Yup i will definitely post some tips and tricks … just hang on a bit … for some starters try reciprocal linking with dofollow websites … DoFollow means the Link to your site will be followed.

      • Not many dofollow blogs there in the wild 😀
        .-= Read Taranfx¬¥s last article on his blog … What is Windows Azure =-.

    • Thanks for sharing the love with commentluv. I think it really encourages people to comment on your posts

  2. Great post man! i want the pagerank badly. thanks for the tip. I always thought why people use blogrolls in there sidebar. i think its clear now.

    Also there are many ad networks like Text Link Ad which provide a good money for selling the link to your site.

  3. are kuch tere blog me books ke baare me bhi to bata.
    har part ki le keval for example mene kal bataya tha ki movie download kane ki sites kon kon si h.
    aise sab ko bata ki book download karne ki site kon kon si h…

  4. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the fantastic work Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

  5. Thats really amazing – one month. What kind of places did you get those back-links? I mean the quality ones – is it all from friends ?

  6. I am really enjoying reading your well written articles. It looks like you spend a lot of effort and time on your blog. I have bookmarked it and I am looking forward to reading new articles. Keep up the good work!

  7. “simply mention my blog in one of your articles and i will reciprocate a link to you”

    No offence jaspal , but trying this can lead a ban on your blogs in search engines. Johnchow did the same trick for his blog and google took it as a spam activity and banned them for 6 months ….

    are you sure its an OK activity.
    .-= sharma´s last blog ..Top Blog SEO mistakes by newbie bloggers =-.

    • Hello Saurab

      Well i was not sure about that activity and i think i will learn that by experience … i feel the google matrix is hard to understand and why does he was again brought back in google search engine … did he removed the back linking thing ?

      • Interestingly my home page got less pagerank thank some internal pages. As you described they might have more back links than the home page.

  8. If there are 2 websites, Page A’s index page has a PR of 3, and Page B’s index page has a PR 5, yet both sites inner pages are all ranked 0 and you have a link on one of them…

    Sorry that was as clear as I could make it…

    • yes you have spotted it correctly… the backlinks will be more effective on a higher PR page .. if the inner page has lower PR then it will be lesser effective.

  9. That is impressive man PR3 is not easy in that timeframe. Look forward to reading about your tricks!

  10. why the obsession with pagerank serps is whatwe must target.

    but still backlinks are very powerful for that too

  11. I had my PR drop from 4 to 0…didn’t get a 301 redirect up in time when I switched my parked domain to my primary. Sort of took the wind out of my sails, after building good comment for years.

    Congrats on your acheivement. Nicely done.

  12. Thanks…very helpful. Trying to get my PR back to 3…it is at 0 after months of not posting. :(
    .-= DishtankDJ´s last blog ..Mondays with Mike V =-.

  13. Any tips on how you got your backlinks?
    .-= Andy´s last blog ..Directory Submission =-.

  14. How can it be ensured that the blog or site on which you are commenting is do follow
    .-= computer tricks´s last blog ..How to make sure your files doesn’t has a virus =-.

  15. Nice post! but if you have added some tricks it would a be great post.I comment on dofollow blogs to create back-links.

  16. nice info mate. I found an easir way of getting High PR but it’s tricking google I am not sure if it’s legit but it worked all my sites are now PR 3 because of that…

  17. I congratulate you not been a month that your site has such high ratings is really great. but How to Get a Page Rank 3 in less than a month “. it really is something difficult to achieve with anyone.
    I think the increase ranking depends very much on getting more Backlink
    Of course there have to optimize search engine is needed. I want this to happen to my company’s website. I hope these tips will help me and readers will work better for sites with high ratings in the shortest time. thank you all, keep this good work.

  18. Yes, i think it is very hard to get pr 3 in less than a month, because i had have a website and got pr 4 in 3 months

  19. One of my blogs is only a few weeks old and its got a pagerank of 3 so far. I’m leaving about 20 comments every day on related blogs.

  20. Hey it’s really containing most valuable information for such users who little behind the faster world, even it’s helpful for me too :p

  21. thanks jaspal for this information..hoping to see few more seo tips in your coming articles

  22. well jaspel i like your post but it is not all about strong or high page ranked do follow blogs but the content play the major role. i know blogs with traffic more than 20 k visitor per day with page rank zero> and they also have high position in Google

  23. I like your great article but it’s a great pleasure if you could tell me the ways you got all those backlinks.

  24. Great stuff, I hope i get google pr fast.
    Btw, i didn’t knew Pagerank is named after Larry page,
    Just thought i’d let you know, Panda is named after the engineer at google. Not joking.

  25. Can you please share the list of website that helped you gain pr 3 for your website or a list of do follow websites that can help increase page rank.

  26. It is kind of strange how google rank sites, I have a friend with 20’000 articles and his site is only a pr 2 but one of my sites has managed to achieve a pr 3 with only 1000 posts. Is content really king or is it more links?

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