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7 Golden Rules of Starting a New Business

What are the golden rules of starting a new business? Or rather, the golden rules of succeeding with a new business?

Anyone who is planning to start a new business – be it startups or business owners who are planning to exit a business and start a new one, go through the same dilemma. What business to venture into? How to choose the right investment? What are the chances of success…?

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11 Free Web-Based Applications To Put Your Business Online

Technology is changing the way we communicate, our day to day work and how we are doing them every day. By the time I am writing this article there might be new app/ program launching to the web.

Google Chrome OS is a good indication on where we are heading in few years to come. “Chrome OS is for people who live on the web. It runs web-based applications, not legacy PC software.” Every business application you are using today will be available soon or later in the web as a web based application. If they failed to do so they will be definitely off the show within few years to come.

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