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The word FAX is a known word to us. And today fax through internet is becoming quite familiar also. It is amazing to think in business today that one need to be able to send faxes and receive them but we don’t need a fax machine. All one need is an internet connected device and can send and receive faxes just like e-mail.

So now we can say goodbye to wasted paper and toner. No more jammed papers. It is fast, easy and convenient. It has also instant set up. There are the free online fax sites where you can take the privilege of free faxing such as, FaxZero, ScanR, PamFax, MyFax and PopFax.

Sending an internet fax works much like sending an attached document via e-mail, except that one can send it to a fax machine instead of a traditional e-mail address. It enables us to fax electronic documents between computers or to a traditional fax machine. All the scanned paper work including signed legal documents can also be sent.

Mobility and confidentiality: Send and receive fax from an e-mail account is a paperless communication, integrated with email. As all actions are done on the web interface it is quite free to move. And thus the service can be available from any computer connected to the internet. The faxes are received directly on the email account of the user. So the received faxes are therefore having less possibility to be lost or read by the wrong people.

Reduction in phone costs: A dramatic reduction in communication costs especially when long faxes are frequently exchanged with distant offices. And side by side no special software or hardware needed in this purpose. All the actions are done in the web interface on the account of the user.

E-fax benefits: The service provider map their fax number with the e-mail ID of the sender to receive faxes without having fax machine and devoted additional fax line. It can eliminate manual fax scuffle such as printing and walking to the fax machine. Sender can access, search and store fax messages from his e-mail inbox.

A special benefit like receive multiple faxes simultaneously sender’s fax number will never busy.

E-mail report confirming that the delivery of each fax sent is quite cleared.

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The service provider can sent SMS alert on the sender’s mobile in no time on receiving new fax messages. Hence there will be no need to check e-mails regularly for new fax. Sender can manage e-mail and fax communications and address from his existing desktop mail application. So he can excrete printing documents and the scuffles of manual fax procedures. It can be no need to retry every time on getting fax line busy. Good service providers re-attempted the failed automatically the failed transmissions.

Something to keep in mind: One will want to invest in a scanner so that sign, scan and fax legal documents. IT is because of online faxes are typically converted to PDF or TIFF file formats for transmission, it may not be easy to edit a faxed document on our computer. If our business correspondence requires a lot of back and forth editing, we might want to consider simply e-mailing the document instead. Unlike many e-mail services internet fax services can charge monthly fees and may limit the number of documents we can send and receive. One can easily add-up to five e-mail addresses that can send and receive faxes. Quickly configure user account information, including assigned fax number and type of fax plan with the online fax wizard.

There are many online faxing companies that offer different packages and prices. So do some inquiry to find the best provider for your needs. You may be charged monthly service fees and incoming fax costs.

Some personal computers have built- in- faxes that generally require phone lines to send documents. You also can fax via Bluetooth with some of these operating systems if your wireless carrier support the service. If you fax using Bluetooth ensure that your connection is secure before faxing any legal, private or other sensitive documents.

Business benefits: It is very useful in our business benefits also. It can do easy development and implementation for multiple locations and platforms and also company sides. And no need to say that it has a limitless capacity. IT combines the utility of fax with the ease of e-mail to meet the needs of individuals, small, medium and large business. The service provider provides open, flexible and configurable e-messaging solutions helping companies around the world to transform, manage their faxing needs. It helps aggressively reduce communication costs by offering them their services.

They focus on delivery services to business customers, including call-centres and IT companies. All kind of business persons including finance, insurance, pharmaceuticals, real-estate and so on can be benefited with this amazing service. There are other business benefits also. You have the ability to upload or manually enter fax lists that you can group fax in a single send operation. You may also use boilerplate text to make quick and professional-looking faxes with ease. With unlimited online fax storage you can keep records of all your faxes for personal, legal or tax purposes.

You also have the ability to create folders in your account to store your faxes. Each time you receive fax online, you can store your faxes in the proper folders and you can control the access for each folder making it possible to share your account with colleagues or associates and still keep some stored faxes private. Each fax online is stored and backup automatically .So with the Google provider, you’ll never have to worry about losing critical fax documents.

You may want at one time or another, to change some configuration settings in your account or setup up with the service or down. Or you may simply need to change the e-mail address through you receive your fax. Depending how such flexibility is important for you, you may want to check that with your fax service provider. Many services offer a money back guarantee trial period during which you evaluate the service and tie the bonds only if you are satisfied. This is an important factor to consider when signing for a service. Normally, if a service offers that it’s an indication of their confidence in offering something good. A good example is Public Key Encryption, whereby the provider allows you to upload your public key to their server, thus allowing all your fax messages to be encrypted using it.

Think of green: It is environment friendly. So, no more paper. It’s all stored digitally and one can print off what he need. This makes to e-mail a GREEN option to save of paper and help the environment.

So, let’s have a look at 5 most popular and free fax services used for sending as well as receiving fax from any computer—without clunky hardware.


FaxZERO lets you to send free fax instantly from your own browser interface. You simply need to enter your name along with email address, then enter receiver name along with fax number, attach the files you wish to send, type the text what you wish to come on the cover page and then click on send. That’s a complete 2 minutes procedure to send fax by using faxZERO.

With FaxZero, you can send free fax anywhere in Canada and the US (or numerous international destinations). You even can upload a PDF file or Word document or enter text for faxing. The free service also places an advertisement on cover page and it is limited to maximum of three pages per fax and up to two free faxes every day. If you require sending more than three pages, you then can send fax of 15 pages with the priority delivery option and no advertisement on cover page just for $1.99. This service is accredited by Better Business Bureau.

MyFax Free

It has a simple to use interface and permits you to send faxes through email or online. This online free fax service has simple integration with Microsoft Outlook and Office. You can send the documents to numerous recipients and store up an infinite number of faxes. The storage duration is restricted to one year. This online fax service provides numerous account-management features, counting password protection, auto-resend, toll-free and local fax numbers, and numerous ways to access the support. The fundamental fax service enables you to send 100 fax pages as well as receive around 200 pages before overage fee of 10 cents/page kicks in.

It accommodates those people who need higher levels of security with the SSL encryption and added data-encryption methods. This works with all fax machines, so there’s no requirement to worry regarding hardware compatibility. It offers delivery confirmation and lets you to schedule the faxes to send as well. MyFax Free supports fax sending for free to about 40 countries and it supports many more kinds of files than the other free fax services: Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and the image files. You easily can send about 10 pages together at once, with maximum of around 10MB for file size.


If you don’t have an advertisement on cover page, then consider GotFreeFax, which makes use of no-ad fax cover page and doesn’t add a GotFreeFax branding also to your faxes. You can send 3 pages in each fax and two free faxes every day. If you require sending more than three pages, GotFreeFax lets you to fax ten pages for about $0.98, twenty pages for about $1.98, and thirty pages for about $2.98; premium pay for each fax services also uses encrypted connection and offers priority delivery.

You can send as well as receive fax to Canada and U.S. using GotFreeFax free fax services. There is no requirement to install any applications; all the tools actually are provided on the single browser window. And all you need to do is to enter the sender’s and receiver’s information and contents to send the fax. They also offer premium pay for each fax services and Business/Premium prepaid fax services.


FaxBetter presents you a devoted toll free fax phone number for receiving 50 pages every month. The catch here is that you’ll require receiving one fax at least every 7 days in order to keep free fax number, in addition to fax-to-email services as well as OCR/searchable fax features is only 30 day trial; the FaxBetter stores 1000 pages on the site for you so as to access the faxes online. In case you don’t anticipate receiving faxes frequently and/or would want searchable faxes, fax-to-email, and 500 pages every month, FaxBetter account is available for $5.95 for a month.

eFax Free

It provides you more than even 4900 area codes in order to send as well as receive fax globally. eFax also offers you unlimited storage of data that you fax and lets you to retrieve past documents easily. You can send big files and can fax to multiple destinations all at once. It lets you to send as well as receive faxes using email from all around the globe and share big files such as images, videos, and sales presentations.

Its free plan offers you free of cost fax number for the incoming faxes that are delivered by email to you. You’ll require the eFax documents viewing software and that will be just limited to only 20 incoming faxes every month, however if you’ve light fax receiving requirements, eFax Free is an extremely helpful service. In order to change area code for fax number, receive even more than twenty incoming faxes, or even send and get faxes, you’ll require to upgrade to eFax Plus plan that is bit more expensive than average, at about $16.95 every month.

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