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9 Best Websites For Designing Your Logos Online For Free

Logo Identity is the image used by a company which is designed to portray the company’s identity, aims and objectives. Logo identities were initiated by the philosophy of the common ownership of organizations. This philosophy is manifested in a distinct corporate culture. Logo were initiated by the philosophy of the common ownership of organizations.

I believe you already know how important Logo is for any company. So, in this post, I am telling you to create your own Logo with these 9 online Logo creation sites for free.

So here is the list of 9 Best Websites For Free Logo desigs


LogoEase is a website where you can create your own logo and download it free for your future reference.


This is the second most popular website which I find for the online creation of Logo. After creating the logo, you can save it as a HTML file.


Online Logo maker is another commonly used for crating logos and downloading them for free.


Flaming Text is a online logo generator from where you can create the logo and then use it as image on your website or in your email signature.



Simwebsol is a web2.0 free logo creator website.



Cool Text is a free online logo generator for your websites without doing a lot of design work.



You can find loads of Flash logo samples and you can customize them according to your need and use it for free.


Register with your email id and then create some cool logos and also save it in this website. You can’t download it or copy it in your PC. Don’t know why they haven’t provide the option for download, but you can create some awesome logos there with the help of their logo samples already there.


You can design the logo here and save the logos after login.

This is all for now, hope it will be useful for you. If you find any other site which you think should include in this list, please be kind and share the link with us in the comments.


56 Responses to 9 Best Websites For Designing Your Logos Online For Free

  1. Sukhjit Singh says:

    Nice post! I used cooltext many times. Works good!

  2. I am truely impressed with the way you are blogging these days folks.
    .-= provamsi @ India365´s last blog ..Google Buzz Tutorial =-.

  3. If you are looking for a logo than never go for these sites, spend some bucks and get yourself a new one, its your identity don’t make it general.
    .-= Mad Geek @beingPC´s last blog ..What does a Beep says? =-.

  4. Loudable says:

    Very nice list Vikas and it will help many webmasters who need to have a good logo for their branding and do not mistake me but logo maker is a paid one I think.

  5. Steve O says:

    Thank you for helping to devaluing my profession. I hope I can do the same for you someday.

  6. Tom says:

    I don’t think anyone dedicated to design and branding should blog about services like that.

    “Flaming text” – that must be a joke.

  7. The2Pixel says:

    Don’t use online logo generators.

    There are TONS of free online logo generators on the web now-a-days. Not only do these logos look unprofessional, but hundreds of other people could potentially have the same exact logo as you. The whole purpose of having a logo professionally designed is to ensure that you stand out in a unique, professional, and memorable way. “Free” logos have no thought, concept, or memorability about them; they are merely symbols and shapes.

    They say nothing about your business and do nothing that a logo is supposed to do… nuff said. (so say-eth the Brand Identity Design professional) :)
    .-= The2Pixel´s last blog ..Graphic Design Tip of the day: Tuesday, February 23 =-.

    • I completely, 1000% agree with The2Pixel. Using an online logo generator to create your business logo is like using house paint to paint your car. Sure it’s cheaper, requires less of a time investment and you can do it yourself but you’ll also never get a date again.

      Need a cheap and easy logo solution? Find a local art school (or the website of an art school) and post a flyer or ad looking for a graphic design student looking to earn a few bucks. I can promise you that no matter what you get it will look 100 times better than ‘flaming text’ or ’3D outline’.

      Your logo is the instant, visual recognition that represents your company. You don’t want your lasting impression that you’re cheap and in a rush…do you?

  8. leckersuppe says:

    Good post.

    Some people are still stupid enough to pay for logos.

    Some even pay for websites allthough everyone knows that you can get a free website at


    • Grant says:

      How misguided you are. It’s not that people are stupid for doing either of those things. They are paying for the QUALITY of those things.

      With FREE you are usually getting exactly what you pay for. Poor quality, unoriginal work and when there is a problem with it—no one to deal with the problem.

      Your mentality is exactly why there is so much bad out there with no recourse to fix it.

  9. Steve O says:

    Leckersuppe, what do you do for a living?

    You show that you have NO idea what goes into designing a logo and website so it can’t be that. Are you well trained? Take pride in your work and in providing the best for your client? Would you like to start working for $1 per hour – if that?

  10. Tim Danyo says:

    Don’t forget Sure, you pay for it, but the results are always stunning.
    .-= Tim Danyo´s last blog ..Audience Building Part 2- Staying Tuned In =-.

    • Steve O says:

      Sure you pay for it?? $250 for 50 people to send you their ideas is ‘paying for it’? The one thing that will symbolise your company brand is not worth much then, huh?

      Can you please spend a day creating a video for me Tim? I’ll be asking 40 other video companies to do the same and then, if you’re the lucky one, I’ll choose yours and pay you. You get nothing if I don’t like it by the way. What? You don’t like that? Devaluing your profession?? C’mon! I’m paying $250 here!!

  11. mohamed5 the past before. khlas/2010B.C says:

    read the filles before you thank about (IT)hoe hoe hoe

  12. This is really cool love it, I would definitely use it for my blog promos! Thanks
    .-= clickonportal @ Click On Portal´s last blog ..Ultimate X-Men: The TOMORROW PEOPLE Review =-.

  13. Neat design online logos stuff. I tried some myself and they really are top notch. Feels like it has been designed by a professional.

  14. Thanks, for sharing this list :) . I have used CoolText and its cool.
    .-= Shabnam Sultan´s last blog ..See Asteroid Vesta with your naked eyes =-.

  15. axizebusiness says:


    I discovered this nice and useful post arriving form a tweet written in french. For all french speeking peaple who search rressouces for design their site, blog, etc… The following page listes a selection of free sites and downable ressources among them figurs of cours the link to the above post explained in french :)


  16. windows vps hosting says:

    On line tools are really making the designing work easy and time saving.

  17. Shiva @ WP Shopping Pages says:

    Wow, man great post. Thanks for sharing all these logo makers, I only knew about LogoMaker
    .-= Shiva @ WP Shopping Pages´s last blog ..WP Shopping Pages Plugin – Create your own affiliate store using WordPress =-.

  18. There are so many great free tools available on the market.

  19. Effective business logo design is an important element in the development of any business, company or brand.

  20. This is really cool Article Sir . i love it . i’m a littil web Designer . Feels like it has been designed by a professional. Your logo is the instant, visual recognition that represents your company. You don’t want your lasting impression that you’re cheap and in a rush…do you?
    The Gentleman’s Guide

  21. Asia Models says:

    i’m working as a freelance model for a wide range of beauty products and thinks what you wrote is really relavent and useful… its tough being a model and no as glamorous as it seems!

  22. Dominik says:

    I just use cooltex but i will try other services in your list, nice share

  23. Nipon Bharali says:

    the above comment is spam.remove it

  24. Free logos? Ok for a bit of fun I suppose although one should really be investing a bit more in your company’s identity.

  25. Tambrey says:

    MOlX1S Very true! Makes a chngae to see someone spell it out like that. :)

  26. Thanks for this list. I can finally create my own logo for my business! Hopefully it will looks at least little professional-made :). I am anxious for the results.

  27. hamaster30 says:

    awesome list i used FlamingText to create my own logo now and the result was quit satisfying
    thanks for sharing

  28. Website Worth Calculator says:

    fantastic list. solve my logo problem in a minute. thank you admin for useful information :)

  29. kanda says:

    good site and best info

  30. renuka says:

    awesome article…thanx alot :)

  31. sunil says:

    Nice article.keep it up bro !!!

  32. Jhon says:

    but some sites are not working properly

  33. Casuh says:

    Another great website where they will design a custom made logo for you is !


  34. imran says:

    good site and best info. Nice article.keep it up

  35. Vijay Naga says:

    Thanks…. Thanks….. Thanksssss.
    Its realy nice.

  36. autorefill says:

    nice post, thx for sharing..

  37. Tod says:

    Appreciate the collection, but i just tried few, some of them are NOT FREE, like logomaker, and logoease…

  38. Ken says:

    I and the designer team on my forum make free graphics like logos,banners,sigs,ranks,avatars..etc for people in exchange for posts on my forum.

  39. Luis says:

    Thanks for sharing! I just loved SimWebSol tool.

  40. Raman says:

    Amazing!!!These are really cool websites to design logo.Thanks Vikas.

  41. Raman says:

    Amazing!!! What a great list is here.
    Thanks Vikas for such a fab post…….

  42. Chris says:

    logomaker and logosnap are the only good ones here, all the others are pure crap

  43. lp245 says:

    everytime you see that is free,at the end you always pay

  44. Suman says:

    Thanks for this great list of logo creator.

  45. Aman Sareen says:

    Thanks for sharing the cool stuff on logos designing sites

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