5 Collaboration Tools to Turbocharge your Marketing Projects

The sheer number of tasks coupled with their pressing deadlines in marketing projects can add to the burden, disrupt planning and affect the quality of deliverables. Focusing on so many diverse areas like content, SEO, design, social media, press, public relations, etc. and coordinating and communicating with various departments and personnel is never easy.

Different versions of files and documents in circulation, conversations embedded in emails, unclear priority of tasks and other such things, can affect proper planning and management over such projects. Keeping everyone in the marketing team on the same page over a project when members are based in different locations is an uphill task.

Tracking progress of tasks performed by various members can be difficult. Problems get faced in trying to update clients about every new development taking place in the project. To address such concerns of teams, clients and others involved in marketing projects and to ensure that they remap in at top of things, enterprising solutions are needed.

Using online collaboration tools can drastically improve organization and planning in marketing projects and facilitate smooth collaboration among team members, clients and others. So everything goes as per the project plan, leading to quality and timely outcomes and appreciation flows in from all quarters.

We are listing here five online collaboration tools that will make management of marketing projects a smooth sailing.



This project management software enables centralized storage of all the communication associated with projects and meetings. So everyone involved in the project would be on the same page. Thus, thousands of emails going back and forth can be stocked at a single centralized location. This proves to be an asset for a marketing company. Project milestones and due dates can be assigned to team members, and members can track their progress from their cell phone. A variety of Basecamp apps is also available. Content marketing milestones can be correctly tracked through calendar and clients can be granted access to them. This will help to do away any confusion in the communication before, during and after the project’s completion.



Centralized approach in ProofHub enables better definition of marketing objectives, and these can be effectively shared, discussed collaboratively among team members. While tasks can be properly assigned through to-do’s list, timesheet helps to view tasks’ duration. So all of them can be easily glanced from a single dashboard. Long email threads can be eliminated. Calendar in ProofHub enables scheduling of important deliverables as milestones by defining a due date for each one of them. Members can connect with their projects on the go from their mobile and actively contribute in them. Its Gantt chart is quite useful in viewing progress made at assigned tasks. Once a task gets completed, members get notified about achievement of a specific milestone.



With this project management software, businesses are able to function in an organized manner which boosts their productivity. A business is able to smoothly collaborate with its team members and clients. Members are able to work harmoniously from remote locations. They are accountable for the tasks they perform. The need to conduct meetings regarding important matters gets significantly reduced. This saves time, effort and cost for a business. Tasks, projects, files and time get properly managed. Gantt charts help to accurately track progress achieved in projects. The access of members to various tasks, messages, comments, files, notebooks and other items in a project can be regulated through lockdown feature.



In Trello, a member working on multiple projects can start managing projects by creating a single column called “Big Projects” associated with cards that contain bigger and more complex projects. Inside projects, task lists can be created. So every task gets promoted as a new card during a day or week as the project gets executed. By creating a “Completed” column, a member can know what has been completed in a week. By limiting total number of boards, a member can better track his various columns and tasks from a single dashboard. Members can subscribe to specific boards or cards. Thus they will be receiving email updates as things change or at selected intervals. This helps to eliminate isolation at work and the projects continue to move in the right direction. Trello’s integration with Google Drive allows members to easily link and share Google Docs without bothering about hard drive space. Color coding of cards helps to identify urgency of tasks or project and know what is absolutely important at a given time.



Podio can be rendered simple or extensive as per the need. This tool is quite easy to follow. In Podio, everything gets categorized into “Organizations.” In its left sidebar, there are separate spaces listed. These are visible to only those team members who have been invited to join these spaces. Tasks can be better organized with this collaborative work tool. Team members can create and customize apps which enables them to systematically and flexibly execute their tasks. This is in turn improves their efficiency. They are able to attach files and make comments.

Through these online collaboration tools, marketing projects and tasks in them can be properly organized, planned and systematically executed. Effortless communication and collaboration among team members enables them to work in a flexible manner as well as enhance their productivity. So projects can be perfectly managed and delivered to the satisfaction of clients and stakeholders.

About Author: Kanika, a freelancer content writer who likes to delve deep into technology, tools and making people aware about utility of such aids through his informative write-ups. In her spare time she enjoys sketching, cooking, travelling and spending time with her family and folks.

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