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Sony’s Alpha A7S, DSLT A77II and RX100 III are coming to India

The Cyber-shot RX1000 III is selling for Rs 54,990 whereas the A7s will be available from mid-July onwards for Rs 1,54,000. The DSLT A77 II will have three configurations: A77IIM with 18-135mm lens for Rs 1,04,990, A77II body only for Rs 84,990 and A77IIQ with 16-50mm lens for Rs 1,14,990.
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Highlights of Evolution of Cell Phones : A Video

Some seventy years from now it was a prestige to see someone carrying a 25-pound portable phone on his back. The lords might have had to hire someone to carry the equipment for him. Moreover, it had a very-limited range of 5 miles. Fast forward and see what we have now in our pockets. A smart phone with a world of features associated with it.
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10 Best Online Collaboration Tools for Project Handling

Many times a team of designers does not always work in the same place; they work in different locations for the same project, some may be working at home and the customer may be based outside the country. To ease this the collaboration tools are available in the market, it makes it easier and faster for designers to get feedback and approve artwork. They have a number of features often with tools to make simple annotations.
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10 Free Cloud Storage Services Having Tons of Features

Sometimes its life saver to retrieve the lost data from backup devices. To promote the idea of storing information safely, the online storage spaces are available in the market, we have made this top 10 list providing free cloud services. They are free as well as paid storage space where you can backup your files, store them, and it will sync them to all your devices automatically.
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10 Best Free Registry Cleaner for Your PC

The registry keeps your computer running, it guides the computer what to do when some event happens. While you use your computer for a long time, a large amount of unwanted and unnecessary information is gathered into the registry, this is due to installed softwares that are presently not in the computer but still there registry are there. The unnecessary registry gradually slow down your computer.
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