How To Increase Page Rank in a Proper Way

How To Increase Page Rank in a Proper Way
Jaspal Singh   June 19, 2015 Blogging

A website can now be created at a very low cost, new companies and established ones have a high competition in selling product or services.

With that Google having several paid results on top, will only make your listings in search harder than ever. Moreover, without paying Google for ads, I do not think you can be seen on the first page.

Below you will find some of best ways to improve your rankings and search engine traffic, by this article you will learn how to increase page rank on search engines in a proper way.

Content Relevancy

“Search engine rankings will always be affected by the quality content, if you write better, you will get up in the search engine.” Good content made for the intended user will help improve your site’s authority and importance.

Writing about a keyword is not that hard, you need to research on the topic, think how users need the info, use keywords 2-4 times in a page and using bold, italics, heading tags to highlight keyword in phrases. However, never overdo it. SEO should never be overly done, and content has to be user-friendly not made for Search engines only.

Regular updation of content

Search engine always prefers sites that are regularly updated and so the content of the page. Site’s relevancy will always be calculated with content’s freshness. So make it a habit to update your content.

Properly fill in Metadata

Title, Description plus Keywords in the <head> tag of any website will provide enough for search engine to consider adding you to the search. Nowadays CMS sites like WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Drupal, etc. has everything inbuilt you just need to fill in the details for each page of your website.

Proper link names

Click here and the link to it will not work and for a good search engine value you need write appropriate phrases and then point that to a proper destination.

Alt tags

They are used for both Images and Videos and can allow the search engine to locate the page you have added pictures and videos to.

Some resources that help you improve your search rankings in time.