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10 Best Free WordPress Themes Of February 2012

If you use WordPress for blogging, you are probably already familiar with the importance of themes. The theme you select can totally change the look and feel of your blog, making it as attractive, interactive, and informative as you want. February brought with it a sizable crop of excellent WordPress themes.

Here I give you ten of the best themes released last month, that you can download for free. So take your pick from these awesome themes. No matter what sort of blog you have, I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that suits your needs perfectly!

1. Photolistic

Ideal for photoblogs, the Photolistic theme can showcase your pictures in the best light. With its clean texture and minimalist looks, it ensures that nothing distracts your viewers from your photos.

2. Castilia

The Castilia Theme is a bright and brilliant theme for general blogs. You can use the slider feature to draw attention to your latest or best articles. This theme is very widget friendly, so you can use all your favorite widgets on it.

3. Danko

If you operate a charity or a support group through your blog, Danko could be the ideal theme for you. The large cover picture can be used to highlight the people or animals you are trying to help, and the menus guide visitors efficiently, so that they have no doubt about how to contribute.

4. Illustrious

Illustrious is a great theme to showcase your services, if you are an online service provider or merchant. This theme is very easy to modify and customize to your requirements. You can use the custom post slots to highlight the features and services provided by you.

5. Wide Photo

For artists and photographers, it is crucial that the viewer pays maximum attention to the work of art or the photography being displayed. This theme ensures that nothing gets in the way of your visitor’s attention. The menus and text are discreetly hidden, and show only when required.

6. Papyrus

Papyrus is a pretty simple theme, but its beauty lies in its simplicity. With a light woody background, and sharply contrasting headers, the theme is ideal for text blogs or personal blogs.

7. Be Free

Another excellent choice for text blogs, Be Free gives your page a very smart look without taking away that bloggy feel. You can customize the background colors, the header, and can choose from a huge number of fonts, making your blog unique and beautiful.

8. Esquire

This is a very bold and elegant theme that will go well with almost any type of blogs that are based on text. There is nothing frilly about this theme, in fact it’s attraction lies in its no nonsense look. The prominent date display will be useful to people who update their blog daily.

9. Go Press

Go Press is a lightweight theme that is suitable for any sort of blog, but is particularly good for magazines and news blogs, as it shows the highlights of several posts on one page. It’s compatible with almost all the WordPress features.

10. Rolas Sepuluh

I have no idea what the name of this theme signifies, but I found it very fetching, with its simple layout and muted, stark colors. The front page displays the summary of the last few posts, making it easy for a reader to select what he or she wants to view.

I hope you liked the themes I mentioned. If you have liked any other free WordPress themes released in February, please share in the comments. Meanwhile, happy blogging!

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9 Responses to 10 Best Free WordPress Themes Of February 2012

  1. abhinav says:

    Great Post. thanks for it sharing.

  2. Althea medina says:

    I like the catilia.. would like to install it in my wordpress blog.

  3. thinsmek says:

    This is a very nice collection! Amritorupa, you have done a great job collecting the best themes here! Thank you!

  4. i am new, does anyone know how to download these please? says:

    i am new, does anyone know how to download these please?

  5. I liked the second theme. But I think you forgot to add Swift Themes. Its the most downloaded theme this month.

  6. md rahman says:

    I like the catilia.. would like to install it in my wordpress blog.

  7. 123mylist classified says:

    I liked the ‘go press’ theme the most. thanks for this awesome list.

  8. rakesh kumar says:

    I have downloaded Castilia, and when activated it has some encrypted links. Do you really think this is good for any serious wordpress blogger?

  9. Fakhar says:

    Castrilia, Illustrious, Wide photo, Go press w0w excellent themes. An awesome collection. Nice share!

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