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Monthly Archives: January 2012

10 Ways to Improve Social Networking

Wanna be the best social networking dude among your entire group? Then this post is simply for you. Here are the top 10 social networking tips and tricks to boost up your popularity by widening your social network and to enhance your inter web appearance on the higher level.

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5 Great iOS apps for Podcasting

Many of us are aware of Podcasting, for those who doesn’t know what is podcasting?  Podcasting is a broadcasting of a show over the web. Its a new revolution in radio journalism.

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Top 5 Best Free Online Backup Sites

Just some time back backing up your data simply meant hours of endless hard work browsing the CDs and DVDs, and a long list of software’s which you used to back up your data with a positive thinking that you won’t have to waste your time while restoring a file!

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Top 7 Best Free Android Games

Android being the most popular and most used mobile operating system in the world, It powers million phones, Tablets and many other devices. Android App Market is growing with an unbelievable speed with hundreds of thousands apps.

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The Business : Blogs and Microblogs

Blog for your business and find out how to use other people’s blogs to your advantage. In this post, we talks about why as photographers we should get into blogging, cross blogging and micro blogging

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Everything you need to know about Google Wallet – android phone app

Google’s new Android app lets you pay for items using your phone. Lets get deep into the hidden secrets and the pro – cons of Google Wallet.

For shoppers its a new life, in just few clicks you’re ensured safety of a transaction, and now it also has an Android app, which makes it that more useful.

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20 Websites Offering Best Troubleshooting For Windows Problems

I have a great feeling of sympathy for those computer users who suffers common problems and spends hundreds of dollars to get rid of these problems.

Yeah, there is no other practical solution other than calling an expert. But, up-to a great extent these problems can be solved on your own. Just some expert advice or tutorial is needed.

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3 of The Best Free Audio Editing Software

Audio Editing Softwares are used for editing sound files for purposes such as recording, editing the start, stop time and duration of sound, mixing multiple sounds, converting audio from 1 audio file format to another,adding simple or some advanced effects like compression, exansion, flanging, audio noise reduction, etc.

Following software’s will makes your editing task very convenient. Following is the list of some free audio editing software.

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