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What’s the meaning of asl, brb, lol, wtf, pw, afa, atm, faq, tos.. etc – Collection of most used abbreviations

We have less time for things now a days and we use short and quick words to make our life easier. Its also a nice way to represent our gestures and emotions in a proper and meaningful way.

With constantly growing of these short forms we have selected few which are most popular and most used on internet & mobiles.

List of Abbreviations or Slang Words, We Use in day to day Life

AFK – Away From Keyboard

ASAP - As Soon As Possible

ASL – Age/Sex/Location

ATM – At The Moment

A3 - Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace

BBL - Be Back Later

BBS – Be Back Soon

BBQ - Barbecue

BFN/B4N – Bye For Now

BRB means – Be Right Back

BRT – Be Right There

BTW – By The Way

B4N – Bye For Now

Blog - Also known as web log or an online journal

CU – See You

CYA – See You

CUZ  - Because

DND - Do not Disturb

EOF - End Of File

FAQ  - Frequently asked questions

FTL - For the loss

FTW – For the win

FYI - For your information

GR8 – Great!

GTG – Got to Go

G9 – Genius

GBTW – Get back to work

GF - Great/good fight/girlfriend

GFU - Good for you

Gratz - Congratulations

GM - Good Morning

GN - Good Night

HAND - Have A Nice Day

HF - Have fun

IC – I See

ICQ – I Seek you

ILU – I Love You


IM - Instant Messenger

J/K  - Just kidding

KISS - Keep it simple stupid

LDR – Long Distance Relationship

LMAO – Laugh My Ass Off

LOL – Laughing Out Loud

LTNS – Long Time No See

L8R – Later

M/F – Male or Female

Msg - Message

M8 - Mate

NE1 – Anyone

NP - No Problem

OIC – Oh I See

OS – Operating system

OMG – Oh my God!

PLZ – Please

PPL - People

RIP - Rest in Piece

s2pid - stupid

SD - Sweet Dreams

SEC- second

sk8 – skate

Some1 - someone

Spoz – suppose

Sry – sorry

SS – so sorry

str8 - Straight

SU – shut up

SYS - see you soon

SUP - What’s Up

SYL - See you later

THX – Thank You

TTYL - Talk To You Later

TG – That’s great

TOS - Terms of service

TC – Take Care

U - You

U4E – Yours For Eve

WB - Welcome Back

WTF - What the Fuck

W8 – Wait…

If you have any other Short forms that you use, you can share them with us in comments. And we will definitely add them to the post.


106 Responses to What’s the meaning of asl, brb, lol, wtf, pw, afa, atm, faq, tos.. etc – Collection of most used abbreviations

  1. Mike Skadeservice says:

    Thanks for sharing the terminologies, believe me I ve been using many of them without knowing the meaning of them I just use them according to the situations.

  2. Niket says:

    Thanx 4 such a great blog.i think no body else can do this job that u did.hats of for u buddy.

  3. I hardly knew 25 among these, thanks for the rest of them vikas.
    .-= provamsi @ India365´s last blog ..Shorter URL means Better SEO for Google =-.

  4. Piyush says:

    Wow…vikas you are such a nice writer…its very very very helpful for every one…..such a nice blog.thanks buddy

  5. Thanks, for sharing these slang words :) i was unaware of some of them. Nice work.
    .-= Shabnam Sultan´s last blog ..Make a wish for a Martian pic =-.

  6. Shawn K. says:

    You forgot… (these are common)
    IDK i dont know
    IMO in my opinion
    AFAIK as far as i know
    IRL in real life
    NSFW not safe for work
    OP original poster
    .-= Shawn K.´s last blog ..Blogging & SEO: An Old Dog’s Guide =-.

  7. Akhilesh says:

    its so noce.wvery body should get knowledge about these kind of shorts that are so useful in daily regular life…thaks vikas….

  8. Tamanna says:

    Hi vikas….nice work Man..i am so impressed….can we talk…

  9. Ellen from Farmville guide says:

    BTW in Dutch stands for a certain type of taxes. I found this out the hard way when talking to a Dutch customer and we kind of went into miscommunication because of it :-). But than again w8 is exachtly the same in Dutch :-).

    Funny article btw ;)

  10. Outsourcing says:

    Thanks, for sharing these words :)

  11. hisoom says:

    thanks much i donot chat often the only terms i know was lol and asl great list.
    .-= hisoom´s last blog ..maxthon 下载 =-.

  12. neha says:

    hey thnks 4 sharing lots of shortcuts..really usefull.grt information.
    impressive ha

  13. Anand says:

    It is such a great blog.It will affect my daily life so much.I really need that.thank u so much.

  14. abhi says:

    Lol…many are new terms for me. Specially AFK.

  15. Tamanna says:

    vikas m w8ing 4 ur nxt blog…….u r a gr8 writer………..

  16. 0845 numbers says:

    Thanks for this list – I thought that I was up to date with my technology lingo but I guess I’m far from it.

    You should create a quiz to test how many people know these words :) I think I’d be about 60% at the most.

    Thanks again for your post – I’ll come back to see what other interesting things you have to share.

    Thank you.
    .-= 0845 numbers´s last blog ..More big cost reductions on international calls =-.

  17. Chethan says:

    .-= Chethan´s last blog ..Google Talk Lab Edition Sucks !!! =-.

  18. wiredcubes says:

    After reading this list, I seriously feel I am getting old.

    My school going cousin told the other day what is WTF :-)
    .-= wiredcubes´s last blog ..Lounge chair workstation with Laptop holder =-.

  19. jotaesse says:


    I.M.H.O. (In My Humble Opinion), this was a great post…
    [ ]s
    .-= jotaesse´s last blog ..grammy 2010 =-.

  20. Slodope says:


    you didnt write word ty witch means Thank You


  21. Lynn says:

    Another one that My son had to explain to me: FML = F&*% My Life
    .-= Lynn´s last blog ..Free Information on Outsourcing =-.

  22. ecimeng says:

    Lol great list…. Definitely need this explanation.
    .-= ecimeng´s last blog ..Amerismoke Electronic Cigarette | USA Based Manufacturing means Unparalleled Quality =-.

  23. cheers says:


    Thanks for the great blog, great list indeed, will keep in mind and update myself.

    Thanks once again

  24. the pro says:

    You looked so retarded ….lol

  25. seun says:

    thnx 4 sharing dis cos it will really help.

  26. seun says:

    great idea u’ve got.kip it rolling.

  27. ronald says:


    Are You using Drugs? Fly For fun!!

  28. siri says:

    hie vikas,
    vry nice blog

  29. siri says:

    hi ,nice work dude :)

  30. christian says:

    omfg u guys dont even know this its the easiest shit

  31. Aashi says:

    awesum….thnx fr sharing..

  32. Jeff says:

    Cool post.. a MUST KNOW for today’s termnology.

    u should add: IDK – I don’t know
    FML – Fuck my life

    those could come in handy.. especially the 2nd one :)

  33. jayashree says:

    hey.. add these too.
    86 D – a plan getting cancelled or getting thrown out
    my bad – my mistake
    wanksta – someone trying to act tough but isn’t really pulling it off very well
    bait – danger of being caught
    crunk – cross between crazy and drunk
    chillax – relax
    yolla – a combination of yo and holla
    iced out – wearing a lot of jewellery
    weaksauce – a joke dat doesn’t make u laugh

    BTW .gud work!!

  34. samid says:

    thanks for useful blog… buddy.. anyways thanks

  35. April says:

    You enlighten me. Thanks for sharing. =)

  36. Sweetu says:

    thanks for sharing..vikas

  37. msn says:

    great job buddy

  38. jolan says:

    tnx god ! i alomost ask my friend while we’re chatting the meaning of brb ,hehehehe…fortunately i tried to search it and found this page.

  39. jolan says:

    by the way i’d like to ask what is xd? cuz someone has mention xd while we were talking about an online game

  40. Manoj Sharma says:

    Nice info

  41. Sidhant says:

    mulu=miss you love you
    tc=take care
    gws=get well soon
    wgo=what’s going on
    cul=catch you latter

  42. suhail says:

    Thanx for sharing this information it helped me alot

  43. Shehrooz Awan says:

    ThnxXx 4 all of thz shrt frms

  44. Isdore Franklin Tochi Ekwere says:

    Thanks for this, it helps me all the time. I love it……!

  45. jith says:

    its a grt wrk vikas… tnks. keep it up.

  46. anas says:

    nice informations……i was in the search for the meaning of ‘brb’. i was sad…sometimes she said…”sorry i cant to come now..because im boring brother……” :(
    but when i got the meaning, i am so happy….i can’t to explain it…….:)
    thanks yaaar……mwaaaaah

  47. DAYA says:

    thanks for th

  48. DAYA says:

    thanks for this


  49. sahil says:

    initially i was so confused abt these shortcuts…….bt now…..i can reply’em too…thnx….

  50. Rahul says:

    we use ‘LUL’ as love u lovely

  51. RANJAN KUMAR says:


  52. vinesh says:

    very usefull 4 all chatters..thank u very much my dear frnd

  53. blueapple says:

    What a great collection of abbreviation not only good but also useful & time saving

  54. udara says:

    nice work man…it’z very useful 2 me.

  55. shaantanu devansh says:


  56. raja says:

    yup, very useful for everyone, thanx a lot bro

  57. Vineeta says:

    c = See
    c u = see you
    c u 2marro.
    Y = Why
    Nxt =Next
    sms = short message service / Text message
    MMS = Multimedia message
    f9 = Fine
    2 = to
    4 = for
    omg = O MY GOD !
    thanx 4 reading.

  58. daniel says:

    i’m just a short writter chat boy, and am alright with the short sms writting i saw here

  59. jennifer says:

    Thx much I always look 4 them one by one glad 4 D list gd wk

  60. Bindiya Garg says:

    Add these too:
    atb:-all the best
    tq:- thanks

    it is a nice work u r doing.

  61. Bindiya Garg says:

    RIP also means Rest in Peace

    Add that too plz

  62. joseph says:

    these can be added to the list:
    imu-i miss you
    inu-i need you
    iwu-i want you

  63. ravi says:

    KPD-kindha padi dollu

  64. laykesyde says:

    pw means Please wait

  65. imran khan says:

    BTW …thnx 4 blog ……..

  66. Deepak says:

    GTH – Go to Hell
    GTHn – Go to Heaven
    IAU – I admire you
    MU – Miss you
    KU – Kiss you
    HU – Hug you
    LU – Love you

  67. Kanchan says:

    We ol use many of these..and i have 1 more …
    BOL = Best Of Luck

  68. Liberageous says:

    GTFO – get the fuck off
    STFU – shut the fuck up
    FU – fuck you
    F off – fuck off
    MILF – ………
    other ILFs ……
    and YOLO! – You Only Live Once!!!

  69. shamanth bhagwath says:

    No Slang and Acronyms Meaning
    1 1 Means = One, exclamation mark
    2 2 Means = To, Too or Two
    3 4 Means = For or Four
    4 AFAP Means = As Far As Possible
    5 A&F, AAF Means = Always And Forever
    6 A3 Means = Anywhere, Any time, Any place
    7 AA Means = Alcoholics Anonymous
    8 AAB Means = Average At Best
    9 AAK Means = Alive And Kicking
    10 AAMOF Means = As A Matter Of Fact
    11 AAP Means = Always A Pleasure
    12 AAR Means = At Any Rate
    13 AAYF Means = As Always, Your Friend
    14 ABD Means = Already Been Done
    15 ABH Means = Actual Bodily Harm
    16 ABN Means = *sshole By Nature
    17 ABT Means = Absolutely
    18 ABT Means = About
    19 ADM Means = All Day Long
    20 ADMIN Means = Administrator
    21 ADN Means = Any Day Now
    22 AEAE Means = And Ever And Ever
    23 AEAP Means = As Early As Possible
    24 AFAIAC Means = As Far As I Am Concerned
    25 AFAIC Means = As Far As I’m Concerned
    26 AFAICS Means = As Far As I Can See
    27 AFAICT Means = As Far As I Can Tell
    28 AFAIK Means = As Far As I Know
    29 AFAIR Means = As Far As I Remember
    30 AFC Means = Away From Computer
    31 AFD Means = All F***ing Day
    32 AFT Means = About F***ing Time
    33 AGW Means = All Going Well
    34 Aight Means = Are you alright, Yo
    35 ALOL Means = Actually Laughing Out Loud
    36 ANY1 Means = Anyone
    37 AYSOS Means = Are You Stupid Or Something?
    38 B Means = Be
    39 B4 Means = Before
    40 Bb Means = Bye Bye, Goodbye
    41 BBIAB Means = Be back in a bit
    42 BBL Means = Be back later
    43 BBS Means = Be back soon
    44 BD Means = Big deal
    45 BRB Means = Be right back
    46 BRB Means = Be right back or Bath-room break
    47 BRT Means = Be right there
    48 BTW Means = By the way
    49 C Means = See
    50 CSWS Means = Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop
    51 CU Means = See you
    52 CUL Means = See you later
    53 Cuz Means = Because
    54 CYA Means = See you
    55 CYS Means = Check your settings
    56 da Means = The
    57 dat Means = That
    58 der Means = There
    59 DIAF Means = Die in a fire
    60 Dunno Means = Dont know
    61 FAQ Means = Frequently asked questions
    62 FOAD Means = **** off and die
    63 FTL Means = For the loss
    64 FTUW Means = For the uber win
    65 FTW Means = For the win
    66 FWIW Means = For what it’s worth
    67 FYI Means = For your information
    68 G2G / GTG Means = Got to go
    69 GAL Means = Get a life
    70 GFY Means = Good for you
    71 GG Means = Good game, Good going
    72 GIYF Means = Google is your friend
    73 Gonna Means = Going to
    74 HAND Means = Have a nice day
    75 HS Means = Holy sh*t!
    76 HTH Means = Hope this helps
    77 IACL Means = I am currently laughing
    78 IANAL Means = I am not a lawyer
    79 IANARS Means = I am not a rocket scientist
    80 IC Means = I see
    81 ICYDK Means = In case you didn’t know
    82 IDGI Means = I don’t get it
    83 IDK Means = I don’t know
    84 Iggy Means = Igloo
    85 IIRC Means = If I recall correctly
    86 ILY or ILU Means = I love you
    87 IMHO Means = In my honest opinion
    88 IMNSHO Means = In my not so honest opinion
    89 IMO Means = In my opinion

    Internet slang are coined and popularized by internet users to save time on keystrokesList of Internet Slang and Acronyms Continued…
    (click column header to sort results) No Slang and Acronyms Meaning
    90 IRL Means = In real life
    91 ITT Means = In this thread
    92 IYDMMA Means = If you don’t mind me asking
    93 JJ Means = Just joking
    94 JK Means = Just kidding
    95 JOOC Means = Just out of curiosity
    96 JP Means = Just playing
    97 K Means = Okay
    98 KK Means = Ok Cool or Ok Kewl
    99 KL Means = kool, cool
    100 Kwl Means = Cool
    101 L8r Means = Later
    102 LLAH Means = Laughing like a Hyena
    103 LMAO Means = Laughing my *ss off
    104 LMFAO Means = Laughing my f*cking *ss off
    105 LOL Means = Laugh out loud
    106 LQTM Means = Laugh quietly to myself
    107 M8 Means = Mate
    108 MYOB Means = Mind your own business
    109 NLS Means = Not Life Safe
    110 NOYB Means = None of your business
    111 NP Means = No problem
    112 NSFW Means = Not Safe For Work
    113 Nvm Means = Never Mind
    114 NVM Means = Never mind
    115 NWS Means = Not Work Safe
    116 O Means = Oh
    117 O3 Means = Out Of Office
    118 OGC Means = Man J*cking Off
    119 OIC Means = Oh, I see
    120 OJ Means = Only Joking
    121 OMG Means = Oh my God!, Oh my Goodness!,
    122 OOC Means = Out of Character
    123 OP Means = Original Poster, Original Post
    124 OT Means = Off topic
    125 PEBKAC Means = Problem exists between the keyboard and the chair
    126 Pic Means = Picture
    127 PITA Means = Pain in the *ss
    128 Pix Means = Pictures
    129 Plz, Pls Means = Please
    130 PMSL Means = Pissing, pissed myself laughing
    131 POS Means = Piece of sh*t
    132 PPL Means = People
    133 PTTL Means = Pop to the loo
    134 RL Means = Real life
    135 ROFL Means = Rolling on the floor laughing
    136 ROFLMAO Means = Rolling on the floor laughing my *ss off
    137 ROFLMAOL Means = Rolling on the floor laughing my *ss out loud
    138 Shudda Means = Should have
    139 SMH Means = Shaking my head
    140 SO Means = Significant other
    141 SOS Means = Same old sh*t
    142 soz, srry Means = Sorry
    143 SSDD Means = Same sh*t, different day
    144 STFW Means = Search the f*cking web
    145 sup Means = What’s up?
    146 sup homes Means = What’s up, friend?
    147 SWW Means = Sorry, wrong window – typing in the wrong box
    148 Thnx Means = Thanks
    149 Tho Means = Though
    150 TIA Means = Thanks in advance
    151 TTFN Means = Ta ta for now
    152 TTYL Means = Talk to you later
    153 TTYT Means = Talk to you tomorrow
    154 TY Means = Thank you
    155 TYT Means = Take your time
    156 U Means = You
    157 W8 Means = Wait
    158 Wanna Means = Want to
    159 WB Means = Welcome back
    160 Wd Means = Well done
    161 WDUWTA? Means = What do you want to talk about?
    162 Wile Means = While
    163 WOOT Means = We own the other team
    164 WTH? Means = What the hell?
    165 WURSC Means = Wow, you are so cool
    166 YCM Means = You copied me
    167 Ye Means = Yeah, Yes
    168 YMMV Means = Your mileage may vary
    169 Yo Means = Hey, Your
    170 YSVW Means = You are so very welcome
    171 YW Means = You are welcome

  70. Guru says:

    WIP means = Work in Progress

  71. Sarvesh says:

    GR8 FYI THX.

  72. vikram prajapati says:

    i want u send short meaning

  73. dany says:

    whats the full form of PS?

  74. Joshua Harkness says:

    I didn’t know there was so words u could use!

    Also 2 add 2 the list:

    TMI: To Much Information

    P4P: Player for Player

    and H4H: Heart for Heart hope this helps!

  75. Xanthe says:

    wuu2 atm
    What are you up to at the moment

  76. mudasir says:

    BRB stands for bathroom break
    WOOT means we own the other team

  77. Yankees says:

    143 means I love you

  78. Kate. R says:

    What does PW means when it’s related to death?!

  79. raihanmazumder says:

    G9 = Good Night. TNX / TQ = Thank You

  80. raihanmazumder says:

    G9 = Good Night. TNX / TQ = Thank You

  81. Vikas says:

    thx for yur note….i have edited it..

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