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10 Free Android Media Player Apps You Should Have

If you are regular reader of our blog, you probably came to know that I am great music and movie lover. I just love to listen music or watch videos whenever I get the time. Even when I am on the go, I prefer to listen music on my phone. And I am quite sure that there are other people too who loves to listen to their favorite tunes or watch videos on their mobiles while travelling.

Mobile Technology is growing so rapidly that you can easily experience to best music listening and video viewing. Thanks to high resolution mobile screens and media apps coming in latest mobiles. In this article, I am gathering best and free Android media players apps which I think should be available in every Google Android mobile phone out there.

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And for now, have a look on SaveDelete’s compilation of 10 Free Android Media Player Apps You Should Have to experience the best music listening and video watching on your Android Phone. Alternatively, you may look an article which we had published some days before about “8 fresh and free Android Apps you probably haven’t heard of” which was appreciated by our readers.


1. MortPlayer : Special version for audio books. Separate folders, save+restore position for every track, bookmarks.


2. Cubed : This is the beta version of the ³ (aka Cubed) music player. New added options are to switch between album/artist sorting in album view. Default is sort by artist.


3. TuneWiki : TuneWiki is a social media player that shows subtitled lyrics as you listen to your music, watch music videos, or stream songs through our SHOUTcast™ radio feature. Translated into 40+ languages, search for lyrics to over 2.5 Million songs.


4. Meridian : A simple but good media player app overall. It can search lyric, subtitle ID3 edit, rating , extra info, flac/ape and much more.


5. MixZing : MixZing is simply the most advanced media player around! The mail features of this apps are Home-screen and lock-screen widgets with album art, MP3 tag editor, automatically download missing album art, recommend new music etc.


6) DoubleTwist Player : This app may be free for a limited time but surely one of the best media app in the Android market. The doubleTwist Player is a fully featured music and video app that seamlessly integrates with the free doubleTwist desktop client on Mac/PC. Import your iTunes playlists, ratings and playcounts, sync and play your audio and video podcasts and more.

7) bTunes : Previously in beta version and now bTunes 1.0 has been released. It supports reading embedded album artwork.

8 ) Astro Player Beta : It’s still in beta version but surely promises a lot with all major features available. It is music and video player with audiobooks and podcasts support. It supports advanced bookmarks, folder based auto-playlists, fast playback, equalizer, skins, scrobbling, fetching album art, auto-resume, lyrics, podcasts and more.

9) Real Player Beta : RealPlayer is the best all-in-one multimedia app for organizing and playing your favorite content on the go. Currently available as a free download from the Android Market, RealPlayer makes it easier than ever to watch a video, listen to music, or even view a slideshow of your favorite photos.

10) Video Player : This application plays videos from your SD card. It supports themes, share, sorting, shows name and length of video. It remembers exit point of each video and play all H264 + 3GP videos.

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29 Responses to 10 Free Android Media Player Apps You Should Have

  1. Nabeel Ahmed says:

    Rockplayer is an upcoming powerful media player, currently its available in beta.

    • J Prosser says:

      Rockplayer is absolute rubbish. So many bugs, freezes all the time and most of the time the video audio starts going out of sync so you have to keep pausing whatever your watching to reset it.

      • wondering says:

        RockPlayer works well on my set and plays every movie I throw to it. Its software decoding mode is highly CPU dependent, maybe your processor is not fast enough.

        • Daniel says:

          RockPlayer works well on my set and plays every movie I throw to it. Its software decoding mode is highly CPU dependent. some times i have to “restart” the player to get it to reload a new codec it takes about 2 seconds so no bigdeal.

          I have a samsung galaxy s “i9000″

  2. This is really a helpful list for Android users. Meridian is the most easy to use among them due to user friendly interface.

  3. nascent says: player destroys all of these. and the widget interface is pretty and minimalist.

  4. Some nice apps here. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Nice collection of Android media player app, I guess Google Android is not as popular as Apple iPhone.

  6. QuadFather says:

    Can any of these create playlists on the fly? This is a must-have feature.

    MixZing purports to have this feature, but incessantly deletes playlists after you create them. Otherwise, MixZing would be my primary player … instead, I’m using DoubleTwist (syncing abilities are not a nice-and-neat as everyone seems to think, except by comparison to generally abysmal music-management of Android).

    I just want to easily create playlists … Is that really so freaking hard?

  7. Marquette says:

    I agree with Nascent, the interface rocks. As for Android not being #1, who cares – as long as it’s a great platform for me, which it is.

  8. Matt J. says:

    I am surprised and disappointed that the reviewer thinks he can do a meaningful comparison without telling us which players support which container formats, stream formats and codecs. For that matter, I didn’t see mention of which ones do true streaming and which do only progressive download, either.

    • so true says:

      so true… i used musepack a lot for example and i would be interested if any android software player is capable to play those files…

  9. skyhigh says:

    The Ambling BookPlayer has several very nice features for listening to audiobooks. First the bookmarking system tracks your location across all the files in the book, so you don’t have to track which file you are listening to. Second it has an automatic bookmark history system that creates a bookmark every time you stop, start, or move to a new position in the audiobook. If you ever end up at the wrong place you can just press the undo key and you are back where you were before. The free version supports 5 levels of undo/redo, and if you buy the player it supports hundreds of levels of undo/redo.

  10. kev51773 says:

    So you’re suggesting that I should have 10 media players installed?
    How many media players can one person use. Ideally I’d like some space left for my media ;)

  11. HG Kelso says:

    What app will let me stop a vedio or song and come back at another time and it will pick up where it left off when I hit pause? I really want to stop carrying my iPod touch.

  12. ruben says:

    I agree with Matt, this is basically an introduction to media players, not an in depth comparison.. What I personally am looking for is a media player that can play different file types, such as AVI, XVID, MKV, OGG, and such.. I have installed gmote and can see my movies and music files remotely, but am stuck with only being able to play mp3 and mp4 media files.. cant play avi, ogg, xvid using a few media apps that I have installed..
    Has anyone found a player that can play files besides the droid’s default capabilities?

  13. dagmar says:

    try: rocket player or arcmedia- but both work only with internal storage

  14. al says:

    i’m in a similar place as ruben..
    i’m looking to use one free simple player like vlc media player,
    which can play damn near any and every filetype
    for the android..
    i use it on my desk/lap tops so there’s no need to have all the extra shit
    like real player, quicktime, wmp, etc. just to play and enjoy music/videos.
    what i currently see in the marketplace are betas and remote players.
    no good.

    any one have any luck?


  15. al says:

    i just tried realplayer and double twist..
    not for long, but it looks the same shit as the media player
    already on the android..
    they just play avi video files.. not mp4, mpg, or divx.
    sucks for my purposes.

  16. Joe says:

    waiting for the VlC for android. Its gona be awesome media player soon.

  17. option says:

    You can try the “mood agent” is a good application for android,
    Mood Agent is a smart audio player that can identify different types of music and recommend songs based on audience mood

  18. option says:

    You can try the “mood agent application” is a good application,
    Mood Agent is a smart audio player cans identify different types of music and recommend songs based on audience mood

  19. candytunes android music player says:

    Candytunes is a cool music player that integrates with soundcloud.

  20. ugur ates says:

    thank you

  21. Sagar says:

    Real Player and PowerAMP are my favorites, I’m eagerly waiting for VLC to be launched for Android.

  22. Eleo de Mobiles says:

    Hello. I’m a s60v5 user. I have a program called power mp3 ver1.17. It has 100 volume levels, editable EQ, and a balance changer (I really do need this, since one of my ears is ill). So, can any of the android music players do these? I’m going to buy an android phone, but this issue is crucial for me. Please respond as quick as you can and as positive as you can.

  23. Ravindra N Joshi says:

    Dear all,
    Belive me i have tried all the players on my Samsung Galaxy S Plus, none of the above players played any Real media audio (.rm and .ram)files, including the REAL PLAYER BETA which did not play its own media contents.
    Only MX video player and Rock player able to play .rm audio content in Video mode which is more battery consumption.
    If any body knows any media player which plays .rm audio then please let me know, thanks

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