6 Wonderful, Top Hosted VOIP Providers in the World

If you are getting tired from managing multiple vendors, dial plans, complicated phone system protocols, or restrictive network solutions? Now you want a business phone system that will help you to just work. Moreover, that will help you, no matter the size, industry or need?

These business phone systems designed from the ground up to streamline the work of administrators and end users alike. If you want a solution to stop managing your phone system entirely and still, wish to maintain control and management. Then these Top Hosted VOiP Providers surely help you.

There is no installation and IT costs to the subscriber, and the system completely managed off-site. Moreover, there is an ability to monitor unique businesses and also micro-manage the phone systems through the web-based control panel. Hosted solutions are not only popular among small-sized companies but also to medium sized businesses. Also, help these businesses for taking their communications to the next level.

Top Hosted VOiP Providers are – Nextiva, RingCentral, Mitel, Vonage Business, 8×8, JIVE. Here are their reviews and some of their prime features.

1. Nextiva


It is a VOiP provider that gives you Unlimited Calling & Faxing facility. For this service, you do not need to change your existing phone number. It does not require any technical skills, and its Plug & Play. It has U.S. based tech support. Nextiva responds very quickly and has a good support, team. Its transition is flawless. Nextiva phone system is just like a lifeline for our business.

2. RingCentral


RingCentral Office is a cloud-based business phone. It helps to combine the facility of advanced call management, fax service and secure phone conferencing mobile apps. It works for both iOS and Android. It is full-featured IP phones, that will arrive at you with pre-configuration and ready for use.

RingCentral, helps you to added a lot more users than we had before, but still it costs you less than with the old systems. We receive great call quality and reliability with greater value. i.e. user-level access increased functionality, and the ability to manage the system from anywhere. Also, you will experience around 50% time savings.

3. Mitel


It is the market Leader in Delivering Cloud Business Phone Systems. It helps you to increase employee productivity, by connecting your workforce. It is simple to use. Mitel is a trusted Cloud Business Phone System by many companies around the world, including Cornerstone, Bancroft and many more. Mitel Cloud service will help you to reduce your communication costs by 40% each month.

4. Vonage Business


It helps you to deliver the most reliable and affordable phone service that will help your company to grow. It gives its service at low cost and low overhead. It has business-class features. It has reliable & easy to use features.

5. 8×8


8×8 is latest and reliable VoIP technology. It is suitable for all types of enterprise phone service needs. 8×8 is the only hosted VoIP phone service that provides you the facility of instant messaging as well as web conferencing. It saves Big Money and still gives the facility of the voicemail, local and long distance service. As you are getting everything from one provider so that you are saving up to 50% each month. It has a powerful capability of creating a lasting, professional impression with your feature-loaded IP phones. It is available anywhere. You can make and accept calls through your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or your computer with the help of 8×8 Mobile Softphone.



It is aVoIP phone service that is suitable for any-sized businesses. Jive’s Hosted VoIP saves money and time. It charges for extra features or add-ons. It set up a custom dial plan that will help you to match your business. By this service, you can call anywhere in the U.S. for free and can make international calls with affordable rates. You can send and receive free fax via emails and can use unlimited extensions.

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